Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chasing the Sun | What I Wear | MarkMyName

I've made up my mind and try to think it over.... wahahahah Chasing Pavements pala yun! Yes! end na ng tag-lamig... mataba ka pa rin... Can't hide fats through layering anymore? wahahaha.... Paano na?

Dati, I can remember I always post #Project Fitness whenever summer is about to come, but this yearI guess will be a different story... No more #hashtags... why??? what happened to me??? I hate myself for being like this... tamad mag exercise, tamad kumilos. worst is kain ng kain wahahah... 

Nonetheless, I am still looking forward for summer... get aways, weekends, invites, tanner wahahah may iiitim pa ba ako?...

That's okay, actually it's an advantage... I never worried of getting dark skin, 'cause I already have one... wahahha I'm just worried at times I can't wear bright or pastel colors, It might not fit my skin tone... 

closer look?

Just recently I love doing this soccer look, the high socks over a sneaker, I don't know why but it reminds me of my childhood schooling days wahahha.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day RnR

If there's one person you need to love the most, It should be yourself. I woke up browsing my facebook newsfeed seeing and reading different ways how people greet their love ones this Valentine's day.

So I thought of something productive to do this day and while I was staring blankly on my cabinet. I realize I haven't really had much time to rest and relax. Why not to have my ultimate ME-Time first before I head out to my valentine's day errands... A date maybe? Hheheheh

I saw this one time trial pack of Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry Souffle in my cabinet and its been like forever since I last use masks. Well, I seldom put anything on my face for vanity, not even a powder.

The mask is actually two in one purpose, a masks and a scrub at the same time. This one time sachet cost P29.75 in SM department store and Watson's. I just don't know if its still available. What's the best thing about it is it 99.98 % all natural! I should know! I work for this brand before hehehe...

Simple and easy to use. Wash your face and pat dry it, apply the mask. In circular motion massage your face allowing the beads to remove the dirt. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.Let it dry, If you have more time. Then wash it with water, no need for soap.

Presto! Fresh ka na uli. Di na mukhang bitter sa valentines day. Simple lang mahalin ang sarili. We can't give love if can't love ourselves, as they say.

It really realxing, it smells so good you might want to eat it. Oooohhh!!! Wahahah
Pasok ba??? Hheheheh this is not a PR post, I really just want to share with you the goodness of this brand...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Kenny's Garlic Butter Chicken is Back!

If there's one thing you want to bring back this year, what would it be?

That's the cliche Kenny Rogers Roaster asked during their bloggers launch held at their store at Skyranch Tagaytay last January 30, 2014. 

Year on year, we keep on listing down things that we wanted to do, some thing new and some thing so good that we want to repeat each year. Just like Kenny's Garlic Butter Chicken. (hahaha segue :P)

This tasteful chicken variant and it's perfect match side dishes were launched last June 2014. Due to it's popular demand, we can now enjoy it again at our favorite Kenny store.

Garlic Butter Chicken
A perfectly roasted chicken, marinated and infused with garlic butter sauce and a zest of lemon balanced with special herbs and spices.

Featured sides
Garlic Chorizo Pasta
A flavorful and savory hot side dish that is made of fusilli pasta and garlic chorizo.

Apple Jicama Salad 
A light and refreshing cold side dish that is made of apple, jicama and carrot slices tossed in balsamic dressing.

Garlic Butter Chicken Quesadilla
A tortilla filled with diced Garlic Butter Chicken with a creamy garlic yoghurt sauce.

Garlic Butter Chicken Burrito
A tortilla with java rice, Garlic Butter Chicken slices, tomatoes topped with soft melted cheese and wrapped to completely enclose a filling.

Each attendee were served with Solo B plate. While eating they had a mini foodstyling contest, wherein we need to answer KR's cliche question and took a photo of it along with the group meal.

Unfortunately, we can't join the contest since were part of the organizing team heheheh. but of course I still posted my supposed entry :)

Here's the photo that could have been. :)  have I not forgotten to place my answer paper... :P

Whatcha think??? can I be their next brand ambassador? lol

Thanks to Kenny's marketing team for your usual support... lol

Fan mode... lol Thanks to also to +PaulThePRGuy for helping us with this event..

Then after the bundat moments, we had rides at the skyranch... and swear the superviking is a killer...

Blessed to had work and fun at the same time... :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

PR: Tree Top Adventure Baguio - Experience The Extreme

Experience extreme adventure and extreme relaxation at Tree Top Adventure Baguio, the only motorized zipline in the Philippines and the only Team Building facility in Baguio. With seven outdoor activities and team building facilities, located within Camp John Hay, surrounded by pine trees and overlooking breathtaking views, Tree Top Adventure Baguio offers an adventure of a lifetime.

For the thrill seekers who want to experience extreme adventure, you might want to experience their Tree Drop in which you’ll be suspended 60 feet above the ground, mission impossible style and you’ll be falling as fast as 2 to 3 seconds. This Tree Top’s most extreme activity costs Php 150.00 only and this is one way to really quench your thirst for adrenaline rush. You might also want to try rides done in pairs: the Superman Ride and Silver Surfer. As the name implies, you’ll be ziplining, Superman Style, 200 meters long, 150 feet above the ground, but instead of doing it just forwards, you would also be ziplining backwards. Silver Surfer is a 60 degree diagonal motorized zipline in which you’ll be standing on a specialized platform and you’ll be gliding up and down for three cycles. Expect that there would be stops and swings for every cycle. For Php 300.00 and Php 200.00 respectively, you could experience what superheroes feel as they fly and glide through the air.

For those who want to experience extreme relaxation, you could try the Canopy and Funicular ride which costs Php350.00. The Canopy is similar to the concept of cable cars, but instead, you’ll be seated on cable chairs in which you’ll be transferring from one station to another until you complete all eight stations. When you reach the station four of the Canopy, you would walk for around 2 to 3 minutes to be able to reach the connecting ride of Canopy which is the Funicular ride. This ride is similar to the concept of elevator, but, instead of standing up, you’ll be seated. This is at least a way for you to conquer your fear of heights. But, if you really have extreme fear of heights, you could just avail the Trekking and Skywalk in which you would walk around Tree Top’s area and go up the skywalk area, or the viewing deck in which you could see the mountains of Itogon, Benguet, the so called, old Baguio before. You could stay at the Skywalk areas long as you want to take pictures and feel the cold breeze.

If your company plans to have a convention or seminar at Baguio, you might want to experience Tree Top's Team Building Activities which includes two high element activities (Tree Drop and Silver Surfer), five low element activities, boodle lunch and facilitators for just Php 800.00 per head only. The activities would really challenge each member and how they work with their workmates. Work and play, as the cliché says!

You might also want to try another branch of Tree Top Adventure Subic located at the JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point Subic Bay Freeport Zone.
For more information, you could contact (074) 442-0800 or 0932 404 1112. You could also To be more updated, you may like and follow Tree Top on Instagram-