Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ted-- The Old Timer

Travel. This, I say is one of the most exciting part of my job and also one of the most tiring thing to do... So much more with the complaints on the physical stress, the idea of traveling and getting to explore the culture, food and of course market behavior are the things that excite me every time we visit other region...

Iloilo for example.

Since our direct flight from Manila to Iloilo has been cancelled (on the last minute) by Cebu Pacific (as we always experience) we took Bacolod and transfer to Iloilo via ferry boat... With all the transfer and trips since 8am we reached Iloilo port at 1pm tired and hungry...

While on our way I'm already thinking of what to eat and first thing that came into my mind was to try their famous Batchoy... I really want to try the authentic once since this is my first time in Iloilo.
Our local friends directed us this fast food type restaurant name Ted's.

Ted's Old Timer Lapaz Batchoy was established in 1945 by Teodoro "Ted" Lepura and was tagged as one of the "original"batchoy.
Initially, one of my colleagues didn't want to go here because according to her this restaurant has branches in malls in Manila so nothing so exciting about Teds. But I badly want to eat Batchoy in Iloilo, and thought of maybe there's a difference in terms of taste because the locals know better how batchoy should taste.
So we started the lunch with Rice Meals or they call it Namit Meals. All day specials served with a small bowl of batchoy (your choice of noodles).

Chicken Prito. It's so basic and nothing much to expect of the marinade, but I love chicken anyways. :) What I like about this is the taste feels like the one cooked at home.
Bangus. Marinate is also feels like the one done in home. Very basic taste though.
Sisig. Its a bit sweet If you don't put calamansi but the taste is just okay. You don't expect best sisig in Iloilo, that's not their specialty.
The soup in the meal may not be enough to fulfill our cravings so we ordered extra and when I say extra it really means big.

Beef Sotanghon. Vermicelli noodles in beef broth soup with spring onions and roasted garlic. The rich beef soup is so good and soothing.
Extra Super Batchoy. The superlative name defines it all. Full-bodied pork bone soup with noodles and pork meat and liver topped with ground pork skin-pop and roasted garlic. Yes. the pork skin-pop and roasted garlic has a very important role in the play of flavours.
So we asked for an extra ground pork skin-pop and roasted garlic for FREE.
The team left with happy tummy and ready for another battle at work. (Pardon my face here:P )

Budget : P100- P150 / person

Here's my ratings for Ted's Old Timer Lapaz Batchoy
Taste: JJJLL
Ambience: JJLLL
Service: JJLLL
Value for Money: JJJJL

Check out their facebook account for more details and updates
at https://www.facebook.com/tedslapazbatchoy

Happy Eating.

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