Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Take Me To KL -- Gurney Delights

No fancy foodie trip at Gurney Delight. One simple restaurant we visited in Malaysia. In a look, and you would easily see it's like you typical "pansitan" (noodle house) in the Philippines. This restaurant is known for their Authentic Penang Street Foods, from the Char Kuey Teow to, soup based mami, rice meals and even Penang's signature drinks.

I have never been to Penang that's why I can hardly describe the dishes there, but comparing the experience in this restaurant versus other diners we have tried in KL would actually speak a lot. And of course, what I love about this restaurant is the very straight forward menu and ambiance. It is commonly visited by the working class during lunch and snacks time which for me defines that their menu and offerings is highly authentic and acceptable.

Below is a snap of their menu.
One inspiring story the Chef told me is to keep inspite of growing business they never compromise the quality of their dishes, instead keep on improving them by using higher quality ingredients. The sauces use for their menu is being prepared in the house of the owner daily to ensure the quality and consistency of the taste.

We got the chance to try their best seller Penang Hokkian Char.
Full bodied sauce and lots of pork and seafood garnish makes this noodle dish extra special. Also, they play of texture of mixing thin and thick noodles cooked just right to make it chewy is something that would make you ask for another bowl.

Penang Rojak is very creative dessert, mixing fruits an coating it sweet- salty sauce and garnish with ground nuts. Rojak, in other words, is a fruit salad usually served with thick, dark shrimp paste and topped with chopped or crushed peanuts

The blend of sour raw mango with the sauce is always something to look forward on your next bite.
Finally, something refreshing, Milo. Yes! They offer this here... Guess you already know how it taste. :) I tried the milk tea and coffe which is quite nice but too bad didn't got the chance to snap a pic.
Here's a quick review about Gurney Delight:
Taste: JJJLL
Service: JJLLL
Value for MoneyJJJJL

Address: 15G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla U 31/U, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-5879 5112

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