Thursday, July 3, 2014

Honor Thy Father | What I Wear | MarkMyName

I never got a chance to speak about my father, maybe because I really don't have anything to share about his hobbies and likes. It may be too late for Father’s day but it’s better late than never and everyday must be father’s (parent’s) day.

One thing It's very distinct to papa is his taste of fashion. He is the guy who always wears white and will never wear any other color of top apart from white. I don't really get the reasons why but I think it’s more of the comfort he gets with this generic color. Also, as some of our dads are not accustomed on wearing fitted outfit, this polo shirt may look a little lousy to me but its okay to them, 80’s influence maybe. For pants,  straight cut is a basic and he’s not particular with the color. Another weird thing is the way he fold the lower part of the pants is always going outside.

So I did wear this in honor of him, though it’s not father’s day today and he’s not my fashion inspiration, but whenever I wear something like what he always wears, I remember him. 

Pardon me If I can't post photo of him, next time I'll ask him to pose for this blog.