Monday, August 4, 2014

Not a Selfie (now on | What I Wear | MarkMyName

It's very rare that I do #Selfie... Yes! I normally ask my officemates to take a photo of me... One of my favorite officemate / photographer is Dabbie. She exactly knows my angle and the lighting to make my photo a little better.

Same as #selfie, before the word became a phenomenon, the #Selfie angle of flashing the camera 125degrees from the forehead while projecting your most gorgeous possible smile was my favorite photo style.
But as I try to explore other poses, I have realized that just like being a foodie, one also need to explore and become open for different looks and of course, criticisms.
Accepting the fact that each angle shows a different perspective and different you, unlike the same old #selfie angle.

Why selfie exists? Probably, because someone in you is afraid to try a different side. Or just because we've been so comfortable on the same angle or zone or Maybe because we're not that confident to ask someone to take us a shot.

I'm not against selfie, 'coz I also do selfie, but I would prefer doing it rarely...