Sunday, September 7, 2014

Take a BIG Bite at Xocolat -- No.1 Brownie

To enjoy the flavors of life, take BIG bites... Inspired by what is written in their window, this is the principle I had when we transferred office from Ortigas to Bagumbayan QC, near Eastwood...

I don't know If I have to regret it or be thankful... hahaha I'm a bit nervous of my waist-management, because of that principle. heheh
Moderation is for Monks!

Yes! this compound of offices and warehouse keeps a treasure of the best chocolate brownie in town.

A small restaurant where all the cooking and baking are made...

They also serve pasta, cakes and coffee blends... Good enough for the miryenda break of the office soldiers... hehehe.. But of course not on a regular basis... It'll be costly if that's the case hahahaha..

Plus, some of my office-mates have tried their meal offerings and said it's not that good. Well, not that bad but it's just kinda' normal and could be too costly for such taste. Also, as to my foodie mantra, you just have to try their specialties or what they are known for because that makes them special. Right?

Ambiance- wise it's cool and cute. Very small and quiet... Its a good place to read books I must say... 'though I'm not a fan of reading books... hahaha I just concluded..

from the lounge you can see displays of cakes and brownies... 

Now let's talk about their specialty... Xocolat has been known for their chocolate drinks and brownies. In fact, rank their chocolate brownies as No.1 out of their top 10 brownies.

Here's what they got to say:
1.Xocolat. This is the gourmet brownie that started it all (Me:oh such a trivia!)  If you didn't get it from their name, Xocolat specializes in anything chocolate (Me: see I don't need to blog about their pasta and other meal!) . Their brownies are made from the same pure chocolate that they use for their sinful hot chocolate drinks. 

I specifically tried their Java Buzz -generously smothered with toasted cashews, this brownie was created especially for chocolate and coffee lovers alike.

Then for dine, I had their citrus brownie - a lemony brownie strikes a balance between sweet surrender and zesty zing! proving that opposites do attract… Fresh lemons combined with our signature dark xocolat guarantees a brownie experience like no other...

I like the brownie more when it's not warmed because its more chewy... Although there's also a unique experience when you have it for dine and when served warm because it give a complete 5 senses satisfaction. You can see the melting chocolates, the citrus-y smell, the chewy feel in your tongue and of course the relaxing feel when you're having a good break time!

A brownie cost P95.00. Price may change without prior notice...

Read the full article of Top 10 Brownies by Rossell Miranda at

Xocolat store:
Casita Xocolat, Topy’s Compound, Economia cor Calle Industria Street, Bagumbayan (beside Eastwood City and Nuvo City)
others are at
Promenade Greenhills Shopping Center, Casa Xocolat is at 172 B-Gonzales Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City..