Thursday, April 30, 2015

H E A T . Pledge of Plaids | What I Wear | MarkMyName

Nothing beats my love for summer. In fact, of all the events in a year, this is what I'm always looking forward to. Days after holidays we all can see trending post of #ProjectFitness and #BalikAlindog and I confess, I belong to that zone. Although, I really find it hard to achieve a summer ready body (walang susuko, hahaha), I think the most essential part of this season is the bonding moments with friends and fun under the sun. Yes! I don't care being tan, because I'm already dark hehehe.

Summer outfit doesn't always need to be in bright colors, it's the comfort that is more important. I'm thankful that this shirt I bought last year fits me now. hahah I have a thing on buying shirts which are a bit smaller than my current size. To inspire me, If I may say. Sometimes it's a good idea but most often not.
Disclaimer: To achieve a perfectly nice outfit, get those that fits you now, not those that you want to fit in tomorrow. hahaha :)

Sunnies from SM Accessories
Pocket Tees by Giordano
Plaid shorts from Faded Glory
Brown Leather Sandals from Marikina
Location: Playa Laiya, Batangas

Going to the beach is one of the things I love. It gives me pause from all the stresses of the city. This #ootd is very different from all my beach outfit because I'm not wearing sleeveless tees. Though, I look like a bit slimmer here caused by some diet thing I did during lent. 

Have a happy comf'table summer!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stubbornly Refreshing: Smirnoff Mule

All the way from a very tiring day on work a friend invited me to this party, and who am I not to say yes? hahaha Even If I still have work the next day :( So, get the party started on a Tuesday night! Because it feels like weekend during the grand launch of Smirnoff Mule at Valkyrie, the Palace in Uptown BGC. It's a night of good music mix from cool DJs (Mars Miranda was in the house) , party wild uber-fashionable crowd (ooops, sorry, I feel like I wasn't dressed for the occasion that day.) and over flowing drink from Smirnoff Mule.

Who says drinking/ partying/ having fun needs to be harsh on your throat? Smirnoff Mule is a blend of ginger beer and Smirnoff Vodka with a twist of lime with 6% alcohol per 330mL. 

Masarap, swabe, refreshing and all the best descriptions this cool drink could ever have.This popular Recipe No.21 Vodka Mule of Smirnoff is finally out in your favorite bars, superclubs, and even in the nearest liquor (grocery) stores.

#StubbornlyRefreshing #SmirnoffMule

PS: It was a hard rocking party, we had few bottles and best is, I was able to go to work early. (Maybe it's my alcohol tolerance)

Let's party together!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Tokyo Bubble Tea Kind of Day

I was never really a fan of Takoyaki, until I met Tokyo Bubble Tea. It was the third time that my friend kept of bragging me to try this store's version of that food. From the time I tried it, my perspective about takoyaki changed. This is also my first visit to TBT store so I really don't know what to order. All I thought was its just a cute milk tea shop but I was surprise on how good their food are.

Here's the list of what I have tried so far on their menu.

Niniku Salmon with Garlic Cream Sauce (not the one in worm-like ramekin)
Al dente spaghetti with a creamy garlic, butter and parmesan sauce topped with chunks of salmon (P285.00) 
Salmon Maki-zushi
High-grade salmon slices served with Japanese soy sauce (choice of sushi or sashimi) (P160.00)
It's colder than I thought. okay. It's given, best sushi are not in this kind of resto. Their version belongs to "okay naman/ pede na" zone.

Apple Glazed Grilled Porkchop
Grilled porkchop glazed with apple sauce served with garlic rice and sidings (P225.00)
(Haven't really tried this, because I'm on abstinence when a friend ordered it, will try it next time though)

And of course, the very reason why I'm posting this.
Grilled octopus-filled balls made of pancake batter, topped with mayonnaise, katsuobushi and sweet soy sauce (P178.00)
Few of the things I like about their takoyaki.
  • Size is just right, enough for a normal bite :) Approximately, two to three bites a piece.
  • Generous on dressing. Mayo also taste good, you would know their not using cheap brands. If not it's a customized blend for TBT.
  • Softness is perfect, not too firm and not saggy.
  • Play of texture is good . The vegetable inside and the grilled octopus complements the texture of the takoyaki mixture.
On the other hand, what I don't like about it is they are not consistent on the quantity of the garnish. hahaha. I have tried visiting three of their stores in a row and I must say sometimes they put too small quantity of the fish flakes and shredded dried seaweeds.. hehehe

I still love it, nonetheless. :)

Ending it with a complimentary dessert. Mango cheesecake. 
Layers of (just right salty) crust, mango (flavored) chiffon, cheese cake, whip, and sweet glaze of mango jam with dried mango on top.
Dear friend (I cannot disclose the name) Thanks for the sumptuous (that overused word, tho) lunch, I had a great time and thank you for introducing takoyaki to me. Now, I have a benchmark of how it should taste. I am now ready to take my search for the best takoyaki in town. Suggestions, anyone?

Disclaimer* that friend was previously part of the great minds behind this restaurant's product/ menu offering... I'm so proud of you... wahahaha

Price may change without prior notice
For dine in customers, they are charging 10% service charge

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Friday, April 24, 2015

One Burrp for That Saturday.| What I Wear | MarkMyName

One saturday afternoon, during those days when i was not really feeling well (literally and figuratively) I thought of something productive to do. I called my friends and ask them to explore (rediscover) Intramuros, ended up taking photos of my ootd.

Nothing much to say about this look, except what's on my shirt hehehe. My shirt is a gift of my previous boss. I was a size bigger when It was given to me and I couldn't agree more on the print. I've been wanting to post shoot this shirt because I think it's cute specially the concept of the Tee shop where it was bought. Burrp Tees - We Make Big T-Shirts. Yes! they do and they announce it, their BIG. Most sizes they offer are big size with cool shout out prints.

It was scorching (overused word this summer) hot during that day, so I paired my shirt with 2" above the knees pull on shorts and some old pair of shoes. Completing the style with the cap and some sunnies. 

0%Transfat TShirt from Burrp Tees.
Burrp Tees Facebook page:
Khaki Pull On Shorts from Old Navy

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Friday, April 17, 2015

You Can't Tear Me | What I Wear | MarkMyName

You can tear my outfit but you can never tear me down...
Naaahhh, It's just a cliche inspired by Rihanna's speech during 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards (You can beat me, but can't beat my outfit).. But I think It fits my #OOTD hehehe
Just after the long weekend for Holy Week celebration, I need travel back and forth to Isabela to attend one of my high school / college best friend's wedding. One day before and I was still thinking of what to wear in the wedding. I'm not part of the entourage and I know It's not going to be black tie event, so yeah... it's time to flash some OOTD because rarely I attend such occasion.

Gladly, the day before I left Manila, I went to SM North EDSA to check out some items and found out on "Sale" pull overs from Oxygen. Then immediately I thought of partnering it with a torn pants. So when I headed home I looked for some old jeans and cut it.

Pull Over  by Oxygen
Jeans by Lee (designed by me :))
Satchel at OXL Ltd. (some randon store I saw in SG)
Black Leather Shoes by Jarman
Eyewear by Kinetix
Hat (Cropped by old Pirate costume hat)

On the side, I also want to share my Mama's OOTD... hehehe looks like she prepared for this.
Disclaimer* I only bought her the dress and the necklace. The shoes, its not my fault heheheh... But I think it's cute :)

Papa :
White Polo shirt by Dickies
Straight cut pants by Code Blue

Lace Dress by Shapes

Thanks for visiting :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mars Wedding

No! Don't take it as if it's a wedding at Mars. "Mars" is how I call my friend back in high school who recently took a vow of forever with Marc... again, the "Marc" is spelled with "C" at the end so definitely not me... wahahaha.

From the long weekend vacation for the Holy week. I took another 12 hours two way trip to Isabela to attend this very important event... worth sharing...

Here are some important shots I had during her wedding.

A very nostalgic church, same place where i took my Kindergarten school...
Just when everything seems to be very dramatic as the bride enters the church...
Perfectly beautiful for the BIG day!
The Legal Kiss... I'm sure there are illegal kisses... :)
On the side, It brought me tears when I saw my parents walking down the aisle together... as principal sponsors... hehehe look at her blue boots. Noh! that's not because of me... wahahaha

That moment when they are about to leave the church and the bride request for another kiss... Landeh! hehehe

It feels like #Throwback when we had this photo taken...

Of course, the food shots...

Beyond words... I'm so proud of you Mars Gracie ... you've matured gracefully from the crazy Recto girl I use to hang out during college... May you have all the blessings in your married life... cheers to more years of friendship 

Summer / Lent 2015

Indeed a different kind of summer for me and my family. This Holy week, we spent the very meaning of this season by visiting churches in Cauayan city and nearby towns. We did this during Good Friday. We started the Visita Iglesia at 1pm and finish it around 4pm in time for the procession.

First on the list is my favorite church - Our Lady of the Pilar Parish Church at Cauayan city. My favorite not just because this is in my hometown but I really love the architecture and history that embodies it. The church was able to retain it's old facade making it so interesting...
Interior though is kind of a modern antique... I can still remember when I was a kid (high school student) I use to go here to play and pray... :)
Next visit is Saint Anthony de Padua at Reina Mercedes. Its located next town from Cauayan City, just a 20 to 30 minutes drive.
Then The National Shrine of Our Lady of Vicitation at Guibang Naguilian..

Saint Clare Church just across the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guibang.

Fifth is Saint Micheal Cathedral at Ilagan, Isabela. This is along the high way so It's easy to find...

Another old church, Saint Ferdinand church, near the St. Ferdinand college still at Ilagan Isabela... 

Then we head back to Cauayan to attend the procession in the afternoon.
The energy of the mass and procession attendees where very strong every Good Friday. The huge crowd is very normal in our town.

Having this kind of Holy week really feels good specially If you're searching for some inner peace in such kind of celebration.

Hope you can visit Isabela too, and include Cauayan City in your list.