Thursday, October 15, 2015

Calea Sweet Treats

After having a sumptuous dinner, you will normally look for desserts right? When in Bacolod, there is just but one name that would actually satisfy your desserts craving. Specially when you are craving for some cakes.

One of Bacolod's pride in terms of delicacies is this sweet dessert hub. Not only it offers a light, enticing, and very sweet ambience, Calea proudly flaunts it huge collection of freshly made cakes that would make your sweet tooth happy...
From cheesecakes, moist cakes, chiffon, carrot cakes, I'm sure they have something that would fit your craving..
Here's what we had during our Sweet Calea experience:

Pistachio cake. Who wouldn't want pistachios right? Hahaha this nuts is insanely delicious and the cake is not as sweet that would crack your teeth... Perfect blend and just the right taste lingers in your mouth.
Imported Chocolate Cake. Take it literally because the chocolates used are from Europe. Usually, when you eat chocolate cake with caramel filling there a sore in your throat caused by too much sweetness of the caramel. But you won't experience that with this one ;)
Mud Pie. This ice cream cake will make you madly crave for more... The almond chips and chocolate pour over perfectly blends with the chocolate ice cream cake.
Truly we left the store with a sweet smile because of the satisfying desserts we had. I normally can't finish a slice because I can't take much sweet but with this I was able to finish it all.
My Calea Experience.
Budget - P90- 150/ slice
Convenience: LLLJJ
Service: JJLLL
Value for MoneyJJJLL

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