Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Farewell Unisell

Today marks the end of my 12 days,  4 months, and 4 years Unisell journey... Excluding my 160 hours of on the job training service in this company... Naks! Sounds like a valedictorian speech huh? hahhah... It was a holistic ride of learning, fun, torture and self fulfillment. As I always say, 50% of what I am and what I know in my field of career and in life, I completely owe it to this beloved company. I can still vividly recall the first day I heard about the brands of Unisell and how I perfectly envision myself to grow here. Gladly, I was blessed with trust to acheive that vision...

On my final stage, I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me in this family (Unisell)... For opening your doors and letting me part of every step this business has to take, Be it up or down.

To the Finance / Accounting Team, thank you guys, despite my kaingayan nakakapagtrabaho pa din kayo... Hhhaha galaw galaw pag may time baka ma stroke... Hehhehe I understand your field really needs a full concentration, that most of the time you got distracted when I'm around hehehhe... Thank you for being cool!;)

To Logistics Team, usap usap din pag may time, baka mapanisan ng bibig ahahhaha... I can see strong commitments from you guys, own  and take responsibility on that and soon it will bear good fruits... Madami din tayong pinagtalunan pero syempre madami din  naman tayong pinagsamahan na mamimiss ko...

To HR, kala mo ang dami noh? Hahhahah mag isa ka lang pero ikaw yung may pinaka malaki... Malaking bahagi sa journey ko sa Unisell... So much to be thankful about... I completely forgot that I am an only child because of your presence ate...

To our dearest Sales Team, mga Sis! time flies so fast... Sa mga matatagal ko ng nakasama, thank you so much for all the support you've given to me and to my brands for all the projects we've worked with, all the trade checks we've been through and all struggles we hand in hand worked with to achieve our monthly target. And I'd also like to say thank you to Bev and Kiey, thanks guys for the friendship, sayang ngayon lang tayo nagkatagpo, ngayon din tayo magkakalayo hahaha

To my Marketing Team!

To Dabbie, te, the Marketing Team's Superwoman, we've gone through peaks and valleys but you remained strong and kicking lol;) I cannot just thank you enough for being our assistant because you're more that... Thank you being the wind beneath my wings, my partner in crime, my duet in every music and most of all for being my second my mom in this team... I will miss you ate...

To Ms. Elma, thank you for all the trust you have given me specially when I am still starting in this business. Thanks for mentoring me and I promise to keep all the learning I had as I go forward in this career...

To all the Past Unisell People, whom I became friends with. Its been such an honor to have work with some high caliber and known people in this industry. I have learned a lot from you and hopefully I was also able to impart something to you guys:)

To the Sua Family, It's my pleasure to serve and work for your brands. Thank you so much for all the trust and the opportunities you have given to me. I'll be forever grateful that my baptism of fire in Marketing field was at Unisell.
 And most of all to God, for directing my feet into Unisell's door . For all the strengths, the courage and the wisdom to fulfill my every tasks. The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave, that I made I difference and this world will see, I was here! Thank God!

I wish you all, happiness and success in all you endeavors.

Mark Leo R. Antonio
Former Assist. Brand Manager,
Unisell Corporation 2010-2014
email: markleoantonio@gmail.com

Sunday, September 28, 2014

When Running Became My Sports

Whenever I am asked "what sports I am into?" I cannot state a single sample.  Since I was young sports was never part of my lifestyle. I was too lazy to stretch bones and get sweat, except for my first love which is dancing.  Dance sport was my first “sport” in a way. Yes! I competed for small group competitions, if I may claim:)

With regards to other sports, I’ve tried joining several tri-outs but I never got the luck to be picked. Badminton is fun, but I can only enjoy it without the rules. In volleyball, I can serve the ball and let the other team mates play the rest. Hahaha  Basketball is nice to watch but I never learned the rules.

So I really find it tough to relate when I started handling sports brand. Until running started to peak its popularity in the country. I met this sport way back 2010, when my friend is still the one handling the brand. I can still remember those times when I started to gain weight after college so I thought of doing exercise. Cardio can be very effective to lose weight because it’s a total exercise—the whole body is moving and getting sweat.

I started running 3K distance and luckily finished my first race at 34:35 minutes… see the first photo on the left hahahaJ since then, it became my personal record to break. Almost every day, I tried my best to at least have a 15 minutes exercise, continuously join 3K races, and gradually improve my pace. Losing weight was no longer my goal but to get my best PR .As I can remember my best 3K race was done in 19 minutes.

Running became part of the company’s culture (Unisell—the company where I use to work). We run twice a week at Ultra stadium and eat after… hahaha. When we started doing that weekly routine, I finally got the courage to level up and take the 5k race. See the growth? Hahaha, It took a while to finally absorb that yey! I am getting serious about this sport. I also joined several 5K distance races good thing, I always have complimentary slots on the running event that the brand is sponsoring. For the record my best 5K race was finished at 34:19minutes, almost same PR when I started these sports.

I started to get envious with my office mates whose doing 10 K race. To note this officemates are really physically fit hahaha the other one is even joining Triathlon. Hahhaha ambisyoso lang! Others are even advising me to check if I really can manage 10K distance since this is the first time, I don’t have formal training and I’m not physically fit – I’m obese (2). Hahaha

My first 10K was surprisingly easy… hahah ayabang ‘no? hehehe. 10K race distance made me realize that there is really more out there beyond the 3K and 5K stage. So I had several 10 K races and finally start dreaming about half marathon race. But I know, it’s not going to be easy. Every 10K is different, some races I had, before I knew it, finish line na pala… ‘yung iba naman halos himatayin na ako sa uhaw malayo pa pala yung aid station and I’m not even half of the track… effort! The craziest 10K race so far was the CIHM (Corregidor International Half Marathon)… to those who have tried it; I know you can relate hahhaha. CIHM was a combination of trail and road race; well something I didn’t expect… wahahah

Then I also had a chance to experience full trail run at SVTC which is also crazy. Apart from it’s a 17K race the uphill and downhill part really requires full leg strength otherwise your life could be at risk… Well putting your life at risk is common in any race, that’s why preparation is a must.
After having my 17K, finally I had the confidence to do my first ever 21K race. See the story at (http://markmyname1107.blogspot.com/2014/07/running-never-ends-finishing-half.html)

My race story is a combination of fun, hardwork, and guts. Have I not take guts to level up; I might have not experience how it is to have and to love a sport—running! To some, running is just a basic cardio exercise but for some, it became a life.

All crazy the trainings, all the pain you need to endure to finish it strong and the pain you will face the next morning, yet you need to wake up, go to work and train again. The courage to get your ass up and train even if it raining outside or its cold…

Running is simple, it not too complicated unlike other sports. There are rules but not strictly implied. Following the rules can improve you but not following it doesn’t mean you’re disqualified.

As I bid goodbye to my current job as the one in charge for the marketing of adidas body care, probably this is also my last chance to get free or complimentary race kit and surely I’ll be missing this sport --- for a while. Because, registration in races can be bit expensive hahaha..

So for the last shot! See atRun United Philippine Marathon! Nyaks!~

I’ll be missing you all guys! All the partners we had for the running event, the push girls and boys, our set up team, mga makukulit na by standers. All the runners na nakakasabay ko sa race and sa mga suki na namin sa booth. All the running photographers and bloggers I met and became friends with.

Thank you so much, and see you all in the road!

Running Never Ends!


Thursday, September 25, 2014


We always want to be Forever 21, because this is the time when we started to fully embrace liberty, express ourselves and live our youth... Everything we love about being 21 years old can be translated into one thing... fashion.

Trying to join mood board/styling contest one more time. hehehe...

Whenever I see Forever 21's stores, collections and advertisements, words that come into my mind are breaking- free, spring and style in movement. So, from the list of their latest collection featured for this contest, I thought of spring, floral and lens flare photography as an overall inspiration.

Matching light ash sleeveless shirt and washed pants on a pair of blues shoes. Flaunt some trendy colorful socks by folding the pants a bit higher and complete the feel with floral cap and brown twisted leather bracelet. Simple and young...

This mix makes me want to just sit on the grass, take good view of the garden, let time pass and smelling the cool and fresh feel of spring…

#IAmForever21PH #Forever21xPaulThePRGuy

Say Yes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TakeMetoSG--Kopitiam at Northpoint Shopping Center

The deal breaker is the day 1. Shoot me where to eat and how will  our parents wholeheartedly accept the smell and taste of food they have never tried before. Unlike youth who are very open to trying new food and other cuisine. Most of our parents are very closet hahahah...

Nonetheless, we still can't escape the fact that we will eat food that are not common to our buds and of course smells differently. hahhahah.

So we went to Northpark Shopping Center at Yishun Avenue which is just a shuttle away from where we are staying. If I am to compare this mall here in Manila, It's like SM Manila small size, just enough to variety of stores for your immediate necessities and accessible. Same with the Kopitiam, or based on how I understand it, it's like the food-court.

Unlike the food-courts in usual malls here in the PH, each stall offers different menu. None of them have same thing to sell. Either they differ on the course or cuisine offered. Guess, it's also a good strategy to allow each store to be easily noticed and have a good revenue. benefit to the customers as well so they have wide selections. Bad on the other hand, since there is no competition, one has to settle to whoever is selling, whatever it is that you are craving.

Here's what we had...
Welcome to Singapore! Realization that I had when I really find it hard to communicate to the staff. hahaha... And of course, converting Singaporean dollars to Philippine Pesos... hahaha just to know the expense and worth of what we are eating... hahhaha

Fried Hokkien Mee. The dish consists of egg noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with egg, slices of pork, prawns and squid, and served and garnished with vegetables, small pieces of lard, sambal sauce and lime. wikipedia

The taste. Its texture of mixed noodles with a sauce is slimy with a very rich seafood smell and feel. Though, it taste bland at first, but when you put the lime and the sambal sauce, It's perfect that makes you crave for more! hahaha

 (Sambal is sauce typically made from a variety of chili peppers and secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, sugar, lime juice, and rice vinegar or other vinegars.)

Then day 1 didn't end without us trying the hainanese chicken. 

Boneless chicken, steamed and/ or fried partnered with baby pechay hahaha and drizzled with roasted garlic and ginger. Best to eat with hainan rice of course, rice steamed with chicken broth...

I have tried this so many time in the Philippines but it really taste different in SG. It's their national dish anyways! hahahha Theirs is less salty so chicken broth is dominant and with the vegetable it became refreshing.

Food Court and Asian Restaurant
#B2-10, Northpoint Shopping Centre (930 Yishun Ave 2), Singapore


Sunday, September 14, 2014

TakeMetoSG-- Food on the Road

It took me a while to compose things to say about my food experience at Singapore... A while like a month... hahaha I feel like I owe it to those who waited for a minute to eat just because I am taking photos of the food.. And since for I don't have the energy to finish everything to write and post everything... and for the last weeks I have been so busy discovering places to eat... Why not to share my foodie experience in Singapore...

Seven days means twenty one great food experiences... I supposed but naaahhh...I'll just share with you some of the great experience I had during that SEVEN day stay...

1. Hainanese Chicken. Considered as the national dish of Singaporeans, There are lots of version of this, but basically, it tastes like steamed chicken. It's actually on of my favorite food, but in here (SG) it really taste different, far different from what I have tried in some restos in the Philippines. There's really a feel of authenticity. lol

2. All American Double Decker at Mel's. Well I'm really trying to avoid western food that time but I we really cannot resist the burgers, plus it discounted hahahah. Tipid mode baby!!!

3. Indonesian Food for a change. Hahah. It doesn't look good right? hahhaha  that's Ayam Panggam Set or Grilled Chicken, or to better describe it , I guess its their version of Inasal. hahahha

4. Pinoy Pride. We will not end the trip without trying some Pinoy's best. ahhaha actually, na-uumay na lang sila sa iba't ibang lasa ng iba ibang cuisine hehehe that' why here we are going back to home-cooked. Lechon Kawali and other hometown dishes... hahhaa

5. Ni Hao. Chinese food everywhere and I love it! Dumplings and Dim-sums its a comfort... I was never afraid to try in any restaurant because I know they always have something Chinese to offfer. hahaha except for those super specific foodie stores. hahaha

6. Malaysian foodie Nasi Lemak. Fragrant rice... Not much of a fan but it's also good to try. 'Cause, hey I'm not in Malaysia hehehe.

7. And the famous Hawkers. Streets is where the culture is. So many to try, delicious food, different cuisine at reasonable price plus the authenticity is great! lol

I'm not counting this on my foodie list but I would like to share this as well. Since it's also part of my bucket list to visit Starbucks stores here in the Philippines and wherever I go.

In this experience, I must say, food is not just something that fills your stomach when you're hungry, Food can tell a million picture. It sounds cliche but yes! It expresses culture, emotions, create moments and millions more to say... Just do not be afraid to try and have a taste.. hheheh

I'll be sharing this list one by one on my other posts pag sinipag ako hehehe.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Take a BIG Bite at Xocolat -- No.1 Brownie

To enjoy the flavors of life, take BIG bites... Inspired by what is written in their window, this is the principle I had when we transferred office from Ortigas to Bagumbayan QC, near Eastwood...

I don't know If I have to regret it or be thankful... hahaha I'm a bit nervous of my waist-management, because of that principle. heheh
Moderation is for Monks!

Yes! this compound of offices and warehouse keeps a treasure of the best chocolate brownie in town.

A small restaurant where all the cooking and baking are made...

They also serve pasta, cakes and coffee blends... Good enough for the miryenda break of the office soldiers... hehehe.. But of course not on a regular basis... It'll be costly if that's the case hahahaha..

Plus, some of my office-mates have tried their meal offerings and said it's not that good. Well, not that bad but it's just kinda' normal and could be too costly for such taste. Also, as to my foodie mantra, you just have to try their specialties or what they are known for because that makes them special. Right?

Ambiance- wise it's cool and cute. Very small and quiet... Its a good place to read books I must say... 'though I'm not a fan of reading books... hahaha I just concluded..

from the lounge you can see displays of cakes and brownies... 

Now let's talk about their specialty... Xocolat has been known for their chocolate drinks and brownies. In fact, spot.ph rank their chocolate brownies as No.1 out of their top 10 brownies.

Here's what they got to say:
1.Xocolat. This is the gourmet brownie that started it all (Me:oh such a trivia!)  If you didn't get it from their name, Xocolat specializes in anything chocolate (Me: see I don't need to blog about their pasta and other meal!) . Their brownies are made from the same pure chocolate that they use for their sinful hot chocolate drinks. 

I specifically tried their Java Buzz -generously smothered with toasted cashews, this brownie was created especially for chocolate and coffee lovers alike.

Then for dine, I had their citrus brownie - a lemony brownie strikes a balance between sweet surrender and zesty zing! proving that opposites do attract… Fresh lemons combined with our signature dark xocolat guarantees a brownie experience like no other...

I like the brownie more when it's not warmed because its more chewy... Although there's also a unique experience when you have it for dine and when served warm because it give a complete 5 senses satisfaction. You can see the melting chocolates, the citrus-y smell, the chewy feel in your tongue and of course the relaxing feel when you're having a good break time!

A brownie cost P95.00. Price may change without prior notice...

Read the full article of Top 10 Brownies by Rossell Miranda at 

Xocolat store:
Casita Xocolat, Topy’s Compound, Economia cor Calle Industria Street, Bagumbayan (beside Eastwood City and Nuvo City)
others are at
Promenade Greenhills Shopping Center, Casa Xocolat is at 172 B-Gonzales Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City..