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Adlai Porridge | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

If you think healthy is boring, I agree. I always stereotype the idea of healthy with salad, less salt, low carb and all other food that we are used to eat. Specially in the Philippines where carb plays an important role in every meal. I’m sharing this blog not because I follow a particular diet at the moment but because I want to trigger your creativity on the idea of healthy meals.

Key is to have healthier alternatives which doesn’t sacrifice the flavors you crave for. For instance this adlai based arroz caldo recipe which is pretty much super close to morning lugaw favorite.

Adlai is also grains but have more benefits and we can say it’s lesser evil than the usual carb we are used to. Texture and taste are almost or close to rice and corn. Carbs and sugar is definitely lesser than some other form of grains. 

Adlai is much longer to cook than white jasmin rice so we need to watch the cooking time.

Let’s dig in to the recipe.

Chicken (choice cut)
Fish Sauce
Salt and pepper 

In this recipe, I don’t want to give measurements because everything will be up to your liking.

Procedure in cooking Adlai:

Wash the Adlai at least 2 twice. Just like how you clean the rice. 
In a pan, sear the chicken with a bit of oil until the skin is a little brown. 
Add ginger, onions,and garlic, the sauté to bring the aroma. 

Add the washed Adlai grains, add chicken stock.up to 4 times cup of the adlai. Add fish sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer until the stock thickened.

The smooth soup texture can be achieved by increasing the cooking time. When the stock is fully reduced and Adlai is still loose or not fully cooked, you can add water and just adjust the taste with fish sauce. You may also opt to add slurry to achieve the lugaw bigas with malagkit. .

Once cooked serve it with

I hope I was able to share tips on how to make boring lugaw or rice porridge a little healthy.


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