Sunday, February 25, 2018

Namit Gyud Inasal Sa Bacolod

Inasal became a fad in food and restaurant business years back and here I am still trying to find the reason for its popularity. Surely I am familiar with Mang Inasal and other chains taste and flavor. But what really is the authentic taste? Watch the vid and together we discover the true taste of this famous chicken dish from Bacolod.

Far way too different from local chain Mang Inasal. Street style carinderia Aida’s Chicken inasal offers more depth in terms of flavor and spice but very clean play of salt and ginger in Chicken. Unlike basic saucy chicken barbecue, inasal elevated the flavor by being just simple in terms of marinade and taste. Glazed with Chicken oil, it will make you want to eat more rice 😱.

Apart from it being a Sugar town, Inasal also draw Bacolod’s name in the foodie map. But rarely fo we know that seafood— like oysters... fresh Oysters are also found here at a very affordable price. Yes! They are quiet cheap but really really fresh. Why do I say so? Because I didn’t get LBM that day 🤗

Aida’s Chicken Inasal is also available in Makati
Aida's Chicken House
Makati Cinema Square, Makati City
(It's in Basement 1, near the escalators.)
Contact: Toto Tarrosa


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Peruvian Cuisine on the Rise

If there is one food trend today that I really love and crave for is Peruvian. I’m not a fan of spicy dishes but this cuisine is something I really crave for sometimes 🤗 apart from Korean food.

There are only few restaurants in Manila that offers Peruvian dishes and this newly opened resto in Ayala Mall Vertis North wil surely give you a delightful eating experience. Menu is somewhat familiar because their concoctions are a little fusion of Fillipino and American cuisine. So, If you will ask me if they are authentic? NO.

I think in general, not all Filipinos are fan of spicy / sour tastes. That’s why they have to do some little fusion. One exciting dish they have is the Adobo Peruvia. Which is basically soy and vinegar with a red wine and some spices to give the usual adobo a different kick.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Another Breakthrough

A land surrounded by sea would give you a delectable seafood meal. Fresh ingredients makes a good seafood dish. One very famous restaurant in Ilolilo is Breakthrough. Live and alive stored in their aquarium and small pond.

This is one of my ultimate seafood experience... Location may not offer the cool breeze as desired while eatinv seafoods, but the freshness of the dishes will surely give you that feel.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Does the Old Look Taste Better?

Rarely do we recognize that the old look doesn’t only taste better but also gives us a different dine in experience. Most often than not the best tasting food like Pares are found in street side restaurants. Unfortunately for this renowned Pares sa Retiro who has been very popular about their beef dish had made a turn around on their over all restaurant look.