Saturday, September 22, 2018

Soy Banquet Experience in China

Lee Kum Kee, one of the largest producer of naturally fermented soy sauce in the World brought their business partners in Xin Hui China to visit their top of the line plant.

Our trip to China is very quick and straight forward. We were not able to have side trips and tour but the best part of it really is the food experience. It was sponsored by a leader brand of sauces and condiments anyways.

This trip made me appreciate the process , facility and beauty of soy sauce making. Knowing that the Chinese culture are the ones who introduce usage of soy sauce to ours. Well for one, I have appreciated that despite the world is going against China products because of some sub standard quality issue, there is Lee Kum Kee who’s principle is to provide high standard quality product.

So much more on Lee Kum Kee as producers of Premium soy sauce. Here is the treat we had in a baquet restaurant where everything served has soy sauce of different brewing type, color, and taste profiles.

This peking duck is soy has been served in almost all restaurants we’ve been.

Steamed fish is so good. Some say that you must only you high quality naturally brewed soy sauce as pour over to an expensive type of fish because it would be waste to us low grade ones. It will ruin the main protein— fish.

This usually beef dish is so simple and balances the flavors.

This famous eggplant dish has also been served to all of meals we had the entire trip.

The good caramel amber color of the soy gave those shrimp an appetizing look and taste.

The pansit has been leveled up because of the soy.

Us after the whole banquet.

Thank you.

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