Monday, August 18, 2014

TakeMetoSG--My Ultimate Singapore Experience

As promised, I would like to share to you my first ever out of the country vacation tour. It's always been a dream to travel, discover and explore the world. Inspired by the philosophy of the Great Dr. Jose Rizal-- It is very important to learn new culture by travelling and going into places... Not exactly how he said it but the thought is like that. lol

Here are few things I would like to share to you on my seven day visit in the "Fine City" of Singapore

First. Our stay. Things I appreciated in the living of Singaporeans. The rules and fines in breaking those rules and how afraid I was to commit mistakes... hahaha hey! it's not my country...
Second. The Tour. How it feels to be a foreigner in a place. hahaha looking how SG was beautifully engineered...  The rides I had and views I saw...
Third. Must Visits. The places that says "hey! you went to SG, huh!". It's a very basic itinerary though we have a taste of their must-visits.

The Merlion Plaza. Every OFW and tourists, probably has a picture at this icon.
The Universal Studio. Yes of course. Go beyond the screen and jump in to the movies of Universal studio. It's the first and only themed in Southeast Asia... why not?

Us in Far Far Away Land... Seriously, that's the name of the castle behind us. Inspired by the animated movie Shrek... (from left, Me(Mark), My cousin's BF(Kuya JR), My cousin who lives in SG (Ate Myra) and my Doctor/ former model cousin (Kuya Gerald-- anlakas ng build up kuya ha! alam mo na) hehehe.

The Singapore Flyer. One of the world's largest observation wheel with 165m height. Get a good view of SG's beautiful landscape from the top of the flyer.
Fourth. Nature and biodiversity. This was time that I've reflected how lucky Philippines is. Imagine how Singapore strive to live in a city with limited natural resources, yet they were able to contribute to ecological development.

The Singapore Zoo.

Gardens by the Bay South.
The Cloud Forest. Inside Gardens by the Bay

The Palawan Resort at Sentosa. A man made beach resort in the island of Sentosa.

All man made, yet here we are Filipinos trying to go to the bandwagon of tourist visiting this eco-tourism where in fact we have more nature-gifts than what they have..

Fifth. The Food. Spice, curry, herbs and many others to describe my eating experience at SG. I may not have tried some of their must-visit restos as spoken by friends and some blogs, but I have tried several food hubs that are still worth sharing... From high-end restos, fastfoods to low price hawkers, from Chinese, Singaporean, Indian cuisine, and of course, Filipino food.

A visit to several Starbucks shops, is also part of the bucket-lists.

Sixth. The Streets. Where the TRUE culture is found.

Seventh. Shopping. I didn't say I went there with a deep pocket, but still you wouldn't want to miss shopping for the world! hehehe

Indeed, in trying to discover new places and culture, we need not to go anywhere first but SG. Truly, this country made my first out-of-the-Phils. experience a remarkable one... I will share more pics and experiences, once I got the energy to work on it. hahahah...

But seriously speaking, apart from the fact that I really enjoyed my first Singapore experience, I still want to go back in there, not because I haven't explored other wonders yet but because, I crave for the feelings of exploration. If I am to describe the city in a phrase-- it's too good to be true.