Saturday, August 30, 2014

Birthday Wish for an Old Friend -- Jonalyn

Dahil birthday mo ngayon... Ito gift ko sayo, gift of friendship hhahhha

Stay jolly and bitch hhahah namiss lang kita jonger Kaya nakalkal ko to!

I'm blessed to met you at my youth and became your friend and classmate for almost 10 great years for heaven's sake...

We may not be seeing each other more often because of your kaartehan but I know we can still laugh on crazy things again when we see each other, hopefully at the soonest...

If there's one thing I wish for you on your birthday, I want you to stay jolly and keep the arte in you.. Because we loved you for whatever it is that you are and changing it could be the hardest thing to do for both of us...

Happy Birthday Jonalyn!!! Have a great year ahead

Friday, August 29, 2014

Easy Escape at Sigayan Bay Beach Resort.

I've been trying to think of things to discuss about this escapade... and it took me months to finally compose something about Sigayan Bay Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas...

Yes! I was there during the Tri United 2, 2014 last July 5 and 6... Ooopps, not as a tri participant but as sponsor under the deo brand I am handling... Well, don't worry I'm not going to speak about the triathlon competition because i got nothing to say about it... I don't know how to bike... hahhah... Actually true! Since I started running, It's always been a dream to level up and go into Triathlon but I really don't know how to bike... I think I need to learn the balance first...

And speaking of balance, since I was here for a work during my visit, I took the opportunity to balance the stress and enjoy our stay in this resort. Workation! why not?? It's along the seashores of Laiya Batangas, which is two to three hours drive from the city of Manila...

It's like a town house in front of the beach.

We took the Tambuli II room , good for fourteen people. Spacious enough for us since we are only five. The room cost PhP 6,4000 an overnight stay. Very affordable if you come in there as a group. (Accommodation fee may change without prior notice) 
The facade
Each room has a provision to use the refrigerator.
In using their kitchen, there's a P500 corkage. 
The Tambuli Room have seven double-sized beds. Walls are painted with sea creatures.
Of course, It's important to check on their comfort rooms.
This is the way to the beach front.
Other rooms available, depending on the capacity requirement.
and the beach front!

It's always nice to have a good stay in a resort while having a Workation (work-vacation) like this. Nice stay do not rely on the price of the hotel, It's always in the appreciation of the place and the your rest.

What I like about the Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
  • Fine and gray color sand... 
  • It's accessible from Manila-- an easy escape.
  • You can hop from one resort to another.

What I don't like about the Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
  • Cottages are not really for overnight stay. No beds.
  • It's low tide when we went there, specially in front of the resort, so I didn't enjoy swimming that much.
Must haves
  • Drinks as in beer or depends on your preference- there is only one sari-sari store near the resort which sells .
  • Food to cook. There are nearby carinderia (restaurants) but If you're there for a short stay, you'd rather bring your own food to cook. 
  • Utensils for the food - knife, plate, cups, spoon, etc.

Sigayan Bay Beach Resort
Brgy, Laiya-Aplaya San Juan, Batangas 4226
0917 944 1731

Monday, August 18, 2014

TakeMetoSG--My Ultimate Singapore Experience

As promised, I would like to share to you my first ever out of the country vacation tour. It's always been a dream to travel, discover and explore the world. Inspired by the philosophy of the Great Dr. Jose Rizal-- It is very important to learn new culture by travelling and going into places... Not exactly how he said it but the thought is like that. lol

Here are few things I would like to share to you on my seven day visit in the "Fine City" of Singapore

First. Our stay. Things I appreciated in the living of Singaporeans. The rules and fines in breaking those rules and how afraid I was to commit mistakes... hahaha hey! it's not my country...
Second. The Tour. How it feels to be a foreigner in a place. hahaha looking how SG was beautifully engineered...  The rides I had and views I saw...
Third. Must Visits. The places that says "hey! you went to SG, huh!". It's a very basic itinerary though we have a taste of their must-visits.

The Merlion Plaza. Every OFW and tourists, probably has a picture at this icon.
The Universal Studio. Yes of course. Go beyond the screen and jump in to the movies of Universal studio. It's the first and only themed in Southeast Asia... why not?

Us in Far Far Away Land... Seriously, that's the name of the castle behind us. Inspired by the animated movie Shrek... (from left, Me(Mark), My cousin's BF(Kuya JR), My cousin who lives in SG (Ate Myra) and my Doctor/ former model cousin (Kuya Gerald-- anlakas ng build up kuya ha! alam mo na) hehehe.

The Singapore Flyer. One of the world's largest observation wheel with 165m height. Get a good view of SG's beautiful landscape from the top of the flyer.
Fourth. Nature and biodiversity. This was time that I've reflected how lucky Philippines is. Imagine how Singapore strive to live in a city with limited natural resources, yet they were able to contribute to ecological development.

The Singapore Zoo.

Gardens by the Bay South.
The Cloud Forest. Inside Gardens by the Bay

The Palawan Resort at Sentosa. A man made beach resort in the island of Sentosa.

All man made, yet here we are Filipinos trying to go to the bandwagon of tourist visiting this eco-tourism where in fact we have more nature-gifts than what they have..

Fifth. The Food. Spice, curry, herbs and many others to describe my eating experience at SG. I may not have tried some of their must-visit restos as spoken by friends and some blogs, but I have tried several food hubs that are still worth sharing... From high-end restos, fastfoods to low price hawkers, from Chinese, Singaporean, Indian cuisine, and of course, Filipino food.

A visit to several Starbucks shops, is also part of the bucket-lists.

Sixth. The Streets. Where the TRUE culture is found.

Seventh. Shopping. I didn't say I went there with a deep pocket, but still you wouldn't want to miss shopping for the world! hehehe

Indeed, in trying to discover new places and culture, we need not to go anywhere first but SG. Truly, this country made my first out-of-the-Phils. experience a remarkable one... I will share more pics and experiences, once I got the energy to work on it. hahahah...

But seriously speaking, apart from the fact that I really enjoyed my first Singapore experience, I still want to go back in there, not because I haven't explored other wonders yet but because, I crave for the feelings of exploration. If I am to describe the city in a phrase-- it's too good to be true.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wonders of Maginhawa -- Wicked Kitchen

Discovering the Wonders of Maginhawa Streets Episode 2: Wicked Kitchen

It's not by default that we have to visit witch or wicked themed restos at Maginhawa street but my second adventure landed at  2/F 189 Maginhawa corner Makadios Sikatuna Village, Quezon City-- the Wicked Kitchen.
Wicked Kitchen is dedicated to producing delicious and mouth-watering food using the finest ingredients, paired with friendly service.Their chef, a Center for Culinary Arts Manila graduate, created a delicious menu with something for every taste. Having worked in Australia, she has included local favorites into the menu using the truest of recipes. One can truly be wicked and indulge in her seven sinful desserts aptly named after the seven sins.

Not much of a concept store, as their interior is very basic yet cozy. Posted on the wall are some editorials where the resto was featured.
What really catches my attention are the qoutations about life displayed in their restroom :)

Here's their menu. Dishes names sounds basic yet very enticing when you read the description. Well I guess that's normal to all the restaurants...

Wicked Kitchen's menu is an array of Australian and Western favorites. 

While browsing their menu, everything seems to be very normal except that some dishes are named with "Wicked", not until I've seen this Ex's Lasagna. That "Ex's" phrase sounds to be very bitter specially the description. Unfortunately, we were not able to try that. Maybe on our next visit. lol

Here's what we ordered that night.

taaadaaa.... Seafood Aglio. It was really good! Noodles were perfectly done and its not too oily. The tastgarlic do not over power the shrimp! yum. yum. yum
Their newest offering, Surf and Turf. Creamy mashed potato with steak and shrimp and mushroom gravy.
Then we had their Wicked Chicken. Well, not because its named after the resto name, its their best seller, it doesn't taste bad though. 

Wicked Chicken. Buffalo wings/tenders + blue cheese dip + celery sauce on the side + just right/ wickedly hot. eheeemmmm... It's not really hot...

Over all wicked kitchen offers basic cuisine but puts a good standard to their menu at a reasonable price. It's a place that I want to go back to eat pasta and chips and be without thinking too fancy. xx

Seafood Algio Olio PhP 199.00
Surf n' Turf PhP 349.00
Wicked Wings PhP 195.00

Wicked Kitchen
2F 189 Maginhawa street, Teachers Village , Quezon City
Tel no. (02) 512- 14-97

Follow wicked kitchen on line:
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :

Delivers via Quick Delivery. 
Call 212-12-12 for details.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast The Second Time Around

Well it depends how the readers or those who have experienced it will take this post but I believe many will relate to my experience.

I’ve seen so many crazy posts about this Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Restaurant recently. Posted by celebrities, friends, and even known foodies. I’ve tried this once at their main branch in Mandaluyong but the service really sucks. Too many to-go orders which are also queued along with dine in orders. We waited so long for our orders to be served yet it’s not hot or freshly cooked. Breakfasts are supposed to be served hot and awakening.

To begin with, I’m not really a fan of breakfast meals. Trying to give Kanto F B a second chance, we visited their branch at Libis, which is just a walk away from our new office. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’s just a matter of wrong timing that they fail to give a good service on our first visit.

On that second visit, still serving timing is not really fast. Well understood that they still need to prepare the food. Worst is, they first serve the desserts... halah! probably because it's the one that's readily available...

This is their deep fried oreo (P60.00/ 3 pcs.) It taste like a waffle coated oreo cookies, deep fried and drizzled with chocolate. It taste good though, it's just that I don't prefer sweets for appetizers.

Then my friend had Daing na Bangus. (P100.00+). We were already warned that the bangus (milkfish) is not boneless. The taste is really basic, nothing so special on the preparation of the fish, though I like it that it's not too salty or sour. According to them, this is also one of their best-sellers.

Then, we had their famous Hone Glazed Chicken with scrambled eggs(P90.00+). Giving this a second chance, from the time I tried it at Mandaluyong. Well this version is two steps better than what I had before. Yet, the eggs are still served fluffy but cold.

Things I really admire about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast are the great mind behind this concept and of course the food presentation. Truly, good food plating could make a difference on your gastric cravings but of course, you have to manage expectations on the taste.

On the other hand, I would like to thank Enol for going with me at this food adventure. :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Not a Selfie (now on | What I Wear | MarkMyName

It's very rare that I do #Selfie... Yes! I normally ask my officemates to take a photo of me... One of my favorite officemate / photographer is Dabbie. She exactly knows my angle and the lighting to make my photo a little better.

Same as #selfie, before the word became a phenomenon, the #Selfie angle of flashing the camera 125degrees from the forehead while projecting your most gorgeous possible smile was my favorite photo style.
But as I try to explore other poses, I have realized that just like being a foodie, one also need to explore and become open for different looks and of course, criticisms.
Accepting the fact that each angle shows a different perspective and different you, unlike the same old #selfie angle.

Why selfie exists? Probably, because someone in you is afraid to try a different side. Or just because we've been so comfortable on the same angle or zone or Maybe because we're not that confident to ask someone to take us a shot.

I'm not against selfie, 'coz I also do selfie, but I would prefer doing it rarely...