Friday, May 22, 2020

I Miss You Home

When you wished to live a little for yourself.
I was so selfish I didn’t want it to happen
I thought of myself living alone without you
Seems I can’t, that’s why I tried to stop you

I made excuses that you may never leave me
You were there even if you couldn’t live a little 
The space is so narrow you cannot breath
The room is so dark not even a spark can lit

Now here in the darkness we choose to part
Everything seems to turn out just what it should be
You are not here, I’m all alone in the room
All I can do is to scream in silence of my throat 

Just as you wish to live a little without me
The space became so wide I lost you in my sight
I can’t tell if it’s the darkness that makes us apart
Or because we asked  our lives to live a little.