Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hiam Chicken Inato

Initially I didn't want to go there because why will I eat chicken inasal (barbecue) in Palawan where in fact there are plenty of other dishes to try... But when I heard of the name "Inato", Suddenly It became interesting... Things playing on my mind are, why will they call it Inato instead of its popular name inasal? Is it because that's the way they call it in their dialect? I know its kind a pathetic to ask that but who knows there's really a reason why?
What made it different from the large food chains offering same dish?

The name, when translated means "this is our chicken." Judging from the translation itself, Haim Chicken Inato owners seeks its patrons to own the experience, to become at home with the place that they will not go anywhere else to find good food

Each region has their pride of how they do their chicken barbecue... in Bacolod for example, their famous for their Chicken Inasal where the taste is a blend of sweet and tangy marinade... We'll it’s common for us Filipinos to like sweet blend for food be it on pasta, bread and of course basic dishes... Same thing with Palawan's Chicken Inato...
We also tried their seafoods bulalo. A healthier choice than beef bulalo. Less oil and more vegetables with a creamy soup...
Team were very happy with the simple dish we have tried in this place...
The Inato in Palawan made me think of trying other "Inasal" version from other regions, which I'm sure they also have...
Budget :90-150 per person.
Here's my ratings for Hiam Chicken Inato, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
Taste: JJJLL
Ambience: JJJJL
Service: JJJLL
Value for Money: JJJJJ
Check out Hiam's Chicken Inato website at or call (048)433-2261 or email for reservations.

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