Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Running Never Ends -- Finishing a Half Marathon! Runfest 2014 last July 13, 2014 at BGC, Taguig marks my first ever half marathon race. It is the celebration of the 6th year anniversary of one of the most reliable running on line portal in the country
Finishing the race at 02:54:02 (based on is still an achievement for a boy who doesn’t even have background or training in running.  All the courage and excitement paid off when I was able cross the finish line ark.

Two weeks before the Runfest, the only race I had was the Soleus Valley Trail Challenge which is also my first time to do 15 K distance trail run. It’s quite a brave and impulsive decision to immediately join a half-marathon well in fact experts say that before you run a 21K distance one should have run at least three times of 17 to 18K races. The only training I had for preparation was the trail run and full mind setting. hahaha

Bad habit is the first thing to avoid, surely I was hit by the lifestyle I had prior to the race.  Parties, over eating, lack of sleep and no exercise made this race not an “A”, well at least for my standard. lol

The Race
I arrived at the venue 02:30 in the morning as I still need to do my works for the sports brand I am currently affiliated. I took my breakfast (a cup of rice and a cut of chicken) 30 minutes prior to the race assembly, which I will never do again. ahahhah Don’t run when your tummy is full.

I did a bit of stretching and warm up before proceeding to the start area.  All gears are set; music and my runstatic app were all in place before the gun start.

The first two to four kilometers I guess was the toughest part of race for me because I am still full that time and this is technically my warm up stage. My tummy is aching it feels like I am having an appendicitis. So I really need to drink lots of water at the first hydration station. Thankfully, this race has lots of aid stations so I don’t worry of getting dehydrated.

Race route is from BGC to Kalayaan overpass to the business districts of Makati. Good thing it’s not humid that time. Also, it’s still dark so I can escape when I need to pee. I was relieved after releasing some excess water from my body. (Now the guards at that building can arrest me… actually us… ) hahahha.

I still sleepy after the first six to eight kilometers plus the lighting of the streets make me feel gloomy.  It took me an hour and a half on my first ten kilometer distance, worst PR ever for 10K. But of course, the main objective is to finish the half marathon. Many runners have already been going back to the overpass route while I am still to finish the Makati route. On the first U turn my energy eventually jumps up, I know I need to wake up and run fast. I kept on running and took a small walk when I was tired, until I reached the overpass way back to BGC. I was quite familiar with the streets of BGC as this has been my training route since I was doing 10K distance. Running on this streets are quite easy for me but since I’m already tired I took me another hour to finish.

The last two kilometers was actually the toughest part, psychologically and physically speaking. Thinking that route is actually near the finish line yet you still need to run another two kilometers in another overpass really drove me crazy. Good thing there’s another hydration station along the way so I can replenish.

Finally, the most rewarding and victorious part is seeing the finish line ark. People cheering and waiting makes me feel alive. Of course, the awarding of finisher’s medal makes it more rewarding .I didn’t get the chance to check on the timer from the ark and I forgot to immediately stop the app on my phone so I need to wait for official result from the organizers.

After Race
One thing I realize after the race is that the half – marathon is the “enough” distance for me. Before when I was doing 10K, I still want to run after reaching the finish line, but now, it feels like my body was really satisfied. Surely I am tired but not dying. I still manage to walk from 32nd street to Market Market and went back home safely.

My half marathon was truly remarkable and satisfying… Will I be doing another 21K? Yes! I’m thinking of doing another two more race of this category and eventually 32K distance and finally do a full marathon early next year.

I would like to thank all the people who have prayed for my safe race hahaha. Indeed, prayer works!
To Adam and Mench for coming with me at the event—Congratulations too for finishing the 10K distance strong…

Congratulations for for another successful Runfest. I’m happy to give you my virginity on half-marathon wahahaha. And I feel blessed to meet and be part of this community.

Of course, thanks to adidas body care for sponsoring my race… wahahaha, ‘til the next race.