Saturday, September 5, 2015

Silantro Fil Mex Cantina

This is the most loved Filipino-Mexican canteen at the heart of Kapitolyo, Pasig.
Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina has been making so much noise at the streets of this food hub and on social media. I've been visiting this place for quite some times and I just had  the guts to actually share my experience and what I have tried. (been so lazy:))

Their menu offers very basic dishes from appetizers, to main course, to DIY nachos/ tacos and drinks. Drinks that made us come back for several times hahaha.

Here are the food we usually order when we go here.

Beef Quesadilla. Pita with over flowing with beef and cheese filling topped with fries and some chopped cilantro leaves. The beef really is tender and blends well with the not so salty cheese.
Luca Tacos. Option of hard and soft tacos. You can also choose from one to three types of meat. Oxtail is my favorite. Ligero (1 meat) is P65.00. Medio (2 meat) is P80.00 and Completo (3 meat) is at P100. Still a lot of savings if you only choose 1 meat but of course we want to try the best seller:)
I find the soft taco easier to eat as you can use fork and knife. But since if really generous in lettuce garnish, still it's kinda' messy to eat.
Same thing goes with the hard tacos.
I also noticed that most of their dishes,  though its single order, the serving actually is good for 2.
Papi's Frita is potato fried with again generous toppings of cheese, tomato, mayo and cilantro. I think it also has a lime drizzled on it cause it's has a bit of citrus taste.
This is my favorite. Mojito. hahaha it's normally is the reason we always go back here... (before!) They offer unlimited Mojito for only P199.00 hahaha be careful though cause the blend is deadly.
Not sure if they still offer that unli-mojito promo.
This hole in the wall restaurant is really a must-visit when you want to explore Kapitolyo food hub. Be ready though, as mostly they have a long waiting list for customers so you might want to go there earlier. They have a very few seats to accommodate the demand. But don't worry, I think they are expanding soon at UP Towncenter which is a good news to all the foodies out there or even to those you just want to hang out with friends and have a good chit chats. Oh btw, they also have branch in Dagupan. :)
Budget - P100 to P250.
Here's my ratings for the Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina.
Taste: JJJJJ
Service: JLLLL
Value for MoneyJJJJL

Tel No. 02 6549657
Address: 75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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