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Making Timplang Happy Meal Times with Magnolia Chicken Timplados | PR Post | MarkMyName

Introducing the newest #Madalicious delight from Magnolia Chicken Timplados! It's newest offering, Magnolia Chicken Timplados Fried Chicken Drumsticks with BBQ seasoning, offers a unique cooking experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

The classic family favorite can now be served and enjoyed without the added stress, giving valuable extra minutes for family bonding. With the added bbq flavor seasoning, even kids can join in on the cooking preparation where they can "shake things up" to add an extra flavor kick to the beloved fried chicken. Mas masarap ang timpla ng meal time, especially when prepared with love and alaga from Magnolia.

Siguradong Timplang Happy basta may Magnolia Chicken Timplados

Sa agahan, tanghalian, merienda o hapunan, may Magnolia Chicken Timplados na para sa'yo! Madaling lutuin, masustansya sa protina, at masarap pa kaya masaya ang timpla ng araw ng buong pamilya. Lalo na pag nasubukan ang bagong Magnolia Chicken Timplados Fried Chicken Drumsticks na may dagdag na BBQ seasoning na pwedeng i-shake shake pa so siguradong magdadagdag ng tuwa sa meal time. Ganyan ang Alagang Magnolia!

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Last August 2022, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the implementation of the no-contact apprehension policy (NCAP) for traffic violators in Metro Manila.

The TRO stops the implementation of NCAP-related programs and ordinances and any apprehensions through the said policy and ordinances "shall be prohibited until further orders from the Court."

The order also halted the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and all parties acting on its behalf from giving out motorist information to all government units, cities, and municipalities enforcing NCAP programs and ordinances.

But last June 14, 2023, renewed calls to bring back NCAP were revitalized after a fatal accident happened at the EDSA Shaw Boulevard tunnel where a motorcycle driver was hit by an SUV driver. Both motorists happened to be in the EDSA Carousel Bus Lane resulting in the former getting run over by a tanker driver in the adjacent lane.

Because of this, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) wasted no time in coordinating with the Office of the Solicitor General in the filing of a motion before the Supreme Court to consider lifting the temporary restraining order on the implementation of the NCAP.

It’s sad to know that a gruesome incident had to happen but aside from this, MMDA acting chairman Romando Artes said they will use the data they obtained in the past months showing an increase in the number of road accidents and traffic violations after the NCAP was suspended in August last year.

“We find it difficult to enforce the exclusivity of the said lane without the certainty of a CCTV-assisted apprehension, thereby exposing our motorcycle riders to a greater risk,” said Artes. “We keep on reminding motorists not to use the innermost lane of EDSA as it may result in an accident, but despite our repeated calls and pleas, many drivers of privately-owned vehicles and motorcycle riders disregard the policy,” Artes added.

Aside from MMDA, Metro Manila Council President and San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora is also leading the discussion to raise the TRO on NCAP.

According to Zamora, MMDA data shows from August 2022 to May of the present year has already resulted in an average of 25,926 per month as compared to a monthly average of 9,500 before NCAP was suspended.

RETURN OF NCAP. As we experience pre-pandemic traffic, it is ideal in terms of safety and discipline to lift the TRO of NCAP.

“This data shows that we have more than a double increase in the number of violations. Having been Mayor of San Juan for the last four years, it is close to impossible to have traffic enforcers all over the city of San Juan, more so all over the entire Metro Manila. Having NCAP deters motorists from committing traffic violations” shared Zamora.

For those with an interest in road safety, NCAP represents a step forward, in terms of our enforcement of traffic laws.

In the few months it was implemented in San Juan, Quezon City, Manila, Valenzuela City, Muntinlupa City, and Paranaque City, NCAP did bring benefits that some would say were unfairly ignored in the debate.

These cities that have fully implemented NCAP cited a decrease in obstructions, choking off traffic from apprehended vehicles, reckless driving, and hazardous motorist habits.

It is unfortunate that we needed to wait for a fatal accident in order for us to see the benefits of NCAP. And aside from this incident, many agree that it is now time for the TRO to be lifted. With NCAP already addressing a lot of the public’s concerns, this July the handheld device for the Single Ticketing System (STS) will have a pilot test to be spearheaded by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

With the STS in place, it will enable the Metro Manila local government units to strictly enforce traffic laws, at the same time, harmonize the existing national and local laws on traffic enforcement to establish an effective transport and traffic management system.

DETERRENT. Metro Manila Mayors believe that the NCAP is an effective deterrent to erring motorists to avoid road accidents.


Luciano Armand Copok Excels in Both Academics and Sports | PR Post | MarkMyName


Images from Ms. Tiffany Chua Copok (@tcopok)

Manila, Philippines - Luciano Armand Copok recently made headlines by winning Bronze in the 4th Copernicus Math Olympiad and 2 Championships for Golf in the US Kids Hudson Valley Tour and the Oceanside Invitational by SCJGT, all held in the USA.

Luciano Armand, 14 Years Old and a Grade 8 Student from British School Manila, has remarkable success in both fields as he juggles his studies and training simultaneously.

In the recently concluded 4th Copernicus Math Olympiad Global Round, He won Bronze in the Grade 7 - 8 division out of over 100 finalists from 22 countries, demonstrating his intelligence and dedication to the subject. Fellow Filipino Math Wizard Francis Deinmel Legaspi also won in his category. The Copernicus Olympiad is an international competition joined by students from Grades 3 to Grade 12, which aims to enhance and develop their potential by honing their logical deduction abilities and connecting with a like-minded group of people from around the globe.

Luciano Armand was also named Champion for two separate US golf tournaments. He first competed in the US Kids Hudson Valley Tour for Boys 13-14 Years Old Category last July 8 in Freehold, New York. Then moved and claimed another Championship in Oceanside Invitational by SCJGT last July 18 in Ormond Beach, Florida.

His success is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. He has proven that it is possible to excel at two seemingly unrelated activities and that it is possible to achieve success even when it requires juggling two different pursuits.

Armand's Mom, Ms. Tiffany Chua Copok, is thankful for the support they received for their son's competition journey.

The success of Luciano Armand in both the Math Olympiad and the Golf Tournaments is a reminder of the power of hard work and dedication and a testament that it is possible to succeed in multiple fields.

Metro Manila’s Middle-Class Gen Zs and Millennials Felt the Impact of Inflation | PR Post | MarkMyName

Growing Concern: 94% of Metro Manila’s Middle-Class Gen Zs and Millennials Felt the Impact of Inflation in the 2nd Quarter of 2023 – NRI Singapore-Manila Branch

Metro Manila's middle-class Gen Zs and Millennials have expressed growing concern over the impact of inflation during the second quarter of 2023, according to a survey conducted by the Nomura Research Institute (NRI) Singapore-Manila Branch. The survey, which was conducted from May to June, revealed that a staggering 94% of respondents felt the effects of inflation during this period.

The rising costs of essential goods and services, such as food, transportation, fuel, and utilities, have forced these young adults to make cuts in their non-essential spending, including leisure and entertainment expenses. Among the respondents, 60% reported that the continuous price increases had the greatest impact on their food and beverage expenses, followed by transportation and fuel costs at 15%, and utilities, such as electricity, water, and internet bills, at 14%. Additionally, an overwhelming 83% of participants stated that they had reduced their spending on non-essential goods, while 79% found it necessary to cut back on leisure and entertainment expenses.

The survey also highlighted the financial challenges faced by this demographic. Approximately one-third of respondents (32%) reported being unable to save over the past 6 to 12 months. For those who managed to save, 44% saved a lower percentage of their income. The persistent inflationary pressures have led 38% of respondents to adjust their savings goals by either reducing the target amount or delaying their timelines. Similarly, 47% of participants had to make similar adjustments to their savings plans.

To cope with the financial strain, a significant number of respondents have turned to loans. Of the surveyed individuals, 71% reported having outstanding loans. In an attempt to augment their incomes, 43% of respondents resorted to taking out additional loans in the past year. Among those who already had loans, 58% had to cut back on other expenses to meet their loan obligations, while 19% were forced to delay payments. The survey also revealed that 41% of respondents possessed credit cards. Personal loans were the most prevalent type of loan, accounting for 30% of respondents, followed by alternative installment loans and salary loans, each representing 19% respectively.

Regarding investments, 52% of respondents had existing investment portfolios. Among these, mutual funds and stocks were the top investment products, chosen by 18% of participants each. However, due to the inflationary pressures, 12% of respondents had to partially liquidate their holdings for increased liquidity, and a minimal 1% sold off their entire investment portfolio.

Given the challenges posed by inflation, respondents have adopted a diverse array of coping strategies. A notable 94% expressed concerns that continuous price increases would persist over the next 6 to 12 months. Consequently, 91% of participants felt the need to explore additional income streams. To adjust to the current economic situation, 86% of respondents planned to continue cutting back on expenses, while 73% intended to reduce their spending on entertainment and leisure activities.

In terms of savings, 34% of participants expressed plans to increase their savings allocations to better prepare for the future, while 33% aimed to maintain their current savings pattern. However, 16% of respondents planned to reduce their monthly savings allocation due to inflationary pressures.

The survey also shed light on borrowing habits, with 46% of respondents indicating that they were less likely to take out loans, while 28% stated they were more likely to acquire additional loans.

Regarding investments, 12% expressed a desire to explore risky investments in the hopes of achieving high returns over the next 6 to 12 months. Meanwhile, 40% were considering more conservative options. Notably, 30% stated that they would choose to stay away from investing altogether, while 18% aimed to maintain liquidity.

The online survey conducted by the NRI Singapore-Manila Branch included 295 adults from Metro Manila, consisting of 92 Gen Zs and 203 Millennials from the middle-class. The participants had monthly individual income ranges of PHP 13,000 to PHP 41,000 and PHP 41,001 to PHP 163,000.

As inflation continues to impact the daily lives and financial well-being of Metro Manila's middle-class Gen Zs and Millennials, it is clear that they are actively seeking ways to navigate these challenges and secure their financial futures.

All PCPPI Manufacturing Plants Receive Recommendations for Food Safety System Certification | PR Post | MarkMyName

Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) continues to embody how excellence is best demonstrated through commitment and consistency. PCPPI recently announced that all its manufacturing facilities across the country received recommendations for the coveted Food Safety System Certification (FSSC), with its Naga Plant being the most recent site to be certified.

Frederick D. Ong, the president and chief operating officer of PCPPI, said completing the FSSC status fulfills the organization’s unswerving commitment to developing a strong food safety and quality culture.

“At PCPPI, it has always been our mission to produce safe, high quality, and reliable products that deliver the best experience for our customers. It is imperative for us to adhere to global industry standards through continuously raising our performance. We do this by adapting to regulatory requirements and consumer demand, and embracing industry innovation,” said Ong.

Obtaining FSSC recognition provides PCPPI an advantage, as the certification recognizes its capacity to produce safe food and food packaging products, reduce hazards and incident risks, roll out resource optimization initiatives, reinforce its supply chain relationships, and maintain food safety protocols and programs.

The FSSC status was recommended by SGS, one of the top global audit and certification companies, following a period of undergoing a rigorous review process which was led by a dedicated Plant Audit Team. This team comprises representatives from across the facility’s functions: from food safety and logistics, to human resources and environmental health, safety, and security.

SGS tested the plants’ processes and policies in accordance with FSSC standards, which are aligned with ISO 22000 upon onsite inspection. FSSC evaluation is done annually, with scheduled and unannounced audit visits done.

“As we successfully complete our FSSC status, we are optimistic that this will enable more market opportunities for PCPPI and further grow the confidence of both internal and external stakeholders in our organization,” Ong added.

PCPPI operates 12 manufacturing facilities across the country. The FSSC-recommended facilities are Muntinlupa, San Fernando, Santo Tomas, Rosario, Davao, Bacolod, Naga, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Tanauan, and Cebu City.

PCPPI is the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country. Other than Pepsi, it distributes well-loved brands such as Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Sting, Tropicana, Lipton Iced Tea, Milkis, Chum Churum Soonhari, and Premier Purified Water. For more information about PCPPI and its products, please visit

iQor Provides Financial Aid to Employees and Communities in Need Through iQor Qares | PR Post | MarkMyName

 iQor Qares is now a registered nonprofit charitable organization in the Philippines.

iQor — a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions — celebrates the registration of iQor Qares as a nonprofit charitable organization in the Philippines. iQor Qares is one of iQor’sCSR initiatives, focused on giving back to iQor employees and their local communities by providing financial assistance to individuals facing catastrophic or life-altering events.

“The recent registration of iQor Qares as a charitable nonprofit in the Philippines will expand our ability to help our employees, their families, and our local communities in need. We are inspired by the generosity of individuals and corporations that support iQor Qares’ commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. We look forward to helping even more iQorians,” said Fleurette Navarro, iQor’s chief people officer, and chair of iQor Qares in the Philippines.

Since 2019, iQor Qares has provided a total of $150,000 in employee cases around the world. These donations have helped iQor employees rebuild their lives after natural disasters, care for loved ones in need of medical and end-of-life care, and address housing insecurity, as well as other life-altering events. 

Putting people first, supporting local communities

The creation of iQor Qares highlights iQor’s company value of the need to give back, as it encourages employees to support fellow iQorians and their communities. “At iQor, we want people to succeed in their careers as well as in other aspects of their lives. Part of that success comes from providing employees with opportunities to foster interpersonal connections and contribute to their communities. In this way, we are doing our part as Filipinos to keep our bayanihan spirit alive,” said James Down, senior director for operations.

“iQor Qares has provided assistance to 54 Filipino employees, and we have committed to help another 38 more people since registering as a nonprofit in April. More than 25% of iQor employees have pledged and donated to the Philippines, totaling 8,377 PH donors to date and this number is growing! In addition, the iQor Qares steering committee has visited our sites in Clark, Fairview, Dasmarinas, Sta. Rosa, Iloilo, Bacolod, Talisay, and Davao,” said Down.

For the past 25 years, iQor has been a steadfast presence in the Philippines, with 17 contact centers in Cavite, Davao, Iloilo, Laguna, Negros Occidental, Pampanga, and Quezon City. Thus, it's only fitting that, through iQor Qares, iQor continues to actively support the communities where they operate whenever an urgent need arises. iQor Qares remains committed to expanding support in the communities where iQor employees live and work as well as in the surrounding areas.

iQor cultivates a culture that cares

iQor Qares has helped foster empathy and unity among colleagues. As James Down said, “Every iQorian can choose to give one-time or recurring contributions and 100% of the money raised for iQor Qares in the Philippines will help local employees, their family members, and their local communities in need of financial assistance due to life-altering or catastrophic events beyond their control. We can provide financial assistance to any iQorian for three such events during their tenure with us, with a maximum allocation of PHP100,000 per event (and this may be waived with approval). We value our team in the Philippines, which makes up about 80% of our total global operations.”

iQor Qares creates a sense of unity among colleagues and sustains its charitable activities, via one-time and recurring donations from iQor employees, quarterly fundraising parties, auctions, and other activities.

“I’m proud to share that every iQorian cares for their colleagues, whether it’s a team member next to them at work or in their community. Even before iQor Qares was established, we have stories of people passing the hat for fellow iQorians, helping out in any way they can to ease others’ financial burdens. With iQor Qares, we are able to expand our existing commitment to taking care of one another,” shared Michael Oliver Dela Pena, vice president for operations.

Donate and learn more at today.

Bring Third Wave Coffee Right In Your Home With Breville’s Line of Espresso Machine | PR Post | MarkMyName

 Coffee is more than just a quintessential drink. It is a hobby, a culture, and even a lifestyle for many. While a lot of trends have come and gone for everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-upper, many will agree that we are now in the golden era of appreciating and enjoying this drink as we continue to ride the great third coffee wave.

For a quick refresher, third-wave coffee started in the 1980s when more focus was given to the coffee beans and the roasting methods used in crafting the drink. The goal of the movement was simple: bring exotic flavors out of well-grown beans to start a whole new level of appreciation for coffee. The third wave movement was a whole 360 turn from the first wave—where the beverage was highly commercialized for fast consumption with low priority given to quality (think 3-in-1 and instant packs)—and second wave coffee where cafe culture rose.

Vanessa Caceres, a pro in the field, has this to say to describe the third-wave movement: "It represents a shift from the mass production and standardization of coffee to a focus on the unique characteristics of individual beans, cultivation methods, and brewing techniques. Third-wave coffee enthusiasts often prioritize direct trade relationships with farmers, sustainable farming practices, and meticulous roasting and brewing methods to highlight the flavors and nuances of the coffee. This movement has led to an increased appreciation for coffee as a craft beverage, similar to the way wine or craft beer is appreciated.”
As third-wave coffee continues to evolve, the appreciation for its culture continues to grow.
Unlike the early years when the understanding of third-wave coffee was limited to a certain niche, however, access to it has now become more open to everyone. Breville Philippines, the leader in premium lifestyle home and kitchen partners, is one brand that has definitely helped unlock the appreciation for third-wave coffee with its top-of-the-line range of espresso machines. For Breville, their mission was simple—give everyone a chance to bring home their love for third-wave coffee through their products.
Proof of their dedication to this market promise is their wide range of espresso machines that fit the needs of every kind of coffee lover. Regardless of your love for the drink or your skill in making it, Breville has a kitchen partner that can blend in perfectly with your lifestyle.
The Barista Express is for those who feel more confident in exploring more ways to enjoy their coffee with its features that allow easier customization while the Barista Touch is recommended for coffee lovers who still need help in other aspects of coffee brewing with its auto milk function, user-friendly touch screen for customization and personalized brewing settings.
Patricia Villegas, a third-wave coffee enthusiast who considers herself a newbie still when it comes to the culture has this to say about her love for the drink."The greatest challenge would be not knowing where to begin. I just knew I love coffee and I wanted to deepen my knowledge about it. Thankfully, there is a lot of great content and online groups dedicated to this topic which enabled me to learn more about third-wave coffee one day at a time."
Vanessa adds to this, saying, "With the third wave coffee, it’s not only about educating the people about the drink but sharing the story behind the cup. [A big part of it] is all about providing a genuine experience for those who want to experience it. From the consumer’s perspective, that means having a good espresso machine they can use. What I like about Breville is that it was able to design models that opened up this possibility for everyone–and without compromising the quality of the drink.”
The rise of brands like Breville has totally changed the game of third-wave coffee culture by making it more accessible to the market all while retaining the ‘romance’ and precision that comes with it. Quality-wise, all coffee lovers can expect the same refined taste and experience regardless of their level of understanding of the culture. With the Breville Barista Line, anyone can elevate their current love for coffee by bringing home kitchen partners that can help them experiment more with their favorite drinks.
Those who want to elevate their home coffee experience will also be glad to know that Breville has more exciting things in store this year that will make all their caffeine-loving hearts beat harder, pun intended. Watch out for upcoming news from the brand and learn how you can #BringBrevilleHome by following their FacebookInstagram, and Tiktok accounts. You can also learn more about their products by visiting their website.