Saturday, August 30, 2014

Birthday Wish for an Old Friend -- Jonalyn

Dahil birthday mo ngayon... Ito gift ko sayo, gift of friendship hhahhha

Stay jolly and bitch hhahah namiss lang kita jonger Kaya nakalkal ko to!

I'm blessed to met you at my youth and became your friend and classmate for almost 10 great years for heaven's sake...

We may not be seeing each other more often because of your kaartehan but I know we can still laugh on crazy things again when we see each other, hopefully at the soonest...

If there's one thing I wish for you on your birthday, I want you to stay jolly and keep the arte in you.. Because we loved you for whatever it is that you are and changing it could be the hardest thing to do for both of us...

Happy Birthday Jonalyn!!! Have a great year ahead

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