Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Elena of SPRZ NY Tees | What I Wear | MarkMyName

Meet Elena, schoolgirl (with lotus blossom).I don’t know but it sounds to be a confession of a shopaholic during stress time when you go for a stroll in the mall and so happen to drop by at my favorite shop and boom! gasgas na ang card. Naaahh! Not really, I still know how to budget. Hehehe

Specially, I’m not really a fan of so expensive clothes. As long as I like the design and it’s comfortable, go! And of course it has to be affordable.Comfort is crucial special during summer time. I prefer basic tees with cutie designs to fit my personality. Bright and bold colors are also best options.

Just like what I saw recently in Uniqlo, as they feature Feel the SEA (SouthEast Asia) collection of basic yet very comfortable printed Tees.

Working in a wide array of formats―from painting, installation, and LED screens to wallpaper, t-shirts, and CD covers―Julian Opie investigates the way we process everyday experience. Using digital tools, he transforms observed portraits and landscapes into reductive, standardized, universal types that question how we look at people and things to form meaning.

I’m not so sure If this SPRZ NY is part of their Feel the SEA collection but personally, this SPRZ NY is my favorite among the items that are currently in their store.

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