Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet The Old and New Me | What I Wear | MarkMyName

When I'm happy I take photos of myself in good clothes. This is the proof.
It's been a while since I did such this. I need to do a full makeover and turn around my lifestyle for this. Its sounds like a joke, but sincerely, that's the story behind this photos.
The Navy blue skinny fit jeans I am wearing is represents the old me... Literally and figuratively.
I bought that pants at H&M Singapore when we had a short vacation there last 2014. I just bought it because it's nice and I think it's already a good buy because it's sale and unfortunately it's an inch smaller to me way back then. So I still bought it thinking that I can lose an inch at least in a month.

Time flies so fast that instead of losing inches, I've been to so many troubles and depression, ended up gaining so much that I need to buy new size of pants and the old pants was left behind. That's the reason why I lost my confidence to shoot something like this. Until early February when my eyes finally opened and realize the lifestyle I’ve been. 

Sabi ko naman, kung gugustuhin ko kakayanin ko. I went to some sort of diet and a bit of a change in lifestyle for a couple of weeks and finally! I was able to wear the old pants. Badly, I already bought new sets of clothes in my large size. :(

I will not be the skinny boy for sure but I’ll be happy with the baby steps of improving my size. #ProjectFitness wahahah.

Little by little I’m beginning to gain back confidence and have better vision in life as lifestyle can surely dictate how you see things. I’m not going to be hypocrite and say I do a healthy living ‘cause I don’t. But I’m pretty sure, one day I can claim I tried to.

The same day when I got the chance to see an old friend +Jerica Oro 
Your journey to fame is such and inspiration :) We miss you big time. kami ni +katrina lacbayo

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