Saturday, August 29, 2015

One More Chance Feel at Bellinis

"Gusto mo talagang malaman kung anung problema ko? nasasaktan ako... kahit alam kong wala na akong karapatan... dahil naisip kong ako naman ang may gusto nito... pero hanggang ngayon unaasa pa rin ako... na sana ako pa rin... sana ako na lang... sana ako na lang ulit..." 

Who would forget that famous line of Basha (Bea Alonzo) from the phenomenon 2007 blockbuster hit of Ms. Cathy Garcia- Molina. And after a long time of waiting, a sequel of it will be released soon this year (2015).. Pretty much sure that this restaurant would again play an important role in the historic love-quarrel journey of Popoy and Basha and of the Thursday night get together of the whole gang...
Let me refresh you of the setting and how the film touches the hearts of everybody..
It took a while for me (a die-hard fan) to discover this place because I don't usually go to Cubao, but when my boss told me about it, I got so interested and excited to try their dishes and see the ambiance.

First, we asked for Focaccia bread...
In other restaurants, they serve this appetizer for free... but here it costs about P100..  Not that expensive though. and in terms of taste, theirs feels more home made..
Then we also had pizza. A large pan size pizza with 4 kinds/ variants.
It's a challenge for me to memorize or even recognize the names of their dishes because it's in Italian words, and since I rarely eat in an Italian restaurant I don't even know how to pronounce some of them. 
The pizza have 4 kinds this one is not written on the menu, but If you asked for such to the waiter they will recommend. One side is their specialty (Bellinis special), the other one is like Four cheese, the other is more of  sausage and the other is anchovies and dried fish.  The fourth is my personal fave...  Pizza is about P500+.

So we could try it all, we also ordered, Quinticco Pasta, platter of 4 types of pasta, about P1,000++. As to them, this platter features their 4 best sellers so why not... 
Since this is commonly being ordered by food bloggers also, I got the chance to google the names of each pasta dish.
Upper left. Tartufo Funghi con Prosciutto. I love the mushroom, creamy taste and the truffle oil. My favorite among the four.
Upper right. Spaghetti al Cartoccio . Personally not a fan of red spaghetti.
Lower right. Fettucine Pesto Mare. Also my favorite, in any restaurant. Their version though is below my type, more basil/ leafy and more meaty taste please.
Lower left. Aglio Olio Peperoncino. Very basic and clean tasting.

The night ended with a complimentary shot of red wine made by the owner (as he say so)... 
This special blend of wine is sweet tasting and helps to clean out the taste of the food in your pallete.
This is also the first time (I think) the I had bonding with my teammates since I transferred work... Not to mentioned the four of us (except the one in my left) are all fans of the movie, so while we were driving our way there we were all reminiscing our favorite scenes. And arguing If someone missed out some parts. hahaha.
Personally I like their food, not only because it gives me the whole feel of my favorite movie but because food really tastes good and authentic. I would always recall my friend saying you would know if an Italian restaurant is authentic (the owner is Italian)... But seriously, their dishes really taste good and/or just satisfying. It's a bit expensive though.

BTW, you don't get savings out of ordering 4 types of variant per dish, but it will help you have a tast of all the best sellers.. :)

Here's my ratings for Bellinis..
Taste: JJJLL
Service: JJLLL
Value for MoneyJLLLL

Bellinis Restaurant
Cubao Expo, Cubao
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 913 2550

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