Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 is MY YEAR!

Dear 2015,

I thank God He gave me you and let me experience a different curve of life. Thank you for such a wonderful year. For all the people I met and encountered, for those who left and for those who stayed. You let me try things I never thought I would ever experience. Took me to places I never imagine I'd be. Thank you for every new milestone of 2015, the new career in the beginning, the marathon that I took, country I've been to and all other blessings I got.

Now that you are about to leave, kindly bring with you all the heart pains, trials and burdens you have given me. Take them away as you fade. I'm ready for another set next year. I know I'll do better because 2015, you thought me to be good in facing them.

I sincerely am sorry of all bad things I've done to my fellows. I ask forgiveness to all my shortcomings and misunderstandings we had. I also would like to say sorry for myself, for being too harsh to my health and sometimes lossing my love for my self. Forgetting that I am a son of God and I am created in His likeness.

As a promise, I will carry with me all the life lessons you impart. Good things and good deeds will surely be continued in the next coming years. Self improvement and growth will always be part of next year's goal. Savings and investments are priority. Most specially to live each day like winners do. Winner who knows how to properly acknowledge winning and recognize his defeat. A winner who pushes himself to be better each day.

Again, to my dearest 2015, Thank you so much!

Mark Respicio Antonio

Dear 2016,

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Take Me To KL -- Chinatown

Just like all Chinatown's in the world, KL's (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Chinatown looks and feels the same. That famous arch and red hanging lantern signifies that you are now truly in the town of our beloved Chinese friends.

So what's in-store for us in this town? Here's some of the things that catches my interest during my visit.
The busy streets. Many locals and tourists shopping on the array of stores in the street.
Check out knoff off items at a very cheap price. Designers bags like Micheal Kors, LV, Channel, and many more. As they say, if you know how to carry a nice bag, it's hard to notice if its fake or not. Hehehe
There's also 168 restaurant here. I'm not really sure what's the meaning of 168 to Chinese people but those numbers seem to bring luck in businesses. Remember the popular 168 mall in Manila?
Hawkers are also one very good reason to visit Chinatown. This street food restaurants are very popular and commonly visited by foreigners specially Western guys. They love drinking beers and trying local delicacies.
Dried cured ham is very popular in most of south east asian countries.
Skewed meat, vegetables and other street foods are almost everywhere. Nice for grill, deep fried and or shabu shabu style.
Traditional food are also present on the streets like machang --  a sticky with meat wrapped in dried lotus leaf and steamed.
Bouquets of flower also catched my attention. See how they preserve the freshness of each flowers? Reminds me of Fuji Apples... Hehehe
The talent of this artist is really amazing. I badly want to take a photo with him but he seem to be too stressed to be disturb while finishing his masterpiece. The graphics is hand painted but can even beat the digital photo because of its beauty.
Truly the rich culture that embodies the town of Chinese community in every country is admirable... They see to preserve and never fails to built unique identity that every tourist must see..
PS. 2 and 5 signs signifies my road to 25year of age. Glad I had this as I enter a new chapter.
Until my next adventure.
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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Indeed every Christmas is Merry. Everyone should be merry for this is the season that our Lord Jesus Christ was born.

Reasons why we should celebrate 'tis Yuletide.
  • Christ is Born.
    • Christian or not, the birth of the King of Peace signifies hope and unconditional love. His humble birth shows us that different learning in life. The Nativity is a story wherein everyone of us should reflect.
  • Family Focus.
    • This is also the season of family get together. Catch up with your parents, grand parents, relative and friends whom you haven't talk to for the last 11 months of the year. Big thanks to the long holiday here in the Philippines. To those who still go to work during Christmas, It's okay, you can still catch up with them with the technology that we have now, distance isn't really a hindrance anymore. Cheer up buddy!
  • It's Payback Time.
    • Admit it or not, every year end we receive plenty of blessings or gifts be it in the form of money or in-kind. It's the season of giving. You who receive more should give more. Be it in the simplest form of gift so long as it came from you humble heat. It will surely make this season more meaningful.. 
From our family, we would like to send our greetings to all of you. May we all feel the spirit of Christmas and continue to spread love even if this holidays are gone. Let's all learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness to those whom we had shortcomings. So that we could always wake up each day with a Christmas feel on our faces.

God Bless everyone and hope we all receive the blessings of His coming...

Again, Merry Christmas!
P.S. Foodie on Duty this Season. I would like to share what we have prepared during our simple Noche Buena.
 We just had meatballs, pesto pasta, chicken macaroni, siomai and ham. Very simple as we are not expecting much guests for the Noche Buena. Also, more to prepare of December 25 because we are not only celebrating Christmas, It's also my father's birthday and wedding anniversary of my parents...

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thankful for 25 Years and Beyond.

You may call it quarter life crisis, I call it learning.

Here's my 25 Life lesson list I want and I will carry as I enter another chapter of my crazy beautiful life:

1. We are all given 24 hours per day, It's up to us how we use it.

2. It's okay to commit mistakes in a circumstance, repeating it over and over again is not a mistake, it's a habit. Bad habit.

3. Find self-fulfillment in your passion. If you can't get that fulfillment, It's not your passion.

4. Its okay to start back from scratch. Remember, best tasting food are made from scratch day on day.

5. Learn from the experts, they know better.

6. Maintain a high profile personality. I don't know how but i think no.7 will help.

7. Omit cheapness and stupidity in your life.

8. There are love worth fighting for.

9. Leveling up is about willingness.

10. Sad things aren't forever

11.Sleep and get some rest.

12. Know when to stop, pause, and fight again.

13. Know when to stop, that's it. Move forward.

14. Exercises not to have abs, but to live better.

15. Moving forward doesn't really mean forgetting.

16. Moving forward simply means giving up what's not workable and doing what's doable.

17. Good things are for keeps.

18. Never stop dreaming.

19. If one dream dies, dream another dream.

20. Find true happiness within yourself, not by the presence of anyone else.

21. In a failing battle, take two steps backward and gain one step ahead.

22. Do not be afraid to fall down, the most precious treasures are down there.

23. Happiness is a choice.

24. Love your parents.

25. Put God first in your life.

Thank you Lord God for giving me the gift of life... For all the blessing I have received and will be receiving... For all the challenges I am facing... For making me a better person each day I wake up and each year I live.... Thank you so much for my parents and friends...  Forgive me for all my wrong deeds and shortcomings.. Give me more years to live to fulfill my purpose you have designed for me.

Mark My Name.