Saturday, January 13, 2018

Daewang Korean Restaurant

KPOP is alive and invading the metro. Apart from famous Samgyupsal what else do we love about Korean Restaurant...

Admittedly, I am a fan of the unli grilled pork and side dishes that you can find in almost every food hub in Manila. But Daewang Korean Restaurant is a go-to for any authentic K craving yet super budget friendly.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Keto For Project Fitness 2018

Been doing #ProjectFitness for some time in 2012 to 2014... Self improving through diet and exercise... Back then, I was committed to lessen carbs intake , took out all fats in my meal and heavily addicted to exercise to sincerely achieve that “pumayat ka” level every summer. Yes! Never had I achieved that beach bod I’ve always dreamed about.

Until I met this diet, telling me to take out carbs and sugar and beef up my FAT intake... crazy but very interesting... there are tons of vids you can find online that discusses Ketogenic diet. Thise dos and don’ts are clearly stated. But what interests me more is the result I have been getting for the past 4months of doing so.

I have never done any exercise as I did before and been taking 4x fats as I can take, and have forgotten how bread, potatoes and rice taste yet been loosing 10kg and 2inches of my waistline.

Thanks for introducing this to me. 

Though admittedly there are still things I need to focus to and need to take out of my lifestyle to fully achieve the benefit of this diet. Since I’m not doing this strictly. I know I am doing it one rice out at a time.

I will keep you all posted on my fitness progress.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Unboxing 2017 Christmas Gifts

How’s your week 1 of 2018 so far?

Well for me, I’m very thankful... I was actually able to open my 2017 Christmas Gifts I left when I have my Christmas leave...

Super thank you to all who remembered  giving gifts for me this Yuletide... Sa lahat din ng binigyan ko sana po nagustuhan nyo ang gift na binigay ko. Pasensya na po kayo at yan ang nakayanan ko. Paumanhin din sa mga di ko nabigyan... Merr Christmas na lang po muna sa inyo 😀

Thank you sa 2017...
Abang abang na lang po sa susunod na Pasko 😂😂😂

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Lechon In Davao

We all know Davao as place to eat good seafood and some fresh Durian. But little do we acknowledge that there are some gems of Lechon hiding in the little streets of this city.

Very tender meat and crispy skin... an authentic Pinoy way of cooking lechon. Herbs and lemongrass deeply pentrated the meat so you really can taste good flavors.

They also sell the herbs used in the lechon which is also super delicious to pair with a steamed rice. Innards are also available in their menu.

Here’s my ratings for RG Baguio Lechon Restaurant 

Taste: 😊😊😊😊🙁

ambience: 😊😊😊🙁🙁

service: 😊😊😊🙁🙁

value for money : 😊😊😊😊🙁

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What Inasal Really Is

Almost everywhere you will find a restaurant offering Inasal. But what inasal really is?

I grew up eating sweet, acid and soy based chicken barbecue where my standards rely on the blend of calamansi and soy. May mga iba pang blends na natry ko na like medyo spicy, 
What I love about eating in a specialty restaurant like Chicken house are :
  • They have few things on their menu- common hurdle we face when we eat out is we are torn whether we order to much or less.
  • They offer their best seller- assuming they perfected this specific recipe they offer. 
  • Decided- once we picked an specialty store, it means we are decided to eat the dish it offers hence less trouble to order.
  • Legacy beneath the menu- admittedly it’s wonderful to know the authenticity and legacy behind every dish specially if  its the first time you try it and its popular in that town or city.
Well this roasted whole chicken is just to add in case we run out of order 😊 still nice taste tho.

Here's to summarize my Chicken House experience
Taste: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Ambience: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Service: 😊😊😊🙁🙁
Value for Money: 😊😊😊😊🙁

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Monday, January 1, 2018

8cuts - Best Onion Rings and Skinny Fries

Like when you want to pig out, burger is definitely a staple and 8cuts is a must pick resto. With over 11 branches all over Metro Manila, serving freshly ground 100% US Beef patty in every burger you order.

The diner ambiance also adds to the over all feel of an American-Style burger store.
To choose the best burger combo you may pick your bun, toppings and freshly ground beef.
You can also choose the dressings they will put.
Their barbecue batter mix is something worth the crave for. Specially when dipped in Mayo.
Skinny fries also tastes good. My guest is the oil that they use has something on it. It may not be a fries or onion rings store but surely you will not miss this for the world.
This burger with bleu cheese on top is so good.
Crumble patty indicates less extenders used to make it more tasty.
This post has been long overdue but still worth sharing the experience.
Ratings for 8Cuts
Taste: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Ambience: 😊😊🙁🙁🙁
Service: 😊😊😊🙁🙁
Value for Money : 😊😊😊🙁🙁

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Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant

Apart from local foods to try in Pampanga, Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant is one Chinese restaurant you have to try.
This fancy restaurant is of the best place to treat business partners and/or have some intimate family gathering. It offers delectable authentic Chinese cuisine just like other fine dine restaurant in Metro Manila.
It's fancy feel is further emphasized by this food or table assistant specifically designated to attend to our needs. Sosyal!
The feast started with Chinese famous spinach soup. The cloudy texture with full umami flavour is best to kick start your appetite... It may look not so appetizing though because of the color but that's the normal color of it so deal with it hehehe... Taste good naman!
This appetizer is indeed superb... may have sweet char siu but who cares about the sugar... century egg also is very nice kick starter ...
Beef in oyster taste a bit weird as the flavor is too strong.
Broccoli in oyster is just right to balance the taste.
Who can go wrong with Yang Chow
Garlic shrimp has a perfect blend of sweet soy an garlic
I’m not really a fan of sweet dishes...
Salt and pepper Spare ribs is also a staple
Steamed fish is my fave but the sauce has to be really good to cover the fishy smell. This one does not.
Mango sago as dessert has nice slimy texture .
Here's to summarize my Fortune (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant 
Taste: 😊😊😊🙁🙁
Ambience: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Service: 😊😊😊😊🙁
Value for Money: 😊😊🙁🙁

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