Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Here's what I wear when I have nothing to show off on my upper body... hahaha, I normally wear sando for summer, that's like a tradition but this year Instead, I explore loussy long sleeve denim and short short. It still feel like summer as the hue is very light and comfortable.

I remember wearing this long sleeve top two year ago when denim top wasn't a thing yet. Normally, I pair this with a slacks/ dark skinny jeans when I go to the office during Friday/ wash day.The cute dog in a motorcycle patch attracts me to buy this. 

It will always be fun to explore outfit and style you are not use to. To test what will fit you but more than how it fits you and the occasion, you must also try how to carry it.

Mark My Name

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Revisiting Ma Mon Luk Restaurant

I have thing on visting some old and restaurant. Mainly because I want to discover its history and reason of its stability and longevity. Some cool restaurants will give you nice ambiance, good food but for some reason, they are not there to last. One restaurant which you probably have heard already and I believe you've been curious about it as well was Ma Mon Luk. Of course, It was one of the pioneers in Chinese restaurants in the Philippines, back in 1896, back to the days when food blogging wasn't a thing yet. hahaha.

This classic, on the go chinese restaurant have two branches, the oldest one is at Quiapo (545 Quezon Boulevard Corner Gonzalo Puyat...) near the church. Best place for dine is their Q. Ave branch ,better (in terms of cleanliness and sanitation) If I may say than their Quiapo branch.
Just like the basic rule in visiting renowned restaurants and for you to fast track ordering as well. This non-fancy but well loved Chinese restaurant don't offer much of a selection in terms of menu. Look :P
**Price may change without notice
Some of their food attendants also expect that you already know what to order so better make a research prior going there hahaha. c'mon! they've been there since even before our grandparents met. hahaha
Here's what I had.
Siopao (Asado, Chicken and Salted Egg), This is their best seller. Commonly bought as pasalubong every sunday after visiting the mass (particularly in their Quiapo branch)...
Meaty filling but a bit salty which compliments the Cua Pao... hehehe very traditional and makes you remember your childhood days.
Chicken Mami. Best pair for the siopao. Soup that is very traditional as well. Rice and egg noodles with chicken broth soup base topped with pulled chicken and spring onions.
I also tried thie Siomai to check how's the taste compared to those kiosk in the mall or in train station. Theirs tend to have a more lean meat texture and mas siksik. Very Chinese food taste profile as it was cooked in a classic bamboo steamer.
My first time experience was not really bad at all. Of course, in such old, rustic restaurant, you also have to  manage your expectations in terms of place/ ambieance, service, and smell :(

Although, it's always nice to visit some classic restaurants from time to time. To try and to learn.

'til our next #Foodie adventur.
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