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Jolly Empowers Home Cooks By Feeding Their Creativity In The Kitchen | PR Post | MarkMyName

 They say the easiest way to someone's heart is through the stomach. For many homemakers, especially moms, this is very much true the moment they step into the kitchen. One simply gets an unexplainable feeling when you put the time and effort into preparing something special for the people who matter to you the most. The same also goes, of course, if you’re at the receiving end of such a selfless effort.  

While moms are real geniuses in the kitchen, however, there are also some downtimes when inspiration can run low. Fortunately, Jolly is here to curb that challenge for our home cooks. As the leading brand of packed fruit and vegetable products, Jolly  brings convenience straight into our pantries by giving us easy access to fresh ingredients. The brand—which was born from the vision of empowering homemakers and unlocking their creative potential in the kitchen—has continuously enabled this by providing freshly packed fruits and vegetables straight into our pantries. This convenience, combined with the high quality of its products, has made Jolly a market leader in its industry and a top choice among home cooks.  

To prove this, we had some moms take on the challenge of creating something special for their loved ones using some of Jolly’s best-sellers. Stephanie Lontoc of StefTheMomma shared one classic dish that never fails to impress her family—Creamy Beef with Mushrooms made with beef sirloin and her go-to Jolly Mushrooms and Jolly Cream of Mushroom Soup! It’s the perfect dish to make if you want to impress without spending too much time in the kitchen as it can only take thirty minutes to prep and cook! Watch her quick recipe here to cop it. 

Dyosa The Momma is another big fan of the tatak Jolly love. For her, she loves how she can still make healthy but also affordable dishes that never fail to be big hits for her family. One of her go-to recipes is Pork Picadillo which is perfect for all types of occasions . The dish is colorful, easy to make, and most of all, delicious and healthy. Go watch her recipe here video link: https://www.facebook.com/dyosathemomma/videos/1317862722317855

 For the recipe, she used Jolly Premium Sliced Mushrooms, Jolly Green Peas and Jolly Garbanzos to make sure that the dish is bursting with flavor and nutrition. More than the convenience and easy access to these ingredients, she also loves how Jolly makes everything easier for the budget.  

“With a growing family, dapat mas mindful na tayo sa gastos. Kaya hindi dapat mahal ang delicious meals. Konting creativity lang, pwedeng i-level up ang delicious meal. Kapag nabibigay mo ang sarap at sustansya, yan ang Jolly Love.”  

Versatility is also something that’s very important in the kitchen. Thankfully, with easy access to fresh ingredients, you will never run out of dishes to try. The Peach Kitchen proves this by creating her version of Ginataang Gulay using Jolly products . She shares, “Isa sa paraan natin ng pagpaparamdam ng pagmamahal natin sa pamilya natin ay ang pagluluto natin para sa kanila. Kaya naman as much as possible gusto natin na masarap at healthy ang hinahanda natin para sa kanila.”  

Check out her recipe:  https://www.facebook.com/PeachKitchen/videos/1812729012435899/ 

Jolly is a brand that was created by a family for families. Since its conception, it knows that when it comes to expressing love, Filipino households use the language of food to make connections and express their emotions. Still the undisputed leading brand of freshly packed fruits, vegetables, and other pantry essentials, it continues to fulfill its promise of empowering home cooks by expanding their creativity in the kitchen through its wide range of products. When you put your heart into every food you make and when you never run out of ideas in the kitchen, #YanAngJollyLove!  

Shop your favorite Jolly products in  leading supermarkets nationwide or online via Ace Market, Lazada, and Shopee. Don’t forget to follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep updated on their latest news and offers.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Henry & Sons To Bring New Life To Local Coffee Market | PR Post | MarkMyName

DTI Laguna witnessed the Ceremonial Signing of Memorandum of Agreement between National University Laguna and Henry and Sons PHTrading and Manufacturing Company, Inc. for the establishment of the Global Coffee School (GCS) Philippine Operations in Calamba City, Laguna. Present during the event were the executives of NU Laguna, Mr. Michael Harris Lim of Henry & Sons, Laguna Vice Governor Karen Agapay, and representatives of Calamba City Congresswoman CHA Hernandez and Calamba City Mayor Ross Rizal.

Henry & Sons, the leading supplier of premium coffee products and services in the country, continues its mission to bring the local coffee industry to the international spotlight with their commitment to providing premium and quality education to aspiring baristas.

“With the rising demand for specialty coffee in the ever-growing coffee market, Henry & Sons is determined to provide aspiring baristas with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed,” said Michael Harris Conlin, Henry & Sons president and CEO.

Conlin said the company recently signed a memorandum of agreement with the National University Laguna to establish the Global Coffee School (GCS) in Calamba City.

GCS courses are recognized and offered in over 40 cities worldwide. The company provides comprehensive educational courses to equip aspiring baristas with the necessary skills and knowledge to create the best coffee products.

Courses include instruction on brewing methods and techniques, the science of coffee production, and different types of coffee drinks. Baristas will also be given hands-on experience with the most up-to-date coffee equipment, enabling them to develop their skills and gain the confidence needed to become top coffee professionals.

Conlin, a former Philippine National Barista Champion and semi-finalist in the World Barista Championship, said the collaboration aims to elevate Laguna Liberica to a global coffee brand and teach aspiring baristas in Laguna the skills they need to become sought-after in the coffee industry.

Last year, Conlin represented Laguna’s Liberica and Benguet’s Arabica at the Global Coffee Championship in Korea. Laguna’s Liberica won silver in the latte competition, while Benguet’s Arabica bagged bronze in the brewer competition.

According to experts, the Philippine coffee industry is expected to generate $6.3 billion this year or P345 billion.

Conlin, however, said 97% of the coffee in the country is imported.

“Our local coffee farmers do not benefit from the billions of revenue generated by the coffee industry. If this continues, Philippine-grown coffee is at risk of extinction. This is a loss not only for our economy but also for our culture and heritage,” he said.

Conlin noted that the program aims to help Mabato coffee farmers introduce their products to the international market and provide stability and sustainability for their livelihoods.

He also encouraged people to buy coffee sourced from local farmers to support them.

Recently, Henry & Sons’ opened two new branches of The Giving Café (TGC) at the University of the Philippines Los Baños and SM Marikina.

TGC is part of the company’s social enterprise program established to support the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE) in its drive to make the Philippines a major player in the global coffee industry through sustainable local coffee farming.

The FSCE has been supporting farms in La Trinidad, Benguet, for some years now to help and provide farmers and their families with essential needs such as irrigation, medicines, and educational assistance.

Opened in July 2017, Henry & Sons opened TGC to provide a haven for coffee lovers. The café serves comfort food, such as champorado, sopas, and arroz caldo, and Chinese dishes, including yang chow, Taiwanese fried chicken, and sweet and sour pork.

For more information, visit www.henryandsons and www.thevault.ph.

Philippine Veterans Bank Invites Cyclists to Join Ride for Valor 2023 | PR Post | MarkMyName

The Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) invites everyone to join the Ride for Valor, a bike-for-a-cause event on March 5, 2023, to raise funds for the maintenance of the Bataan Death March markers and other World War 2 heritage sites.

Mike Villa-Real, PVB's first vice president for marketing and communications, said the event, which is in partnership with the Department of National Defense, Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, Provincial Government of Bataan, and Wartime Heritage Guild-Philippines, aims to preserve the legacy of Filipino and American soldiers who fought for freedom and democracy during World War 2.

The Bataan Death March is a somber reminder of the bravery and selflessness of Filipino veterans during the Second World War. It is an essential part of Philippine history and culture, and the Ride for Valor is an important way of honoring the veterans and preserving their legacy. Plus riders get to learn more about the historic event as they will be traversing the actual route of the Death March; he said.

The ride is open to fully vaccinated cyclists and all types of bikes with brakes.

Villa-Real said the event will start at 6 a.m. from the Kilometer Zero in Mariveles, Bataan, to Capas National Shrine in Tarlac.

The non-competitive bike ride will have four pitstops: Mt. Samat, Balanga Provincial Capitol’s The Bunker, San Fernando Train Station, and Angeles Museum. Giveaways will be given in selected pitstops.

Villa-Real said participants may ride at their own pace, adding there will be a 12-hour cut-off during the event.

He noted that the event will also implement a; No Helmet, No Ride; policy to ensure the safety of the participants.

Villa-Real also said a mechanic will be available to help those who encounter mechanical difficulties, while roving marshals will be present to keep track of the riders; progress. Support vehicles are allowed, but riders should only ride in the vehicle if they choose to drop out of the event.

The registration fee for the Ride for Valor is P1,000, which includes an official event shirt, a race bib, a racer cap, a loot bag, an e-certificate, and meals.

Interested individuals may register online at bit.ly/rideforvalor2023 until March 1, while groups may email rideforvalor@gmail.com.

Participants may also register onsite at RD Cycles Libis Branch and RD Cycles Timog Branch. Those who will join the bike ride must download the Traqs Philippines app to enter the event. Prior to the bike ride, we will be raffling off an overnight stay for lucky joiners, and on March 5, we will be giving two bikes as well as hotel gift checks and other exciting prizes to our raffle winners,; Villa-Real added. Organized by Without Limits PH - IGEM, Ride for Valor 2023 is co-presented by Traqs Philippines,

OneLGC, AIR21, Panahon.TV, and the Integrated Waste Management Inc. Sponsors include Neo Zigma PH, Hotel Sogo, Booster C Energy Shot, and Fitbar.

The Bataan Death March is one of the darkest chapters in Philippine history, where around 80,000 Filipino and American soldiers were forced to march more than 100 kilometers in grueling conditions by Japanese forces in 1942. Thousands of soldiers survived but many also died due to starvation, dehydration, diseases, and the brutality of Japanese captors. The markers serve as reminders of the tragedy and heroism that occurred during that period.

PVB is a private, commercial bank owned by World War 2 veterans and their families. With Its new Charter signed into law, the Banks ownership now includes Post War Veterans and AFP Retirees.

For more information about the event, follow Ride for Valor on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RideForValorPH.

Listen, Think, Feel, with the New Song from The Dawn | PR Post | MarkMyName

“Is love still a thing?”

This can easily be a line in a love song. But, this is a question raised by one of the country's original rock bands, The Dawn, in their new song "Earth."

Known for its anthem songs like "Salamat" and "Iisang Bangka," "Earth" asks the existential question, especially amid all the political, social, and even personal uncertainties.

The Dawn frontman Jett Pangan explains, "We, as human beings, when we’re faced with troubles that seem insurmountable, we tend to look the other way. Maybe not to say we’re in denial, it's more of the fear of the unknown. It’s been a struggle to be a human being. There’s always the question, can we go on like this? Is this the way we’re supposed to deal with things? Is there a better way?"

He pointed out that it’s not condescending but, in fact, he asks himself the same question. The pandemic also raised that big question. “We're all hoping that after all these we become better people," he said.

Trust The Dawn to come up with a song that is timely and relevant. Society has seen a rise in mental health concerns among the youth. In fact, a study by the University of the Philippines Population Institute (UPPI), highlighted that between 2013 and 2021, there are twice the number of young Filipinos who felt loneliness, sadness, and being disliked.

One of the band’s guitarists Rommel “Sancho” Sanchez, emphasized that “Is love still a thing,” can also be read as “is empathy still a thing?” Sanchez said that with the mode of communication now, it’s easy to be snarky. Their hope is that through this song and with this one powerful line, people will pause, reflect, and hope that they can be a little kinder.

Apart from the significance of its lyrics, there are a lot of reasons that make “Earth” distinct.

It was recorded during the pandemic and every member of the group had to record individually. The Dawn drummer JB Leonor shared he made a story with the drum parts alone. There’s a reason for every note of the drum.

“Earth” is the last song that their bassist Mon Legaspi recorded before he passed away. And it was an ode to him that they committed to finishing the track.

Sanchez was the last one to record the guitar parts. “I lost the recordings when my hard drive failed. We had to ask permission from Mon’s sister and asked a friend to help extract his parts. It was really difficult for me to record my parts,” he said.

The song itself went through a lot and now that it’s here, it is definitely a treat not only to the loyal fans of The Dawn but to everyone who appreciates great music.

The reception to “Earth” inspires the band to keep on going. Credit goes to Francis “Kiko” Reyes, one of the guitarists, who said that during the pandemic, the band continued to connect creatively. Pangan enthused that with all his rally calls and with the reception to the new song, all fingers point to a new collection of songs or an EP.

Recognizing also how dynamic the music industry is these days, The Dawn wants to make sure they are a part of it. He added that the labels and genres now are blurred and people are more accepting when they listen to music. They do not specify if a song is too rock or too hip-hop.

Through the years, The Dawn has been blessed with a platform to be heard and this time, it’s their new song “Earth.” There’s no line to cross now that music has melded in all genres. And The Dawn has a lot to offer and being the true rockstar that they are, they are just going where the music takes them. No pigeonholing, just true love for music.

Listen to The Dawn’s Earth now on Spotify and YouTube. 

KOREA’S Leading Food Company Brings Richmade Brand To The Philippines | PR Post | MarkMyName

With the country’s aim in focusing its resources to generate sustainable food security, the arrival of the RICHMADE brand has been timely and essential.

KOREA’S RICHMADE BRAND NOW IN THE PHILIPPINES. (L-R), Elizabeth Pineda, Leader, Financial Solutions, Jennifer Solitario, Leader, Total Quality Management (TQM), Michael Pasco, Senior Leader, Strategic Marketing / Sales Admin, Liduvino Trivino, Senior Leader, National Sales Development, Sungil Kim, VP, Operations & Plant Projects, Young Ig Son, President & CEO, Byoung Sun Yim, VP, Strategy & Operational Management, Hyun Jung Lim, VP, Farm Operations, Joseph Bognot, Senior Leader, Strategic HR & CIT, Maria Cecilia Ramo, Leader, Corporate Affairs, and Myra Balde, Leader, Risk Management & Sourcing (Consultant).

CJ Feed & Care, Korea’s number one food company recently launched RICHMADE as the new brand to carry its feed portfolio. The introduction of RICHMADE in the Philippines will be the first, leading other Asian countries where it has businesses and plants, aside from Korea.

This is a testament to CJ Feed & Care’s commitment to helping and supporting the country in growing the agriculture sector, particularly the feed and livestock industry. By using the RICHMADE brand in its feed products, the company’s customers-managed farms and stakeholders will be assured that the standard and technology placed in all RICHMADE feeds to be manufactured here in the Philippines is the same in all parts of the world.

GLOBAL TO LOCAL. The Richmade launch here in the Philippines will be the first, leading the other countries in the Southeast Asian region where the company has plants and offices. RICHMADE’s Luzon sales team in full force post for posterity during the company’s Business Launch held in their Luzon plant, located in San Rafael, Bulacan.

For more than 50 years, CJ Feed & Care has been developing unrivaled feed manufacturing technology that drove the growth of the Korean livestock industry. It has taken on the challenge without hesitation to support the success of the farms it manages. These traits have made CJ Feed & Care one of the feed and livestock companies that have successfully branched out from Korea into the global market.

The launch of RICHMADE is merely the first step. Inspired by the farm-to-table concept, CJ Feed &Care will lay out their plans that will include Animal Nutrition and the management and breeding of poultry and livestock until selling.

Since the company established its feed business in Korea in 1973, CJ Feed & Care has chosen to expand in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

With its consistent global expansion, CJ Feed & Care is one of the feed and livestock companies that has successfully branched out from Korea into the global market.

BPI Supports Artists and Art Lovers Anew in Art Fair Philippines 2023 | PR Post | MarkMyName

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is back at Art Fair Philippines 2023 with more support for artists and art lovers alike.

BPI, a staunch advocate of Philippine Arts, supports visual artists through partnerships and art lovers through the provision of greater access to artworks in art events such as Art Fair Philippines, which is coming back face-to-face from a three-year hiatus.

“As we appreciate the value of artists and their works, we also see the significance of collecting and keeping great artworks, which is why we at BPI continue to provide our support as well to art lovers who, time and time again, visit Art Fair Philippines and acquire valuable artworks,” said Jenelyn Z. Lacerna, the Group Head of BPI Unsecured Lending and Cards, Product and Sales.

Art Fair Philippines 2023, which is happening on February 17-19 at The Link in Ayala Center in Makati City, will feature over 60 exhibitors from the Philippines and overseas as the art exhibition celebrates its 10th year. It is co-presented by BPI and Ayala Land, among other corporate supporters.

To promote art appreciation and further boost the local art scene, BPI offers complimentary access to cardholders of BPI Visa Signature, Platinum Rewards Mastercard, Amore Platinum Cashback, and Gold Mastercard.

“At BPI, we consider keepers of valuable art works as art investors, as the works they acquire become part of their investment portfolio,” Lacerna said.

BPI has been the caretaker of more than 1,000 artworks by many prominent Filipino artists, such as Fernando Amorsolo, Jose Joya, and Ben Cabrera. Most of these art pieces are the country’s finest expressions of Philippine culture and are reflective of BPI’s inherent values.

“The kind of support BPI gives to art lovers provides them greater access to exclusive events such as Art Fair Philippines, which continues to showcase the country’s vibrant local art scene and helps Filipino visual artists generate support and reach a wider audience,” Lacerna added.

BPI affirms its commitment to recognize and nurture the country’s artistry and talent through its participation in events like this.

One of the many galleries featured in the art fair is Art Cube, which provides a platform for talented young artists to showcase their works before an extensive roster of art collections. The gallery, which will be located on the 5th Level, Booth No. 5, will feature the works of father-and-son Renato and Guerrero Habulan, showing a glimpse of ordinary people: iconic images of the masses, their dignity amid hardship, and as an inspiration. Renato, a post-war and contemporary painter, is one of the most influential and award-winning watercolor artists in the country. Guererro, a recipient of the Thirteen Artists Awards of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, combines different figurative styles and approaches—from hyperrealism to pop surrealism to the “ready-made” images of silk screen printing.

Also featured in this year’s edition of the art fair includes Celine Lee, who has been recognized for her work, including the Juror’s Choice Award of Merit at the Philippine Art Awards in 2020. She has a diverse portfolio that includes paintings, sculptures, embroidery pieces, and multimedia works that show her innovative use of different materials and media.

Art lovers can also check out the works of Winna Go, a finalist in multiple competitions in 2018, such as the LRT Art Competition, Shell National Student Art Competition, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Competition, and Regional Winner for Philippine Art Awards. In most of her works, she gathers inspiration from the history of the Chinese diaspora, the richness of the Chinese and Filipino culture, her identity and positionality in society, and the beauty of nature.

“We invite the art enthusiasts out there to come and join us at the Art Fair Philippines and discover the country’s artistry and talent. Check out the many participating galleries that showcase Filipino artistry at its best,” Lacerna added.

For more information, please visit the Art Fair Philippines website and follow Art Fair Philippines on Instagram (@artfairph) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/artfairph). 

Three Ways to Make Managing Money An Act of Self-love | PR Post | MarkMyName

Who said that the season of love is only about spending a moment with your significant other? In time for Valentine’s/single awareness day fever, your all-in-one digital bank, Maya, serves a timely reminder that self-love deserves equal attention and celebration.

Maya shows that one way of embracing an empowering you is by taking hold of your financial well-being. By breaking the mold in the banking scene, the country’s #1 digital bank and top-rated finance app make money management easier through just one app, helping you become more financially confident.

Here, we break down three ways how to foster self-love through Maya’s exciting deals and promos designed to give you more ways of having mastery over your own money.

Personalize with love

The best way to give yourself that much-deserved love is to take care of yourself. And taking care of our financial needs and goals to get that much-needed financial freedom is top of mind for most of us. Thanks to Maya, achieving those savings goals has never been this easy!

So, start saving for an emergency fund or for that much-needed vacation, new wardrobe, or phone by opening Personal Goals at Maya Savings and enjoy up to 6% p.a.!

With Maya, you can create as many as five goals simultaneously and have each goal personalized with your own preferred name and set it up for 180 days. The 6% p.a. guaranteed interest will definitely give you a serious boost with your money with deposits up to P1 Million.

And not just that—Maya also offers a sign-up and save promo. Simply sign up, upgrade your account, and start saving - and you will get as much as ₱60 (₱20 when you register, another ₱10 upon upgrade, plus an additional ₱40 for your first transaction.)

Here’s another way to personalize with Maya, use your name and create your unique @username when sending or receiving money. The first to bring this new, game-changing feature to the Philippines, Maya allows users to keep their personal data private, such as their account name and mobile number. Say goodbye to QR codes and long numbers, with Maya you can personalize your @username by simply following these steps:

1. Open your Maya app

2. Tap the “Profile” icon on the upper left corner

3. Tap "Get Started" to create your @username

4. Key in your preferred @username and hit "Confirm."

5. Finish off by keying in the One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS.

A username is unique to each Maya account holder.

You can also customize your Maya card with your new @username! Simply order a physical card on your app’s Cards section, personalize with your @username, and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep!

Pick a store, any store

You deserve all your heart’s desires this season of love and beyond. With Maya, you can shop for what you want with the best deals and discounts.

For instance, you get a cashback when you pay with Maya at Robinsons until April 15. New users can get up to ₱200 cashback upon completing a transaction via Maya QR with a minimum spend of P1,000 while existing users get up to ₱150.

If you can pay via Maya QR at SM Store until March 31 with a minimum spend of P1,000, you get one raffle entry for a chance to win exciting prizes. This includes ₱3,000 Maya Credits, Apple AirPods Pro 2, and Apple iPhone 14.

Eyeing a relaxing staycation? If you book now at Agoda until March 14, you will receive a 7% discount sitewide by paying with Maya at checkout and using the promo code “MAYA7JAN.”

You also get the best deals by paying with Maya at Flowerstore, Boozy, Edamama, Google Play, Codashop, Aipaz, Bills Pay, PLDT, MetroMart, Booking.com, Qatar Airways, and Mobile Protect.

While roses and chocolates may be the popular gifts for couples this Valentine’s Day, give yourself added wealth minus the charges by topping up with Maya.

Maya allows you to cash in for free in several ways. One option is via linked banks and OTC channels up to ₱8,000 per month. You can also cash in directly for free, with no limit via BPI, RCBC, UnionBank, and Chinabank. If you’re cashing in from other banks, you can get your InstaPay fee as cashback of up to P25 when you cash in a minimum of P1,500. Another option is via Maya Centers, with a lower cash-in service fee of 1%, while you receive a 100% cash back on the fee, capped at ₱150 per customer. The offer runs until February 28, 2023.

Spread the value of self-love

What’s more? Spread the love and stay connected with close friends and family here and abroad by loading with any network using Maya.

You can get 5% cashback (Php25) for every ₱500 accumulated load spent until February 28. If you are a Smart or TNT subscriber, you receive 20% cash back at a maximum of ₱50 per user.

Completely free to download and register, Maya packs a feature-rich money app, an inclusive digital bank, and everything else you need to manage your money–save, borrow, spend, invest, and more, right from your smartphone.

Maya’s digital banking services are powered by Maya Bank, Inc., a digital bank supervised by the BSP. Deposits are insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) for up to PHP500,000 per depositor. To learn more, visit maya.ph and mayabank.ph. Follow Maya at @mayaiseverything on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok and @mayaofficialph on Twitter.

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Sterling Bank of Asia visits Masungi Georeserve for its Environmental Campaign | PR Post | MarkMyName

Sterling Bank of Asia's (SBA) annual CSR Activity, tagged as Kind Heart Gives, turns green this year as they conducted an environmental initiative at Masungi Georeserve in Baras, Rizal.

In photo: Sterling Bank of Asia employees during the Nurture-A-Grove activity at Masungi Georeserve.

Masungi Georeserve is an award-winning conservation project dedicated to conserving the Masungi landscape in Baras, Rizal. Joined by 50 SBA employees, the activity allowed them to participate in the reserve’s "Nurture-a-Grove" reforestation campaign.

Sterling Bank of Asia is committed to fulfilling its role in upholding environmental and social responsibility.

"Sterling Bank of Asia takes part in saving the denuded forests around the reserve. It is also one of our ways to strengthen our sustainability efforts and to give back to the environment," said Arlene Siongco, Head of Human Resources Group at Sterling Bank of Asia.

"We'd like to thank Masungi Georeserve for welcoming us. Activities such as these are necessary for the company as it is one of the ways we uphold environmental appreciation and conservation," said Cecilio Paul San Pedro, SBA's President and CEO.

The Masungi Georeserve project has been awarded for protecting the 60-million-year-old limestone formations and more than 400 species of flora and fauna in Baras, Rizal.

For more information, visit https://www.sterlingbankasia.com/. 

Why Should Businesses, Even SMEs, Invest on GenSet? | PR Post | MarkMyName

In the advent of economic and industrial transformation, businesses, even those small start-up ones, are already considering installing a ready power GenSet for their company. Most of the business plans created will attest to this. A more preventive and budget-friendly model will surely be a long-term help for every company.

Power outage is one of those uncontrollable circumstances that should always be considered. Huge established businesses/companies already know its significance because of all the assessments and studies done, but SMEs, consider this as ‘too much’ for their available fund, therefore, taking the idea to the shelf.

The World Bank reports that the Philippine economy stays resilient (Philippine Economic Update, December 2022) despite all the reports about inflation and economic downturn. All these current problems might affect our resources supply including power if worse comes to worst. Therefore, to prevent these possible losses from happening and maintain our stable finances, we should invest in a power generator

Looking at a long-term advantage and business efficiency is something that you should always take into consideration.

According to Market Business News, there are four compelling reasons why you should, as a business owner, consider purchasing your own generator set.

Maintaining the productivity of your workers

Every business, even start-ups, requires employees for assistance and to achieve your day-to-day business goals. You should ensure that these people are always productive at work to reach their quota and achieve those needed sales. Just like what was mentioned, power outages are one of those that could hurt your business, especially if you’re using machines that need electricity (like bakeshops, canned goods producers, and many others).

Clearly, a power generator set could avoid this. The generator will supply electric energy to your machines, resulting in the continuous production of your employees. Power outages will not be feared anymore.

2. Retaining customers

Getting new clients is hard for the business, however, retaining those existing ones is more challenging. These loyal customers help us gain new clients also through word of mouth or possible recommendations. And do not forget the power of the internet, these retained clients could also show their satisfaction by creating reviews on their social media accounts or even blog entries. With these, we can never afford to lose them just because we are affected by power outages. Closing your store during working hours should always be the last option in our mind. You wouldn’t want to see them at the office of your competitor, right?

3. Enhance brand reputation

You might fail to build your brand reputation if your store or office is closed because of an unexpected power problem. Remember that when creating a business, brand reputation should be established. This is established by many different factors and should continuously build over time. From a business point of view, this is very crucial since there are potential clients who are very keen on checking for business reliability. Most of them will check for all your available resources and if you don’t have your own power generator to assist during power outages, you will be out of their list.

A standby genset will give you that extra advantage in the competition. Full assistance to your client’s needs will gain you positive feedback that eventually adds up to your brand reputation.

4. Boost the security of your facility

To be able to achieve business success, business security (of all facets) should be ensured. Remember that attackers could take advantage of your facility’s resources when out of power. During power outages, the light, alarm, and CCTV facility will not function, therefore, giving a huge chance for violations to happen.

To make sure that this will not happen, your power generator from a reputable brand should be put in place. Remember that a secured business gives a better chance of success.

These are four of the many reasons that could push you to do the purchasing. If budget is too much of an issue, try securing a secondhand electric power system or Used GenSet for the meantime (but still from a distinguished brand), again, for business security. And when you get that business boom in the future, do the replacement if needed.

Power problems are uncontrollable, so better think of ways to counter their negative effect on your business