Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Running Never Ends -- Finishing a Half Marathon! Runfest 2014 last July 13, 2014 at BGC, Taguig marks my first ever half marathon race. It is the celebration of the 6th year anniversary of one of the most reliable running on line portal in the country
Finishing the race at 02:54:02 (based on is still an achievement for a boy who doesn’t even have background or training in running.  All the courage and excitement paid off when I was able cross the finish line ark.

Two weeks before the Runfest, the only race I had was the Soleus Valley Trail Challenge which is also my first time to do 15 K distance trail run. It’s quite a brave and impulsive decision to immediately join a half-marathon well in fact experts say that before you run a 21K distance one should have run at least three times of 17 to 18K races. The only training I had for preparation was the trail run and full mind setting. hahaha

Bad habit is the first thing to avoid, surely I was hit by the lifestyle I had prior to the race.  Parties, over eating, lack of sleep and no exercise made this race not an “A”, well at least for my standard. lol

The Race
I arrived at the venue 02:30 in the morning as I still need to do my works for the sports brand I am currently affiliated. I took my breakfast (a cup of rice and a cut of chicken) 30 minutes prior to the race assembly, which I will never do again. ahahhah Don’t run when your tummy is full.

I did a bit of stretching and warm up before proceeding to the start area.  All gears are set; music and my runstatic app were all in place before the gun start.

The first two to four kilometers I guess was the toughest part of race for me because I am still full that time and this is technically my warm up stage. My tummy is aching it feels like I am having an appendicitis. So I really need to drink lots of water at the first hydration station. Thankfully, this race has lots of aid stations so I don’t worry of getting dehydrated.

Race route is from BGC to Kalayaan overpass to the business districts of Makati. Good thing it’s not humid that time. Also, it’s still dark so I can escape when I need to pee. I was relieved after releasing some excess water from my body. (Now the guards at that building can arrest me… actually us… ) hahahha.

I still sleepy after the first six to eight kilometers plus the lighting of the streets make me feel gloomy.  It took me an hour and a half on my first ten kilometer distance, worst PR ever for 10K. But of course, the main objective is to finish the half marathon. Many runners have already been going back to the overpass route while I am still to finish the Makati route. On the first U turn my energy eventually jumps up, I know I need to wake up and run fast. I kept on running and took a small walk when I was tired, until I reached the overpass way back to BGC. I was quite familiar with the streets of BGC as this has been my training route since I was doing 10K distance. Running on this streets are quite easy for me but since I’m already tired I took me another hour to finish.

The last two kilometers was actually the toughest part, psychologically and physically speaking. Thinking that route is actually near the finish line yet you still need to run another two kilometers in another overpass really drove me crazy. Good thing there’s another hydration station along the way so I can replenish.

Finally, the most rewarding and victorious part is seeing the finish line ark. People cheering and waiting makes me feel alive. Of course, the awarding of finisher’s medal makes it more rewarding .I didn’t get the chance to check on the timer from the ark and I forgot to immediately stop the app on my phone so I need to wait for official result from the organizers.

After Race
One thing I realize after the race is that the half – marathon is the “enough” distance for me. Before when I was doing 10K, I still want to run after reaching the finish line, but now, it feels like my body was really satisfied. Surely I am tired but not dying. I still manage to walk from 32nd street to Market Market and went back home safely.

My half marathon was truly remarkable and satisfying… Will I be doing another 21K? Yes! I’m thinking of doing another two more race of this category and eventually 32K distance and finally do a full marathon early next year.

I would like to thank all the people who have prayed for my safe race hahaha. Indeed, prayer works!
To Adam and Mench for coming with me at the event—Congratulations too for finishing the 10K distance strong…

Congratulations for for another successful Runfest. I’m happy to give you my virginity on half-marathon wahahaha. And I feel blessed to meet and be part of this community.

Of course, thanks to adidas body care for sponsoring my race… wahahaha, ‘til the next race.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Wonders of Maginhawa Street -- Gayuma Ni Maria

One famous food hub in the metro is the streets of Maginhawa at UP village Quezon City. This is the new hub --well, the latest for what I know have rows of different restaurants which caters new recipes, new concept and some restaurants you can only find in this street.

Wonders of Maginhawa street Episode. 1 : Gayuma Ni Maria

Handa ka na bang ma-gayuma?
Gayuma (Magnet) is a word which we normally correlate with witchcraft, spell or a potion to get the attention of the one you love.  Though the place is themed as witch house it’s still cute and conducive for eating and bonding.

Gayuma ni Maria is one of the most talked about hole-in-the-wall restaurant along the streets of Maginhawa street which offers sandwiches, pasta and cakes and pastries. Dishes on their menu are branded differently. Set and ambience is totally crazy... Who would want to eat in a witch house? hahaha not until you visit this food hub...

Their menu offers different kind of branding and some dishes which are very different. Browse more and you'll find out why....

I personally love the "Tunay na Pag Ibig", which sounds interesting. The "Tunay" was derived from the main ingredient of the meal which is "Tuna".
** SRP are subject to changes without prior notice.

While waiting for them to serve your order, you may ask them for some FREE services offered like fortune telling, also check out their souvenir stuffs. 
Fortunately, they served a different sandwich so I got the chance to take a photo of their "Me on Top"-- Chicken and Pork adobo sandwich with fried quail egg served with fries. Choice of whole wheat or plain pan de sal. 
We'll at least we got to try the fries and a bit of the adobo... wahahaha before we returned it back.
Here's the Tunay na Pag Ibig meal. Crazy that I assume the the yellow part of the sandwich is a thick cut of cheese but guess what??? Its actually a medium riped mango. Something very new to me, because quarter cut med ripe mango was never a garnish of a sandwich. Well at least for my experience. 

Then we had the No Boyfriend Since Birth-- Shellfish with this perfect blend of pesto and cheese? who needs boys?

For dessert, we had two chocolate cakes, which I don't recommend you guys doing, at least, when you want to have a taste of their best sellers, don't order both choco based cakes. Have choco and at least fruity tasting to lessen the "umay" factor.

This is their True Love cake. Its a moist chocolate base cake with a crinkles on the bottom and whip cream on top drizzled with chocolates.
Since their famous "Beats Sex Anyday" is not available during our visit, we ordered the "Tall Dark Chocolate" cake. Its a triple chocolate cake with moist pastry base layered and topped with dark chocolate. In fairness, the chocolate toppings taste like hershey's dark choco.  Not sure though, If this is made from scratch material.

Tall and Dark Choco cake SRP: P125.00 only per slice.

Thanks to Katrina for introducing me to this restaurant...
Overall assessment, Gayuma ni Maria offers a quite interesting  comfort cuisine. Pasta and pastries are something we always crave for that definitely this restaurant delivers with a kick. Taste and twist of their menu makes you want to try everything but of course, one at a time :)

Here's the math of what we had.
Tunay na Pag Ibig: P185.00
No Boyfriend Since Birth : P225.00
 True Love: P95.00
Tall Dark : P125.00

Definitely, I want to go back to try other menu. How about you, would you dare to be "GAYUMAtized"???

Monday, July 14, 2014

Colbie Caillat No Make Up Look

You don't have to try...

Colbie Caillat's latest music video for her single "Try" reminds me of a beauty soap commercial. Both are advocates of natural beauty. No make up. just plain you!

Be you, because you are beautiful as you are. No pretensions.You don't have to try so hard just because we are distracted by how people judge us the way we look, we dress, our skin, our size and shape. Sometimes we pretend to be someone and push so hard to belong and to be liked by others. But do you like you?

As the Colbie's song lyrics-- "Take your make up off, Let your hair down, Take a breath, Look into the mirror, at yourself, Don't you like you?,Cause I like you".

Same message has been conveyed this viral video whereby a forensic artist draw a picture of girls as describe by others side by side with a drawing as describe by the subject herself. To find out that she is prettier as she was describe by others.

Confidence about yourself is the first and only make-up to wear. You don't have to try so hard. You don't have to give it all away. You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up. You don't have to change a single thing.


Seashores of Laiya Batangas

It feels like summer one more time. Sea, Sand and Sky combined together makes a truly beautiful scene. Laiya, San Juan Batangas is an easy access to escape the crazy city of Manila. Its only a two to three hour drive from the city with lots of affordable resorts to choose from. and of course food to try!
 Walk along the seashores and hop on resort to resort, explore the beauty while trying some of their delicacies. Some of them are common to your kitchens but with a twist. 

In Isabela or to Ilocanos, we call this Lauya or paksiw na pata ng baboy in Tagalog. However, Lauya doesn't have tofu and chili which makes Batangas' version of paksiw a little different. The tofu as extender perfectly absorb a bit of the sour taste while the chili neutralizes the taste of the pork. I will try to make my own version of this at our province hehehe... This was from Kabayan Resort at Laiya.

Then guess what are those??? At first sight, I thought those were suman... 

This is their version of what we call Bucayo. It's a sugar coated sun dried coconut meat. the bucayo is on a coconut leaves shapes in a rectangular box with dividers inside where the food is in between. Nothing so fancy about the bucayo, its very normal taste but this one has a different texture. It juicier probably brought by the packaging.

And of course the famous Lomi guisado and Lomi of Batangas.
If the guisado is the dry version. Here's the lomi with soup.

Lomi are best taken with raw onions and toasted galic in soy sauce.

Sometimes, basic cuisine gives us the best feelings! It's not the fanciness of the meal that makes our tummy happy, its the discovery of something unique on what we eat.

Thursday, July 10, 2014 Runfest --Prepping up for the Big Race

I seriously cannot contain my feelings right now. I can still remember the week before my 15K Trail race, each night, I can't sleep. Been taking bad habits and not doing the supposed training religiously. But thank God, I did it! While I was at the track I never felt tired (well honestly, I did) but not the tired, tired, if you know what I mean. It made me prove that what mind can conceive the physical body can actually do it.

Moving forward, I made that trail running experience as part of my training for my upcoming bigger event! The half marathon race.

Unlike how I feel prior to the 15k distance, each night, a week before the race, I can't sleep not because I am worried that I may not meet my goal but the reason for this insomniac thing is the excitement I have for that day. I have been waiting for this like a lifetime. Though, I must say, I still don't have that formal or routine training which makes me still feel nervous of what could happen. But just like any other newbie runners out there, those whose running for half marathon, my sole goal is really to finish it strong. The ranking is a bonus to me.

Well partly I wanted to be part of my adidas body care's promotion on the race day. adidas body care will be giving FREE Sport Energy 72H anti-perspirant roll on for the first 100 finisher per race category.
That means I need to be part of the first 100 over 2,300 of the 21K distance.

Be part of the top 100 or not, this time finally I can say hey! I did half marathon. And watch me doing the full, then Ultra... wahahah probably not this year but pretty much sure it’s soon.

LZM Restaurant- After Race Meal at Nuvali

Although it's my first time to visit Nuvali, I didn't get the chance to explore their facilities and other offerings. Except that I need to eat after the doing Soleus Valley Trail Challenge at Nuvali (July 06, 2014).

Since I am craving for bulalo that time, yet we're all tired from the event and doesn't have the energy for a long drive. We tried to look for a restaurant within the area. Good thing we found a place to enjoy bulalo and other home-cooked food at Nuvali, need not to go visit Tagaytay anymore :)

LZM Restaurant is at Bldg. C Solenad 2, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. I got lucky to try their best sellers-- fried bangus, chicharong bulaklak and of course "The Bulalo". What we ordered is actually good for 7 person based on my estimate but since we were or I was very hungry that time we were able to finish everything hahahhaa.

 Most of their offerings are home cooked Filipino foods.Here's their menu.
LZM was nominated at "The National Search for the Ultimate Pinoy Dish" for their Daing na Bangus.

Something special about the fried bangus, its taste creamy or should I say milky?? ahahaa, its probably brought by their marinating process. Unlike other fried bangus, its not sour and salty plus its perfectly fried... yum yum yum for the bangus belly... 
Fried bangus is P380 per order. It may sound pricey but the size and the taste is worth it for the price.

Also try their chicharong bulalak which is one of their best sellers! Well, you can have your chicharong bulaklak anywhere but surely you don't eat it every now and then so when you visit this place make sure to give your self a little reward by trying this sinful dish hahaha.

Chicharong bulaklak is at P270 per order.

And the day will not end without the famous "Bulalo". I don't know if this is something unique to them but I have noticed that their bulalo is not "maaamoy" or smelly??? hahaha Sometimes, some people doesn't want beef because of the smell and it beefy after taste, this one, its not smelly. lol
Bulalo is at P470 per order. Its a huge serving and you can even ask for the soup refill.
We also ordered a platter of rice which is good for 3-5 person at P150. and 3 softdrinks in can at P50 each.

Over all, the food at LZM, made me feel good or better after a tiring race. Though its a little bit pricey at the that ambiance -- it's very carinderia type restaurant with 7-10 dining tables only. I must say the taste of the dishes specially their best sellers (those mentioned above), its worth a reward to your cravings. Kudos LZM for good tasting pinoy foods!

LZM facebook page :
Contact details :+63-49-302-0051; GLOBE +63-916-213-1886, +63-927-579-8084

Monday, July 7, 2014

Going Beyond the 10K Distance of the Road

I have been doing road race since 2010. I already did several 3Ks, 5Ks, and even became serious about 10K distance. But never had I a chance to graduate from that race level hahaha. Until I registered at Soleus Valley Trail Challenge held last June 29, 2013 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Finishing the 15K distance at 02:18:50:203 and rank 117 over 315 trails and I assumed trained runners. I must say my first time is not bad to serve as my benchmark for the next races.

Five important things I have learned from doing my first ever trail run beyond my usual 10K road race.

1.Performance needs preparation.
Somehow I’ve noticed that there is really a big difference on how a real athlete prepares before a race compared to a newbie or shall I say wannabe. Lol
  • While a real athlete thinks about the gear to bring, a wannabe thinks about fashion and comfort.
  • A real athlete minds about nutrition while a newbie just go with the flow- - eat and drink when thirsty and hungry, timing of eating and hydration is not a big deal
  • A real athlete is so serious about stretching and warm up before the race while wannabes are busy taking selfies. wahahaha
Soleus Valley Trail Challenge race kit contains bib and a bib band, a very comfortable race shirt, and an adidas sport energy cool and dry 72h anti-perspirant roll on.

In this case, admittedly, I’m guilty of being a wannabe, but still I'm afraid of what might happen to me during the race, especially it’s my first time to exceed myself lol.
2.Do not be afraid to Level Up.
If you keep on doing the same things you probably get the same result. Putting yourself to the next level is your choice. That’s why when I had a chance to register for this race I already grabbed it and never had second thoughts. We’ll I had third to fourth thoughts hahahaha… Trails are different from road and so 15K is different from 10K distance.

3.Run Like No Rules
This is why I love these sports; there are actually rules and science on how to do it but unlike other sports it not mandatory on running.  One rule I know in running is that run like no rules. Just have fun, move and keep going.
4.Listen to your body
Your mind is the best gauge if your body can still do it. Pause, eat, walk, rest, sit, dance, sing, jump, take selfies but never stop. Remember no one asked you to do it except your body, thus your body knows how to endure whatever it is that it will face along the race.

5.Finish it strong.
Registering the course is the first and the bravest decision you've ever made but finishing it strong is the most victorious reward you could give to yourself. 

I also got a chance to run with Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Double. Pero nakabihis na ako bago pa sila dumating. lol yabang lang hahaha. naiirita na kasi ako sa init hahaha kaya nagbighis na ako agad pagdating ko :( special thanks to adidas 3 in 1 after sport shower gel.
Also, thanks to Ms. Tin Ferrera for tips I got prior to the running.
Thank you so much Soleus and adidas body care for the opportunity to do this race, until next time:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Honor Thy Father | What I Wear | MarkMyName

I never got a chance to speak about my father, maybe because I really don't have anything to share about his hobbies and likes. It may be too late for Father’s day but it’s better late than never and everyday must be father’s (parent’s) day.

One thing It's very distinct to papa is his taste of fashion. He is the guy who always wears white and will never wear any other color of top apart from white. I don't really get the reasons why but I think it’s more of the comfort he gets with this generic color. Also, as some of our dads are not accustomed on wearing fitted outfit, this polo shirt may look a little lousy to me but its okay to them, 80’s influence maybe. For pants,  straight cut is a basic and he’s not particular with the color. Another weird thing is the way he fold the lower part of the pants is always going outside.

So I did wear this in honor of him, though it’s not father’s day today and he’s not my fashion inspiration, but whenever I wear something like what he always wears, I remember him. 

Pardon me If I can't post photo of him, next time I'll ask him to pose for this blog.