Thursday, July 10, 2014 Runfest --Prepping up for the Big Race

I seriously cannot contain my feelings right now. I can still remember the week before my 15K Trail race, each night, I can't sleep. Been taking bad habits and not doing the supposed training religiously. But thank God, I did it! While I was at the track I never felt tired (well honestly, I did) but not the tired, tired, if you know what I mean. It made me prove that what mind can conceive the physical body can actually do it.

Moving forward, I made that trail running experience as part of my training for my upcoming bigger event! The half marathon race.

Unlike how I feel prior to the 15k distance, each night, a week before the race, I can't sleep not because I am worried that I may not meet my goal but the reason for this insomniac thing is the excitement I have for that day. I have been waiting for this like a lifetime. Though, I must say, I still don't have that formal or routine training which makes me still feel nervous of what could happen. But just like any other newbie runners out there, those whose running for half marathon, my sole goal is really to finish it strong. The ranking is a bonus to me.

Well partly I wanted to be part of my adidas body care's promotion on the race day. adidas body care will be giving FREE Sport Energy 72H anti-perspirant roll on for the first 100 finisher per race category.
That means I need to be part of the first 100 over 2,300 of the 21K distance.

Be part of the top 100 or not, this time finally I can say hey! I did half marathon. And watch me doing the full, then Ultra... wahahah probably not this year but pretty much sure it’s soon.