Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tama Yaki : Takoyaki Choices

It all started when Tokyo Bubble Tea's takoyaki was introduced to me. I immediately fell in love with their version of this Japanese food, so I search out for some restaurants that offers it. First on the list is this cute, bubbly, animated milk tea shop in SM North EDSA name Tama Yaki..
The ambiance is so cute but the music being played in the store (during my visit) doesn't compliment the over all feel.
Their offerings is very basic Tea, Milk Tea, Juices and lots of takoyaki variants.
BTW, they also offer Ramen, but I don't like try theirs cause I don't see any kitchen for preparations so I doubt If its fresh..
Moving forward to the main offering "Takoyaki"
Background. Takoyaki, is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made with wheat-flour batter and diced octopus, shredded greens and topped with bonito flakes and a special sauce.*In this restaurant's case they have several diced filling to choose from apart from octopus.
They have by far the most number of Takoyaki variants I have ever seen in the Philippines.
I have tried Seasoned Octopus, Squid Satay, Grilled Steak and Ham and Mozerella, which are also being recommended by their food attendants. I was able to try all those variants because their on promo during my visit. I just hope they'll do it again :)
Apologies If all photo looks the same, because technically their all the same in terms of look but the filling and some of the toppings are different per variant. The Grilled Steak is my favorite.. marinated beef 
My verdict about Tama Yaki's takoyaki.
  • Size is a bit big, so you might want to take at least 2-3 bite per ball. Be careful though, the filling might pop out. Normally you want to eat the filling with the batter.
  • Generous on dressing and garnish. I just wish they come up with totally different garnish per variant. So it look better in photo :) (just kidding!)
  • Softness is just okay, a bit soft so you wouldn't feel like eating a piece of cake or doughnut.
  • There are plenty of variants to choose from. At least you have reasons to go back.
  • You can tell that the price is reasonable compared to those being sold at kiosk (not all kiosk, of course).

Budget - P100 to P250.
Here's my ratings for the Tama Yaki as a restaurant.
Taste: JJJJL
Service: JLLLL
Value for MoneyJJJLL

Tama Yaki branches located at SM North EDSA, Fishermall Quezon Avenue, Landmark, Makati and SM Fairview. 

For information, visit the 
Tamayaki Facebook page at PH 
Instagram @TamayakiPH.

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