Friday, July 18, 2014

Wonders of Maginhawa Street -- Gayuma Ni Maria

One famous food hub in the metro is the streets of Maginhawa at UP village Quezon City. This is the new hub --well, the latest for what I know have rows of different restaurants which caters new recipes, new concept and some restaurants you can only find in this street.

Wonders of Maginhawa street Episode. 1 : Gayuma Ni Maria

Handa ka na bang ma-gayuma?
Gayuma (Magnet) is a word which we normally correlate with witchcraft, spell or a potion to get the attention of the one you love.  Though the place is themed as witch house it’s still cute and conducive for eating and bonding.

Gayuma ni Maria is one of the most talked about hole-in-the-wall restaurant along the streets of Maginhawa street which offers sandwiches, pasta and cakes and pastries. Dishes on their menu are branded differently. Set and ambience is totally crazy... Who would want to eat in a witch house? hahaha not until you visit this food hub...

Their menu offers different kind of branding and some dishes which are very different. Browse more and you'll find out why....

I personally love the "Tunay na Pag Ibig", which sounds interesting. The "Tunay" was derived from the main ingredient of the meal which is "Tuna".
** SRP are subject to changes without prior notice.

While waiting for them to serve your order, you may ask them for some FREE services offered like fortune telling, also check out their souvenir stuffs. 
Fortunately, they served a different sandwich so I got the chance to take a photo of their "Me on Top"-- Chicken and Pork adobo sandwich with fried quail egg served with fries. Choice of whole wheat or plain pan de sal. 
We'll at least we got to try the fries and a bit of the adobo... wahahaha before we returned it back.
Here's the Tunay na Pag Ibig meal. Crazy that I assume the the yellow part of the sandwich is a thick cut of cheese but guess what??? Its actually a medium riped mango. Something very new to me, because quarter cut med ripe mango was never a garnish of a sandwich. Well at least for my experience. 

Then we had the No Boyfriend Since Birth-- Shellfish with this perfect blend of pesto and cheese? who needs boys?

For dessert, we had two chocolate cakes, which I don't recommend you guys doing, at least, when you want to have a taste of their best sellers, don't order both choco based cakes. Have choco and at least fruity tasting to lessen the "umay" factor.

This is their True Love cake. Its a moist chocolate base cake with a crinkles on the bottom and whip cream on top drizzled with chocolates.
Since their famous "Beats Sex Anyday" is not available during our visit, we ordered the "Tall Dark Chocolate" cake. Its a triple chocolate cake with moist pastry base layered and topped with dark chocolate. In fairness, the chocolate toppings taste like hershey's dark choco.  Not sure though, If this is made from scratch material.

Tall and Dark Choco cake SRP: P125.00 only per slice.

Thanks to Katrina for introducing me to this restaurant...
Overall assessment, Gayuma ni Maria offers a quite interesting  comfort cuisine. Pasta and pastries are something we always crave for that definitely this restaurant delivers with a kick. Taste and twist of their menu makes you want to try everything but of course, one at a time :)

Here's the math of what we had.
Tunay na Pag Ibig: P185.00
No Boyfriend Since Birth : P225.00
 True Love: P95.00
Tall Dark : P125.00

Definitely, I want to go back to try other menu. How about you, would you dare to be "GAYUMAtized"???