Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast The Second Time Around

Well it depends how the readers or those who have experienced it will take this post but I believe many will relate to my experience.

I’ve seen so many crazy posts about this Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Restaurant recently. Posted by celebrities, friends, and even known foodies. I’ve tried this once at their main branch in Mandaluyong but the service really sucks. Too many to-go orders which are also queued along with dine in orders. We waited so long for our orders to be served yet it’s not hot or freshly cooked. Breakfasts are supposed to be served hot and awakening.

To begin with, I’m not really a fan of breakfast meals. Trying to give Kanto F B a second chance, we visited their branch at Libis, which is just a walk away from our new office. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’s just a matter of wrong timing that they fail to give a good service on our first visit.

On that second visit, still serving timing is not really fast. Well understood that they still need to prepare the food. Worst is, they first serve the desserts... halah! probably because it's the one that's readily available...

This is their deep fried oreo (P60.00/ 3 pcs.) It taste like a waffle coated oreo cookies, deep fried and drizzled with chocolate. It taste good though, it's just that I don't prefer sweets for appetizers.

Then my friend had Daing na Bangus. (P100.00+). We were already warned that the bangus (milkfish) is not boneless. The taste is really basic, nothing so special on the preparation of the fish, though I like it that it's not too salty or sour. According to them, this is also one of their best-sellers.

Then, we had their famous Hone Glazed Chicken with scrambled eggs(P90.00+). Giving this a second chance, from the time I tried it at Mandaluyong. Well this version is two steps better than what I had before. Yet, the eggs are still served fluffy but cold.

Things I really admire about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast are the great mind behind this concept and of course the food presentation. Truly, good food plating could make a difference on your gastric cravings but of course, you have to manage expectations on the taste.

On the other hand, I would like to thank Enol for going with me at this food adventure. :)