Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Christian at the Midst of INC Crisis

I can't help it but to share my thoughts in this on going crisis with our brothers from Iglesia Ni Cristo. Honestly I have no idea what are they fighting for during their recently held assembly at the streets of Manila and EDSA. I didn't bother myself doing research about it because I wasn't really affected by the heavy traffic that many commuters experienced last weekend. But it bothers me a lot seeing all this fights over social media and it hurts to read all this bashing and bad mouthing aginst the INC as a religious sector.


I grew up in a family where my mama and papa came from different religion. My mother is a Roman Catholic and on my father side are devoted Iglesia Ni Cristo members.
But they got married in Catholic church, making me part of this magnificent Holy church.

Growing up, I heard so many things about INC and how their doctine creates the idea of exclusivity, be it on church, tights, block voting, creating assembly, and even in the topic salvation. Despite all of this, I have family and friends who are member of INC and I'm making sure not to mix up our beliefs with our relationship as RESPECT.

I have no intention of fighting with their preaching on this post but I have things to raise to my fellow Christians.

Respect, not only during this time that INC in crisis with all the issues their into (which I don't have any idea), but bashing them too much on the internet is a sign of NO respect. Its not a right Christian act and it doesn't gives us a guarantee of spot in heaven.
Same thing goes to the INC members who put on activities that causes too many troubles on regular flow of day to day. I was always affected by such when I still use to work at Ortigas. All those Pasasalamat, Anniversary, Medical missions , etc. that happened in the past years with no alternative routes and commute options.

Comparing one thing from another is healthy as long as you weigh both sides. But when your doing it with favoritsm, without the right judgement and without thinking of the benefit of the majority, thats the beginning of evil.
To those who posted comparison of Pope Francis‬' visit against INC rally, those are two different things. Pope the highest priest came here to show compassion and love to the Filipino people who were affected by the typhoon Yolanda. As we show LOVE to Him we wholeheartedly welcome him in our country. Note that he didn't even want to have grand entrance when he came and most religious sectors were excited about his visit. Again, learn to balance your comparison.

Lay down your sword and lift up praises.
Crisis is always a test of faith. Shouting on streets can open up the eyes of people but prayers would always bring you His blessed judgement. We all have the rights to exercise our rights and freedom but if it will cause trouble to many, we might want to re-think of how we use those rights.

So many other points to raise, but I think that's it for now. I just wish we all learn from this crisis and let's pray that our brothers from INC would actually achieve what they are fighting for if it would benefit the majority and would make this country and world a better place.

Mark My Name.

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