Thursday, March 5, 2015

Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels | What I Wear | MarkMyName

You probably have passed by EDSA Guadalupe during the season of Valentine's day. Where the famouse Filipino clothing brands flaunted their seasonal campaign Love All Kinds of Love.

This very brave campaign showcasing different personalities and different kind of love went viral because I believe of the courageous act of putting Lesbians and Gay kind of love.

While browsing the net, I saw this video that is also going viral now which subliminally delivers almost same message as the clothing brand's campaign.

Though, there were no brand mentioned in this video, I must say it's a more classy yet extravagant way of delivering the message compared to the one in EDSA-Guadalupe.

What do you think???

Nice diba? Hehehe

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