Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Undeniably Blue | What I Wear | MarkMyName

I was actually about to go to a farewell/ sendoff / bridal/ reunion party that day. So here’s my senti thought for a friend who’s about to take another chapter of her life.

M-Flat Top Sunnies by Factorie
Stripe Hoodie Sweats by Underarmour
Royal Blue Tailored Shorts by J. Crew
Black Sneakers by Crocs

Sorry :( words are actually irrelevant to the outfit, but I came up with this post as those are actually the things playing on my mind while I was on this event.

There are things we kept on doing all over again, routinely if I may say. Things that we thought are just okay. Safe. Stagnant. Until such time you realize, it’s tiring and then you try to find some fun, add colors and most likely break the rules. In this curve, you will meet someone. Someone who will teach you not to be afraid to go beyond or against what you are used to. Someone you will love and promise you forever.

It’s bitter to say there’s no forever, but in this curve, I know you can prove to the world that happy ever after can actually exist.

I wish you all the happiness in your life journey with your hubby… Best wishes!

Okay. Naisingit ko pa ang aking madamdaming speech hahaha.
So much more to that, here’s what I did while waiting for the bride to be, wahahahha. Took some pose at the middle on Timog Circle at the midst of the sun… 

Some blues make us sick… at some point, I really don’t know what to say, but every time I dress up (not as if it actually a dress up) I can really tell If I feel better about what I wear or not. You wouldn’t want to take photo of yourself if you’re blue right? I mean the blue “blue” feeling not the literal color  :) 

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