Friday, July 27, 2018

A Plateful Of Learning

The plate is full and he can no longer handle it.
He kept on putting dishes he thought he needed
Garnish all the greens and put color on it
Throwing everything into it until the plate bleeds.

He took his time fixing the scallions and parsley.
Trying to differentiate the greens from greens
Sprinkling on top of a bed of lettuce
The colors and textures he begun to lose.

The plate is full but focused on the garnish
And each of his bite seems like to tarnish
He then lost his appetite on the main dish
Until he wanted to leave everything in a bliss

The plate is full and he wants to throw it away
Just leave nothing but a tomato in a tray
Now his eyes are drooling like a fool
Staring nowhere while his plate is full.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Ganitong Ganito

Ganitong ganito rin noon
Tanging naiba lang ay ang panahon
Dati’y parang di ko makayanan
Ngayo’y parang isa nalang hanging dumaan

Kung dati’y tila di alam ang gagawin
Ngayo’y tila lilipas na lang din
Ganitong ganito rin noon
Hinubog na lamang ng pagkakataon

Said sa hirap sa una kung titignan
Subalit wala namang hindi tayo nakayanan
Kung siguro noon ako’y sumuko na
Malamang ngayon ay hindi kita kakilala

Ganitong ganito rin noon
Subalit nandito ka na ngayon
Kasama sa agos ng panahon
Karamay sa lahat ng pagkakataon.

Ganitong ganito