Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Penongs In Davao | Honest Food Review | MarkMyName

You might tried, seen or at least passed by one of this Chicken restaurant if you happened to be in Davao. This is your typical chicken inasal house but offers drinks or beers for a small talks and probably family gatherings.

Speaking of their inasal, I personally do not like it that much because of its sweet taste profile. It is more into the usual side street Filipino Barbeque more than the Inasal marinade. Though, some people might like this taste.

Kayo ba? when you say Inasal ano dapat ang profile? Because honestly, for me yung lasa ng Mang Inasal which is isa sa pinakakilalang Inasal food chain for me ay malayo sa lasa ng OG na inasal flavors ng Bacolod. 

Here is  my ratings for Penongs, Davao.

Taste: 😊😊🙁🙁🙁
Ambience: 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
Service: 😊😊☹️☹️☹️
Value for Money : 😊☹️☹️☹️☹️

PS. Matagal na 'tong blog na ito and maaaring may changes na din sa lasa. Namiss ko lang bumyahe at kumain kaya naungkat ko ito sa baul.

Digital Doc program: Send me your QR code | PR Post | MarkMyName

 The next time you look to pay your doctor, you may want to ask for his or her QR code --cashless transactions are safer for the patient and doctor alike.     

Through our Digital Doc program, we enable doctors and medical professionals to enjoy the benefits of digital payments via QR code.     

“We are thrilled to share the benefits of cashless transactions -- in enabling online health consultations and in keeping us all (doctors and patients alike) safe during these trying times,” said BPI Deputy Head of Marketing Mariana Zobel de Ayala. “In addition to keeping us safe from COVID-related health risks, the use of QR codes keep your bank accounts safer as well -- they are less prone to errors that often happen when keying in account numbers and transfer amounts.”

Patients can pay in seconds and for free -- by just scanning the QR code and inputting the payment amount. Doctors, in turn, are able to monitor their funds anytime, anywhere through BPI Online or BPI Mobile app.      

“As BPI, we hope to be a partner for our healthcare professionals -- in enabling them with what is needed to adapt to the next normal, and more importantly, to keep them safe, ” she said.

To activate a QR code for free, doctors are invited to log in to BPI Online or BPI Mobile app and select “Other Services,” followed by “QR Generator.” From there, they simply select the account for which they wish to generate a QR code for, and can even add a nickname or label for their QR code -- so that it is easily recognizable for anyone they send to. They have the option to include an amount requested for payment -- but either way, by clicking “Save to Device” they can access it easily anytime -- and send it to their patients as they wish. Beyond the benefits of convenience, BPI’s digital banking platforms offer security features to ensure protection of your data and account information.

Visit the BPI website at https://www.bpi.com.ph/accept-payments-with-a-qr-code to know more about accepting payments via QR code.

--PR Post--

Monday, January 25, 2021

Birthday Panalo App | PR Post | MarkMyName

This fun, entertaining app will allow users to commemorate birthdays in a more rewarding way

Leveraging the available digital tools and platforms to bridge their services to more Filipinos, mostly those that are in the far-flung areas, PCSO, in partnership with Minedomain, Inc., is set to launch 'Birthday Panalo,' a free and easy-to-use application with an entertaining game which will allow Filipinos to celebrate important dates in their lives, like anniversaries and birthdays, with exciting cash prizes.

Made for Filipinos, by Filipinos

Designed with Filipinos in mind, the Birthday Panalo app banks on the deep-rooted culture of Pinoys in putting value in commemorating special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. 

While millennials are the main audience targeted with the launch of the app, Seaver Choy, Minedomain Inc. IT officer shared that ease of use is one of the main factors their team considered in developing Birthday Panalo to make it enjoyable for users across various age groups.

"We want the millennials to love this game so we went for what millennials want most -- ease of use. We only put in the necessary elements for users to be able to do what they need to do fast and immediately," he said.

"We focused on the user experience when we were developing by having iterating designs that had constant user feedback. Birthday Panalo has gone through multiple design changes based on different user feedback across different groups," Choy added.

The core group which made and designed the Birthday Panalo app was an all-Filipino team composed of professionals from the country’s top universities including De La Salle University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and University of the East.

"Birthday Panalo app was built with resilience and celebrations in mind. We made it fun and easy to bet but still overly secure," Choy furthered, assuring users that the personal data and information they input within the Birthday Panalo app are protected according to industry standards.

Choy noted that the Birthday Panalo app has been tested by local and international cybersecurity companies like GLI, Bolton Labs, and Mantua, among others, to ensure that the app has the needed safety measures in place to avoid leakage of user data.

"Internally, we are also certified when it comes to how we operate and how we maintain the application," Choy said.

Celebrations made even more rewarding

Within the app which carries design elements signifying Filipinos, ‘Kapanalo’ or users of the app can place a bet on a three-part number combination consisting of a month, a day, and a year. If the same combination gets to be picked during daily draws, a user can win as much as P100,000 as a cash prize.

After downloading the app, users can easily sign up using either their mobile phone or email address verified through a one-time password (OTP) sent by the app. Once done with the registration process, users can proceed participating in draws for as low PhP 10 which they can pay via mobile wallets like GCash and PayMaya. Winners of lucky date combinations which will be notified via the Birthday Panalo app may claim their prizes at the PCSO main branch in Mandaluyong City, or have it credited on their respective mobile wallets.

The Birthday Panalo app will soon be available for free download via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Kapanalo from all over the Philippines can also look forward to playing the Birthday Panalo game in select PCSO outlets nationwide in the coming months. 

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Charcuterie Board (Pinoy Style Edition) | What's Cooking | MarkMyName


Since super sikat ng charcuterie bago matapos ang taon at aminin na natin, wala naman tayong gaanong access sa mga sosyal na cold cuts at iba't ibang uri ng keso. Naisip naming magimbento ng kung anu anong street food na ilalagay sa board. Nakakaganda din kasi ng display sa hapag lalo na kung may handaan. 

We did this noong media noche at salubong ng 2020 and 2021. So dahil bagong taon, uso ang bilog bilog na handa pampaswerte daw. Ano pa nga ba ang mas bibilog sa mga fishball, itlog and squidball diba? hahahaha

Medyo challenge lang yung timing dahil ang ganitong mga prito masarap kung makakain agad pagkahango sa mantika. Dahil hindi naman sabay sabay yan naluto yung iba kumunat na. nonetheless, I think ang importante din dito na iconsider ay yung pagkaka arrange nila. Dahil nga prito almost lahat, magandang paghiwa hiwalayin yoong mga halos pareho na ang kulay.

Madalas nadadaan naman talaga yan sa presentation. I think, liban sa dapat maganda yung presentation dapat complimenting din yung laman ng board and hindi ka magsasawang kumutkot at kumain.

PS Thank you to Nolisoli for featuring this board as Best budget board—fried turo-turo edition.


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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Chicken Macaroni (Basic) | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

Every household has their own version of chicken macaroni salad. A cold salad that is commonly served in occasions. This video shows a common or basic recipe of it. The rest are embellishments to the flavors.

Basic Chicken Macaroni Recipse
  • Short pasta boiled
  • Chicken. I prefer the part with fat to give extra flavor 
  • Mayonnaise 
  • All purpose cream
  • Minced onions. Red or white up to you.
  • Pickle relish 
Literally the rest is up to your creativity. You can add peanuts, pineapple bits, and other profile of flavors. 
Fresh herbs are also nice to have like cilantro, celery, among others.

You can make big batch and keep it in the fridge and would normally last for a week or two. Good to serve with fried dishes or grilled as it balances the palate.

To build the dish you simply mix all the ingredients and taste per your liking.

How aboutbyou you what else do you add to you Chicken Macaroni salad? The creativity is endless.