Monday, April 28, 2014

Project Burot: Another Well Spent Summer

Here's another adventure to make summer even hotter :P Earn a thousand pesos. Invite your friends and check out the nearest out of town summer destination. hehehe

In our case, Its perfect to see each other again after a long time and spent quality moments with our just-arrived friend from Dubai.

Initially we wanted to visit Boracay for summer but since we have limited budget, our schedule is not aligned and with so many reasons and excuses. hahaha. So we decided to check out other summer destination. Until there's a blog found by Marie which said that the Trip to Burot will only cost P790.00. Sounds great right? heheheh.

And then we all agreed! Actually not all... hehehe Still, It's hard to convince other friends, specially if they really don't want to go. Sabi nga, pag gusto, madaming paraan. hehehe ouch!

April 25, 2014 -Friday night, we all met at Leomar's house, to prepare some things to bring... actually just to sleep, we didn't prepare anything. hehehe

We left Manila 8:00 o'clock in the morning, ride a bus to Nasugbu at Pasay terminal and arrived at Lian Batangas around 11:00 am. It was a fine weather all throughout the day, so a 3 hour trip is still okay kasi airconditioned naman ang bus. Bus Fare is P120.00 per person.

From Lian, we hired a tricycle for P600 which includes a ride to Lian Public Market for us to buy foods and things we need in this adventure.. hehehe. we had some chips, water, and some meals... no beers and all that... hehehe (clean trip)
From Lian market, It took us 45 minutes tricycle ride to reach the main beach area. If you love nature, you will enjoy the view on your way.
pero dahil sa sobrang init, tuyo ang buong paligid... :(

Also, prepare yourself to receive FREE body powder when you reach  the sand / dusty part of the road. :) There are no signage that will direct you on the beach area, the driver has to have knowledge on where to go otherwise you have to ask. 

Near the beach are some scenic lagoon view.

I really enjoyed the view of the lagoon, bad thing you cannot swim in there :(
We didn't get the chance to explore more of the lagoon area but probably fishing is the main business there, that's why there are boat and net.

To add more exciting on the adventure, there are parts of the tricycle trip wherein you have to walk... hahaha, exercise!

In the gate of the resort, the guard is giving away guidelines and house rules on your stay in the beach.

House rules that we need to follow to preserve the beauty of the nature. From the main beach, a collector will welcome you, hehehe... entrance fee is P130.00 per person if you will stay overnight. Day stay entrance fee is P65.00 only.

Tent rental is available at the canteen at P400.00 overnight but If you have your own tent you can also use it, tent corkage is P20.00 pesos.

Since we only have one tent which is good for two person, we decided to rent another one.

First we enjoyed the beach horizon, took photos of the views. Beach is really photogenic. Sand is not fine so make sure to wear your slippers all the time.

Then we had lunch, we really enjoyed the rellenong bangus. hehehe

Then we had some gag moments... groupie using our duopad hahaha (mono-pad type using 2 sticks).

We took a sauna bathe at the sea, while our feet is enjoying stone massage and callus wound. hahahah.. Medyo masakit sa paa ang floor ng dagat dahil sa mga bato at madulas dahil sa mga seaweeds. Mainit din ang tubig noon dahil sa init ng panahon. Since low tide noon, hindi gaanong masaya mag swim, pero nagswim pa din kami. heheheh

Also, walang gaanong facilities sa lugar which made it more exciting... heheheh unahan na lang sa CR.
Bathroom has no lights good thing is I brought with me adidas 3-in-1 shower gel so its more convenient. hehehe (plug lang:P)

After freshening up, the camping starts. We had some bonfire near our tent. Bonfire materials are available in the canteen for P200.00.

At dahil nagtitipid, ginamit nalang namin ang mga natirang kahoy sa bonfire ng mga naunang nagcamp sa amin. hehehehe, oh resourceful  lol :P

Advisable na magbonfire sa gabi para mataboy ang mga lamok ang disadvantage is maiinit ang kapaligiran. hehehe

In the morning, enjoy the cool breeze from the sea and witness the beautiful sunrise.

Also, try to explore other part of the beach and enjoy the view.

We left Burot Beach, 7:00 o'clock in the morning. From the beach we took a tricycle ride to the Van terminal. Tricycle fare costs P250.00. Van to Pasay is P180.00 pesos only.

What I like about the Burot Beach.
  • Its not too commercialized. I like the idea of it being raw-- no facilities, no hotels, no cottages, etc.
  • Its accessible to Manila. An easy escape to the stresses of the city, an escape to reality. hahaha
  • Very affordable trip. No fancy reservations.
  • There's a good access to mobile network and mobile internet.
  • It has both nature and beach.I love the scene.

What I don't like about the Burot Beach.

  • The sea is not good for swimming. There's too many seaweeds and some jellyfish on it. Mabato ang floor ng dagat.
  • It's too hot. Less trees within the tent area.
  • No proper waste disposal.

Basic things to prepare
  • At least or max budget of P1,000 pesos.
  • Camping materials if you have to lessen the rental expense.
  • Utensils for the food - knife, plate, cups, spoon, etc.
  • Lighter.
  • Summer outfits. hehehe make sure to bring options.
  • Camera.

Burot beach is not something I would want to visit every now and then but it's beauty is something worth trying to explore.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Masayang Muli and Kwento Ng Summer (Nangaramoan Beach)

Summer is my favorite part of the year. Sweaty underarms, Hypertension, Heatstroke... lol

Seriously speaking, I love summer, it reminds me of the idea that the sun still shines so brightly... literally that you have to wear shades, otherwise you'll get migraine... hehehe...

Summer to me signifies hope and happiness.  Hope that after all the rainy season, after all the floods in the Metro, the "basang sisiw" moments when you go to the office, finally  you can got out and just simply enjoy the sun... hehehehe.

Yearly its been a habit for me to take a week vacation to our beautiful province (Isabela- Region 2) during the Holy week. Also, part of the routine is for our family and friends to go out, spend time together and explore nearby tourist spots.

My family and family friends normally go to a short out of town trip. Be it an overnight stay on a beach resort or just a picnic in an out of town spot.

We always took advantage of this season to unwind and explore undiscovered or probably underrated beauties of the Region.  Just last April 19, in our search for a good place, we found this paradise which is six to seven hours drive away from Cauayan city-- Nangaramoan Beach Resort, Sta. Ana Cagayan.

Onfirst look, the view is the same with Palawan or Puerto Galera. But of course those other two have their breathtaking views of their own.

We stayed in a cottage worth PhP 1,500 for overnight stay. Some visitors brought their own tent and just stayed on the seashore, which I find more exciting... hehehe. of course you cannot do that specially pag madami kayo... 

Before reaching the main resort you also have to pay PhP20 per head for Environmental fee.

Taking photos is always part of the checklist.

See, that's one of the reasons why I love summer get away. you can take nice photos of yourself, wear shades, wear colorful sando and embrace the heat of the sun. BTW, the word "nice" is based on my own definition of it hahaha...

I also love water, although I'm not a good swimmer or technically, I don't know how to swim hehehe... I just like the idea of soaking yourself in a water... hahahaha ligo sa batsa pwede na....

and I don't own good camera. But in a way, I'm happy with some of my photos taken using my smartphone (Cherry Mobile Titan) which I recommend for low/no budget outdoor photos. hehehhe

There are also rock formations in the area which are nice spots for some photoshoot moments... hehehe

Just don't forget to bring slippers, masakit po sa paa ang mga bato... may picture nga, sugat sugat ka naman... hhehehe

and since some spots for photos are hard to reach.. be sure na sulit ang pictures mo...

daminhan na ang kuha, and give your best shot. heheh i-todo na ang pag emote..

and keep in mind that the place is open to public, thus photo-bombers are always there for you. lol

In the afternoon, change clothes na... hehhe yes! I have 101 summer sandos hehehe. you'll see more on my other photos, sa next trip... hehehe

Of course, picture with my mama... :P

Action shots are also part of the routine. 'yong tipong, sasabihin mo na " sige kumuha ka lang nga madami" then me on the other side will move ng kung anu- anong pose. Bahala na kung anu magandang shot. hehehe

In the afternoon, it always nice to watch the majestic sunset on west above the silhouette of the mountain ranges while it reflects it's beauty on the sea.

After the overnight sleep we woke up early as I need to catch a 4pm trip back to Manila-- back to reality. hehehehe

So we need to walk, para madaling makaayat ang aming sasakyan sa pataas na daan ng bundok... hehehe It's also a good exercise sa umaga...

and while walking, more action shots, which I intent to collage along with my summer 2013 experience and post it on my IG (

and on our way up the hill we saw a young man of Ita with his kids, so we asked them If we could have photo with us. heheheh

Over all the summer experience is so relaxing. quite tiring though but it's worth it.

What I love about the Nangaramoan Beach
  • Its affordable.
  • It has both nature and beach.I love the scene.
  • Something new to explore that is literally away from the city.
  • Friendly people.
  • Classic cottages reminds me of childhood- very 90's. hehhee
  • It's not so hot since you are surrounded by forest.
  • There's a good access to mobile network and internet :)

 What I don't like about Nangaramoan Beach

  • No access to public market.There are sar- sari stores in the area but of course very limited lang ang mabibili.
  • No proper waste disposal management. I don't know what's the purpose of environmental fee.
  • It's low tide when we went there specially in the afternoon so It didn't swimming that much.
Something to take note:
Sea surface is rough, its more of rocks than sand so swimming is not that good if low tide. But still it's worth experiencing if its high tide.

At least for once a year, we unwind, we forget all the stress and just break-free... always remember, at least once a year "Masayang Muli ang Kwento ng Summer".

Monday, April 21, 2014

Keep Up Your Game

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