Monday, July 7, 2014

Going Beyond the 10K Distance of the Road

I have been doing road race since 2010. I already did several 3Ks, 5Ks, and even became serious about 10K distance. But never had I a chance to graduate from that race level hahaha. Until I registered at Soleus Valley Trail Challenge held last June 29, 2013 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Finishing the 15K distance at 02:18:50:203 and rank 117 over 315 trails and I assumed trained runners. I must say my first time is not bad to serve as my benchmark for the next races.

Five important things I have learned from doing my first ever trail run beyond my usual 10K road race.

1.Performance needs preparation.
Somehow I’ve noticed that there is really a big difference on how a real athlete prepares before a race compared to a newbie or shall I say wannabe. Lol
  • While a real athlete thinks about the gear to bring, a wannabe thinks about fashion and comfort.
  • A real athlete minds about nutrition while a newbie just go with the flow- - eat and drink when thirsty and hungry, timing of eating and hydration is not a big deal
  • A real athlete is so serious about stretching and warm up before the race while wannabes are busy taking selfies. wahahaha
Soleus Valley Trail Challenge race kit contains bib and a bib band, a very comfortable race shirt, and an adidas sport energy cool and dry 72h anti-perspirant roll on.

In this case, admittedly, I’m guilty of being a wannabe, but still I'm afraid of what might happen to me during the race, especially it’s my first time to exceed myself lol.
2.Do not be afraid to Level Up.
If you keep on doing the same things you probably get the same result. Putting yourself to the next level is your choice. That’s why when I had a chance to register for this race I already grabbed it and never had second thoughts. We’ll I had third to fourth thoughts hahahaha… Trails are different from road and so 15K is different from 10K distance.

3.Run Like No Rules
This is why I love these sports; there are actually rules and science on how to do it but unlike other sports it not mandatory on running.  One rule I know in running is that run like no rules. Just have fun, move and keep going.
4.Listen to your body
Your mind is the best gauge if your body can still do it. Pause, eat, walk, rest, sit, dance, sing, jump, take selfies but never stop. Remember no one asked you to do it except your body, thus your body knows how to endure whatever it is that it will face along the race.

5.Finish it strong.
Registering the course is the first and the bravest decision you've ever made but finishing it strong is the most victorious reward you could give to yourself. 

I also got a chance to run with Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition: Double. Pero nakabihis na ako bago pa sila dumating. lol yabang lang hahaha. naiirita na kasi ako sa init hahaha kaya nagbighis na ako agad pagdating ko :( special thanks to adidas 3 in 1 after sport shower gel.
Also, thanks to Ms. Tin Ferrera for tips I got prior to the running.
Thank you so much Soleus and adidas body care for the opportunity to do this race, until next time: