Monday, July 14, 2014

Seashores of Laiya Batangas

It feels like summer one more time. Sea, Sand and Sky combined together makes a truly beautiful scene. Laiya, San Juan Batangas is an easy access to escape the crazy city of Manila. Its only a two to three hour drive from the city with lots of affordable resorts to choose from. and of course food to try!
 Walk along the seashores and hop on resort to resort, explore the beauty while trying some of their delicacies. Some of them are common to your kitchens but with a twist. 

In Isabela or to Ilocanos, we call this Lauya or paksiw na pata ng baboy in Tagalog. However, Lauya doesn't have tofu and chili which makes Batangas' version of paksiw a little different. The tofu as extender perfectly absorb a bit of the sour taste while the chili neutralizes the taste of the pork. I will try to make my own version of this at our province hehehe... This was from Kabayan Resort at Laiya.

Then guess what are those??? At first sight, I thought those were suman... 

This is their version of what we call Bucayo. It's a sugar coated sun dried coconut meat. the bucayo is on a coconut leaves shapes in a rectangular box with dividers inside where the food is in between. Nothing so fancy about the bucayo, its very normal taste but this one has a different texture. It juicier probably brought by the packaging.

And of course the famous Lomi guisado and Lomi of Batangas.
If the guisado is the dry version. Here's the lomi with soup.

Lomi are best taken with raw onions and toasted galic in soy sauce.

Sometimes, basic cuisine gives us the best feelings! It's not the fanciness of the meal that makes our tummy happy, its the discovery of something unique on what we eat.