Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome 2015!

As we bid farewell to the blessed 2014. Let me thank everyone for being part of the year that was, for being a blessing to my life. Each encounter we had will be treasured. Thank you for all the love, support, laughters, and happy memories. I cannot count all the blessings I had this year.

Let us all welcome 2015 with an optimistic heart.Together we'll make another remarkable year. Pick each learning from the past, repeat good deeds and leave the mistakes. Spread love through forgiveness. There's so many blessings to look forward next year than hatred.
Whatever it is that we plan to do next year, something new or something good that we want to keep on doing let's always put GOD in the center of everything. Count every blessing and be a blessing!

Indeed, 2015 is MY YEAR!
Happy New Year everyone ;)

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Snackaroo. Steak sa Kanto

Who says steak need to be expensive? Who says you can only have a mouth watering steak at an expensive hotel?

Surely, most commercialised and expensive hotels can offer the finest steak, but can everyone afford it? Neither will I eat steak for just a simple dinner, not unless it's a celebration or a treat...

Now let me take you a place where T-bone steak is just like ordering adobo in a fast food or carinderia but of course delicious! :P

It's really a carinderia...

Taaahhhdaaann... presenting T-bone steak... You got to try what's the best they can offer right?

Freshly grilled T-bone. Marinated and tender. Served with a thick and sweet and salty steak gravy.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I Got Hairstyle 2014 | What I Wear | MarkMyName

Hair is your crowning glory... what a cliche. lol

Since I got my company laptop in early 2014 year, it became a habit to take selfie through the my webcam and if not I'll ask someone to take a photo of me.

Maybe it's true that Selfie is either a sin or a disorder. Sin because it triggers too much vanity and can distract the news feed of your friends when you try to use to much #Filter... Ehhemm I'm so proud I don't do much filter. As I say, I want the world to know my flaws wahahaha. #PaPublic lol.
And disorder because, It's as if you can't live a day or even a second without taking #Selfie.

So much more to that, yeah! I didn't realize that I had so many selfies when I started deleting my personal file in my old laptop. Ended up collecting all my photos and showcase the hairstyles I had for 2014. Here it goes.

The Mohawk. Well, It's semi because of course I still need to look corporate. I just remember the time when my hair was growing already and my boss got shocked on how high the mohawk was. wahahaha

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Apartment 1B | What I Wear | MarkMyName

My birthday pic... #latepost. Photo taken last November 07, 2014 at the Apartment 1B Gourmet Comfort Food, Makati.

yes! that's when I started to get bloated after eating in 3 different breakfast restaurant...

Well at least I brought a t-shirt so I can loosen out the the polo and could go along with my bag pack... Peg for the day... Diego! Ohh where's Dora? lol

Sunday, December 7, 2014

KPop Craze and Happy Six Days

I never thought I'd fall in love in Korean cuisine, ever! Because I hate spicy food which limits me when I started to become foodie. Of course there's a conscious effort to improve that.. Until I went to Escriva drive, Ortigas Center Pasig just behind University of Asia and the Pacific.

The truth is, we had a project Goldloop building when we tried the restaurant just beside the on I am to feature. I have been here so many times and I can still remember my first visit.

It was the usual weekday boredom eat out invitation I made with Shiela, my former officemate to look for some place to eat. I invited her to a more classy Korean restaurant beside Happy Six Days. Unfortunately they are close after 9:00pm and fortunately Happy Six Days is open.
I am always a fan of this kind of interior. Not too intimidating and have the feel of authenticity. Well this is a improve version because this is already under new management. From the name Happy Six days which was frequently visited by some K-Pop artist now it's Soeul Korean restaurant

Good news is, they still have the same set of staff from attendant to cook. Same menu. Same great taste. wahahhaa

What's best about Korean restaurants, they are generous with appetizers and sides.