Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Undeniably Blue | What I Wear | MarkMyName

I was actually about to go to a farewell/ sendoff / bridal/ reunion party that day. So here’s my senti thought for a friend who’s about to take another chapter of her life.

M-Flat Top Sunnies by Factorie
Stripe Hoodie Sweats by Underarmour
Royal Blue Tailored Shorts by J. Crew
Black Sneakers by Crocs

Sorry :( words are actually irrelevant to the outfit, but I came up with this post as those are actually the things playing on my mind while I was on this event.

There are things we kept on doing all over again, routinely if I may say. Things that we thought are just okay. Safe. Stagnant. Until such time you realize, it’s tiring and then you try to find some fun, add colors and most likely break the rules. In this curve, you will meet someone. Someone who will teach you not to be afraid to go beyond or against what you are used to. Someone you will love and promise you forever.

It’s bitter to say there’s no forever, but in this curve, I know you can prove to the world that happy ever after can actually exist.

I wish you all the happiness in your life journey with your hubby… Best wishes!

Okay. Naisingit ko pa ang aking madamdaming speech hahaha.
So much more to that, here’s what I did while waiting for the bride to be, wahahahha. Took some pose at the middle on Timog Circle at the midst of the sun… 

Some blues make us sick… at some point, I really don’t know what to say, but every time I dress up (not as if it actually a dress up) I can really tell If I feel better about what I wear or not. You wouldn’t want to take photo of yourself if you’re blue right? I mean the blue “blue” feeling not the literal color  :) 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Elena of SPRZ NY Tees | What I Wear | MarkMyName

Meet Elena, schoolgirl (with lotus blossom).I don’t know but it sounds to be a confession of a shopaholic during stress time when you go for a stroll in the mall and so happen to drop by at my favorite shop and boom! gasgas na ang card. Naaahh! Not really, I still know how to budget. Hehehe

Specially, I’m not really a fan of so expensive clothes. As long as I like the design and it’s comfortable, go! And of course it has to be affordable.Comfort is crucial special during summer time. I prefer basic tees with cutie designs to fit my personality. Bright and bold colors are also best options.

Just like what I saw recently in Uniqlo, as they feature Feel the SEA (SouthEast Asia) collection of basic yet very comfortable printed Tees.

Working in a wide array of formats―from painting, installation, and LED screens to wallpaper, t-shirts, and CD covers―Julian Opie investigates the way we process everyday experience. Using digital tools, he transforms observed portraits and landscapes into reductive, standardized, universal types that question how we look at people and things to form meaning.

I’m not so sure If this SPRZ NY is part of their Feel the SEA collection but personally, this SPRZ NY is my favorite among the items that are currently in their store.

About SPRZ NY*

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pray For My Marathon

It's less than a week and no matter what I do it will not bear significant impact to what I can do on the day of the race.
Why am I taking this course? Is there something I want to prove to myself?
The truth is, I have no idea, why did it ever slip on my mind... 42K, c'mon!
I know it's not easy, who says it is? wahahah. What preparation have I done so far?

Since the time I graduated 10K races, it’s always been a dream to do full marathon. Total of 1 and a half year of convincing myself to join, more than 10 races passed, and just recently almost everyday morning run to feel and inject to my mind that I will be doing this.

I have been posting my Road to Marathon journey on this blog to pressure myself to push forward, train and condition my mind for this event.

My dream is just to finish it strong. Period!

Still I have no formal training on running and because of some failed network/ gps, it’s hard to assess how far I have gone through my daily run. As long as my feet aches, my whole playlist repeated for at least 3 times and when the sun started to rise or set during training, I know I did my best1

In this upcoming race, I don't have anyone with me, just me, my phone and my shoes. No PR to bloggers and runners. No brand booth to set up, no promo and marketing team to make kwentuhan while waiting for the gun start and to cheer just when I am about to reach the finish line. . Just me and my determination to start and finish it.

This is a call to all my friends who knows me well. Who believes that I can do it, who doubted that I will do it. I am asking prayers and moral support to all of you.

May God join me in every step I take in this road. That I may feel the gain in every pain I take. That He will direct me breathing I need. Hydrate me in times my body is thirsty even if the aid station is still a mile away. I may not be ready now, but just like how not ready I am with the challenges of every day, I know He is always with me and will never leave my side until I reach the finish line. He will carry my feet and make every bump light as feather. He will breeze out fresh air so I will not feel the heat. Give me enough strength that I can be at the finish line standing proud of another milestone in my life…

Yes! I will!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet The Old and New Me | What I Wear | MarkMyName

When I'm happy I take photos of myself in good clothes. This is the proof.
It's been a while since I did such this. I need to do a full makeover and turn around my lifestyle for this. Its sounds like a joke, but sincerely, that's the story behind this photos.
The Navy blue skinny fit jeans I am wearing is represents the old me... Literally and figuratively.
I bought that pants at H&M Singapore when we had a short vacation there last 2014. I just bought it because it's nice and I think it's already a good buy because it's sale and unfortunately it's an inch smaller to me way back then. So I still bought it thinking that I can lose an inch at least in a month.

Time flies so fast that instead of losing inches, I've been to so many troubles and depression, ended up gaining so much that I need to buy new size of pants and the old pants was left behind. That's the reason why I lost my confidence to shoot something like this. Until early February when my eyes finally opened and realize the lifestyle I’ve been. 

Sabi ko naman, kung gugustuhin ko kakayanin ko. I went to some sort of diet and a bit of a change in lifestyle for a couple of weeks and finally! I was able to wear the old pants. Badly, I already bought new sets of clothes in my large size. :(

I will not be the skinny boy for sure but I’ll be happy with the baby steps of improving my size. #ProjectFitness wahahah.

Little by little I’m beginning to gain back confidence and have better vision in life as lifestyle can surely dictate how you see things. I’m not going to be hypocrite and say I do a healthy living ‘cause I don’t. But I’m pretty sure, one day I can claim I tried to.

The same day when I got the chance to see an old friend +Jerica Oro 
Your journey to fame is such and inspiration :) We miss you big time. kami ni +katrina lacbayo

Thanks for visiting my site:)

Hope you had fun :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels | What I Wear | MarkMyName


You probably have passed by EDSA Guadalupe during the season of Valentine's day. Where the famouse Filipino clothing brands flaunted their seasonal campaign Love All Kinds of Love.

This very brave campaign showcasing different personalities and different kind of love went viral because I believe of the courageous act of putting Lesbians and Gay kind of love.

While browsing the net, I saw this video that is also going viral now which subliminally delivers almost same message as the clothing brand's campaign.

Though, there were no brand mentioned in this video, I must say it's a more classy yet extravagant way of delivering the message compared to the one in EDSA-Guadalupe.

What do you think???

Nice diba? Hehehe

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