Friday, August 29, 2014

Easy Escape at Sigayan Bay Beach Resort.

I've been trying to think of things to discuss about this escapade... and it took me months to finally compose something about Sigayan Bay Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas...

Yes! I was there during the Tri United 2, 2014 last July 5 and 6... Ooopps, not as a tri participant but as sponsor under the deo brand I am handling... Well, don't worry I'm not going to speak about the triathlon competition because i got nothing to say about it... I don't know how to bike... hahhah... Actually true! Since I started running, It's always been a dream to level up and go into Triathlon but I really don't know how to bike... I think I need to learn the balance first...

And speaking of balance, since I was here for a work during my visit, I took the opportunity to balance the stress and enjoy our stay in this resort. Workation! why not?? It's along the seashores of Laiya Batangas, which is two to three hours drive from the city of Manila...

It's like a town house in front of the beach.

We took the Tambuli II room , good for fourteen people. Spacious enough for us since we are only five. The room cost PhP 6,4000 an overnight stay. Very affordable if you come in there as a group. (Accommodation fee may change without prior notice) 
The facade
Each room has a provision to use the refrigerator.
In using their kitchen, there's a P500 corkage. 
The Tambuli Room have seven double-sized beds. Walls are painted with sea creatures.
Of course, It's important to check on their comfort rooms.
This is the way to the beach front.
Other rooms available, depending on the capacity requirement.
and the beach front!

It's always nice to have a good stay in a resort while having a Workation (work-vacation) like this. Nice stay do not rely on the price of the hotel, It's always in the appreciation of the place and the your rest.

What I like about the Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
  • Fine and gray color sand... 
  • It's accessible from Manila-- an easy escape.
  • You can hop from one resort to another.

What I don't like about the Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
  • Cottages are not really for overnight stay. No beds.
  • It's low tide when we went there, specially in front of the resort, so I didn't enjoy swimming that much.
Must haves
  • Drinks as in beer or depends on your preference- there is only one sari-sari store near the resort which sells .
  • Food to cook. There are nearby carinderia (restaurants) but If you're there for a short stay, you'd rather bring your own food to cook. 
  • Utensils for the food - knife, plate, cups, spoon, etc.

Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
Brgy, Laiya-Aplaya San Juan, Batangas 4226
0917 944 1731