Monday, October 26, 2015


Bacolod can be your town of sweet little treats with their wide array of restaurants or pasalubong centers that offers desserts and other indulgence. However, it can also be a place for you to have a really good seafood treats. 

Imay’s for one, is a very nice restaurant that offers local and tasteful seafood dishes. The alfresco sits and its overall ambience would surely complete the beach away from beach experience, via the food of course.
The restaurant’s price range is quite reasonable for a family dine out whenever there’s a celebration. It’s not a good place for convenience eating with friends as serving time can be a bit longer.
Lets start the drill with some appetizers like vegetable tempura. The crisp of the breading perfectly matches its tartar garlic mayo dip. We had crispy kankong and eggplant tempura.
This bulanglang soup will surely kick off your appetite. Level up the usual with its halaan ingredient.
I wished that the eggplant was  grilled and has that smokey flavor , but it doesn’t have that kick.
Butter garlic shrimp is so tasty but limited 😀
These guys are for the bucks. Grilled tuna belly showcased the freshness of their seafood meals.
This is the real deal. Vegetables with crab meat. The oh so real crab meat is truly unforgettable.
Adobong baby squid is also something that you need to try.
Seafood ala pobre has that overpowering buttery gravy taste which I personally don’t like. 
6th Lacson St. Bacolod City

Ratings for Imay’s Restaurant
Taste: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Ambience: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Service: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Value for Money : 😊😊😊😊☹️

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kinabuch : What Palawan Can Be.

If you've been to Palawan then you have probably visited this famouse restaurant. If you are planning to go here then put Kinabuch in your mist-visit list. I've been to Palawan for numerous number of times (mostly business purpose) and I never fail to visit this restaurant.
This restaurant offers some of your must-try dishes in  the island. From basic home cooked Palawan dishes to the most exotic local cuisine. It's also a nice place to have a couple of beer and relax while breathing the al fresco after a whole day of Island hopping or city tour.
Here's what we had during my visit last August, 2015.

Yang Chow Fried Rice. Umami flavored rice with peas, sausage bits, eggs and lettuce.
Baked Mussels.One of my favorite staple food when it comes to seafood shell dishes.
Lato (Sea Grapes). Another favorite seafood. This sea weed taste really good, specially with tomato and plenty of white onions. Its very common in my hometown as well. Sea grapes is rich in iodine and naturally salty, so no need to dip it to any condiment ( as for me)
Palawan's sea grapes is different from ours (in Isabela), theirs is like a string and a bit long, ours really looks like grapes.
Crocodile Sisig. The chunky meat can no longer be recognized as crocodile. Yes you heard it right! It's made from crocodile meat. Don't worry it's from town's domesticated crocodile. The meat is so chewy and umami.
Tamilok. Another must try delicacy when you go here. Fresh wood from from the trunks of mangroves as explained to me by the locals. It's not accessible as its hard to maintain its freshness so Kinabuch is the place to be when you want to try this.
It takes a whole lots of guts to try this huh! But it's worth it because its reLly delicious. To better describe the taste, it's like eating a fresh oyster.
Guisadong Bihon. The aromatic sesame oil and not so salty taste makes this so delicious.
Leche Flan. For dessert of course. Their version is not that soft as what we are use to... Good thing it's not too sweet as well.
It was once more a fun night at Kinabuch. A place for good food and night out at Puerto Princesa. Thank you for making my visit complete. Yes! City visit will never be complete without visiting this iconic restaurant and trying their dishes of course !
Budget - P150-250/ dish
Here's my ratings for the Kinabuch Grill and Bar Palawan
Taste: JJJJL
Service: JJLLL
Value for MoneyJJJLL

Kinabuch Address: Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Visit their facebook page at Kinabuch's Palawan.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Calea Sweet Treats

After having a sumptuous dinner, you will normally look for desserts right? When in Bacolod, there is just but one name that would actually satisfy your desserts craving. Specially when you are craving for some cakes.

One of Bacolod's pride in terms of delicacies is this sweet dessert hub. Not only it offers a light, enticing, and very sweet ambience, Calea proudly flaunts it huge collection of freshly made cakes that would make your sweet tooth happy...
From cheesecakes, moist cakes, chiffon, carrot cakes, I'm sure they have something that would fit your craving..
Here's what we had during our Sweet Calea experience:

Pistachio cake. Who wouldn't want pistachios right? Hahaha this nuts is insanely delicious and the cake is not as sweet that would crack your teeth... Perfect blend and just the right taste lingers in your mouth.
Imported Chocolate Cake. Take it literally because the chocolates used are from Europe. Usually, when you eat chocolate cake with caramel filling there a sore in your throat caused by too much sweetness of the caramel. But you won't experience that with this one ;)
Mud Pie. This ice cream cake will make you madly crave for more... The almond chips and chocolate pour over perfectly blends with the chocolate ice cream cake.
Truly we left the store with a sweet smile because of the satisfying desserts we had. I normally can't finish a slice because I can't take much sweet but with this I was able to finish it all.
My Calea Experience.
Budget - P90- 150/ slice
Convenience: LLLJJ
Service: JJLLL
Value for MoneyJJJLL

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Music Run Manila 2015: Live the Beat

It's been a long time since I hit the road for some good run. Probably because I have lost my energy doing registration for races or maybe It is too exhausting to find good race event concept. It even came to a point that I hated running in an event with huge crowd because I hate pretending to compete with the participants, well in fact the competition I have in every run is myself :)

So when I heard about Music Run Manila 2015 I got really excited...

Music Run Manila is a non-competitive 5km fun run.
A Running event that gives you a different kind of music fest and running event at the same time. Each 1km represents a different genre of music with unique playlists selected by music running community.With over 100 concert quality speakers pumping out music every step of the way.
The Music Run™ by Philam Life lets you experience TOTAL MUSIC IMMERSION while you run, dance, laugh, sing and smile your way to the AFTER PARTY.
The Music Run Manila 2015 is on November 14, 2015 [great for my post- birthday celebrations :) hahaha !]

Gates open  at 3pm, event will start at 4pm and party ends at 9pm at Philippine Arena, Bulacan. Free shuttle buses are offered to all Music Runners. Participants should indicate if when you require this service at ticket purchase. Pick Up Points are in Market Market BGC or Trinoma.

Standard – Php 700 (Early Bird)/ Php 850 (Normal)
The Music Run 2015 Standard Event Pack. A Dri-Fit Tee, Music Runner Beat Band, Live The Beat Sticker, and a Temporary Tattoo.

Rockstar – Php 1200 (Early Bird)/ Php 1400 (Normal)
The Rock Star Event Pack has everything the Standard Event Pack has, plus a Live The Beat Phone Case, Live The Beat Baseball Cap, and Rave Shades.

Check Ticket World outlets or get your tickets here.

Location: Glorietta 5 Shopping Mall, Makati
Dates: November 7th – 9th
Time: 10am – 10pm Daily
Details: Please bring your confirmation email and ID to collect your Event Pack


  • It is mandatory for all participants to collect their event packs on the dates stated above. There is no event pack collection after 9th November.
  • You may authorize a representative to collect the event pack on your behalf if you are unable to do so.
  • Your representative will need to produce the following documents in order to collect on your behalf:
    • A copy of your identification card
    • Your representative’s identification card

PR from

See you all :)
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Take Me to KL -- MY Kopitiam

The test of authenticity in every cuisine is actually through their street food. Kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop or cafeteria in Southeast Asia. Koptiam is a no fancy eatery just like carenderia in the Philippines. However, one distinct difference in most of the Kopitiam I have visited is that each of the Kopitiam concessionaire offers different food unlike in a carenderia where most of the stall in a bay offers the same.
Freshly prepared every single serving! Unlike the carenderia's in my country where most of the food offered are pre-cooked in their kitchen, this Kopitiam freshly prepares all the food orders within 10 to 15 minutes. Special sauce and mixes of course were already being done in the house of the owner.
Here are the lists of what we had during that lunch:
Fried Rice. Since They know that we are really a rice eater, they took the initiative to order this though viands are not commonly taken in this type for food stall. Thier version of fried rice have a very umami flavor and the rice is porous, There is a distinct chorizo flavor on it.
Fried Egg. Hahaha the usual, since they don't normally take rice during lunch they have few viands offering. No adobo and pinakbet available.
Chocolate Milk. House or service water is not commonly served in all restaurants we've been. That's why we are always required to try drinks. This chocolate milk is simply Milo bran but its mixed with condensed milk making it tastier.  My friend told me that its one of the drinks he grew up with, pretty much famous in every household huh.

Stir Fried Noodle. This one is like the Lomi guisado in Batangas but with lesser ingredients. Cooking process since it's cooked from Wok that brings out different kind of aroma and taste also the its home made sauce makes it extra special
This is a mix of kikiam, tofu and other dimsum poured with sweet and salty sauce and topped with sesame seeds. Sorry I forgo to take note of how they call it. :)
Prawn Noodle. My personal favorite :) Rich prawn soup and the "Al Dente" noodle is seriously  delicious. It also have chunks of chicken and vegetables. The soup has a fine taste of prawn with the right saltiness, umami and a kick of spicy.
Peanut Pancakes. Best for breakfast but we had few for dessert. It's a peanut butter with lots of peanut chunks sandwiched in a pancake. Toasted outside but  soft on the inside. Highly recommended to be paired with good coffee.

Discovering local food would actually help up to understand not only the taste preference of a certain culture but also how diverse the culture is. The way they prepare their food, what they normally order during mealtime and why do they love such taste.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mga Buhay Na Apoy Now Playing at CCP

2-25 October 2015
Fridays: 8pm,
Saturdays: 3pm & 8pm,
Sundays: 3pm
Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (CCP Little Theater)
Playwright: Auraeus Solito
Director: Kanakan-Balintagos

In Tanghalang Pilipino (TP)’s Mga Buhay na Apoy, a Manila-based family comes face to face with the harsh reality of extremely strained relationships resulting from the cowardly denial of some painful truth about their past and from the utter disregard for their glorious indigenous Palawan cultural roots and spiritual traditions.

Kanakan-Balintagos’ stage play Mga Buhay na Apoy, Tanghalang Pilipino’s second offering for its 29th Theater Season is not just about the healing of the shattered relationships between a mother and her children in one specific Filipino family broken apart by domestic filial conflicts.
Mga Buhay na Apoy theatricalizes the inevitable destruction, not only of the basic family unit, but of an entire human society that has been relentlessly ignoring its primary responsibility of caring for its earthly beginnings–the natural resources, the endemic inhabitants of ancestral lands, the intangible cultures of the indigenous peoples, the unseen spirits that take care of the air, land and sea, the ancient human values that have timeless relevance, that are all needed to save, not just one mother or one family, but beloved Mother Earth.

The ensemble is a strong group of reliable, exceptionally talented artists lead by Ms. Irma Adlawan, one of Philippine Theater’s best, Peewee O’Hara, Malou Crisologo, Carol Bello, Russell Legaspi, Karen Gaerlan, Raymond Dimayuga, PHSA’s Kyrie Samodio, and Tanghalang Pilipino’s Actors Company members Jonathan Tadioan, Doray Dayao, Lhorvie Nuevo.
The artistic teamis made up of Production designerArchitect Paulo Alcazaren, Lighting designer Dennis Marasigan, Costume designer James Reyes, Music composer Diwa de Leon and Dramaturg Ericka Estacio.

Ticket prices:
Php1,500 | Php1,000
50% off for students
20% off for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, gov’t. & military personnel
For tickets and inquires, please contact TP at (632)832-1125 loc. 1620 / 1621, the CCP Box Office at (632)832-3704 or Ticketworld at (632)891-9999.

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