Sunday, September 14, 2014

TakeMetoSG-- Food on the Road

It took me a while to compose things to say about my food experience at Singapore... A while like a month... hahaha I feel like I owe it to those who waited for a minute to eat just because I am taking photos of the food.. And since for I don't have the energy to finish everything to write and post everything... and for the last weeks I have been so busy discovering places to eat... Why not to share my foodie experience in Singapore...

Seven days means twenty one great food experiences... I supposed but naaahhh...I'll just share with you some of the great experience I had during that SEVEN day stay...

1. Hainanese Chicken. Considered as the national dish of Singaporeans, There are lots of version of this, but basically, it tastes like steamed chicken. It's actually on of my favorite food, but in here (SG) it really taste different, far different from what I have tried in some restos in the Philippines. There's really a feel of authenticity. lol

2. All American Double Decker at Mel's. Well I'm really trying to avoid western food that time but I we really cannot resist the burgers, plus it discounted hahahah. Tipid mode baby!!!

3. Indonesian Food for a change. Hahah. It doesn't look good right? hahhaha  that's Ayam Panggam Set or Grilled Chicken, or to better describe it , I guess its their version of Inasal. hahahha

4. Pinoy Pride. We will not end the trip without trying some Pinoy's best. ahhaha actually, na-uumay na lang sila sa iba't ibang lasa ng iba ibang cuisine hehehe that' why here we are going back to home-cooked. Lechon Kawali and other hometown dishes... hahhaa

5. Ni Hao. Chinese food everywhere and I love it! Dumplings and Dim-sums its a comfort... I was never afraid to try in any restaurant because I know they always have something Chinese to offfer. hahaha except for those super specific foodie stores. hahaha

6. Malaysian foodie Nasi Lemak. Fragrant rice... Not much of a fan but it's also good to try. 'Cause, hey I'm not in Malaysia hehehe.

7. And the famous Hawkers. Streets is where the culture is. So many to try, delicious food, different cuisine at reasonable price plus the authenticity is great! lol

I'm not counting this on my foodie list but I would like to share this as well. Since it's also part of my bucket list to visit Starbucks stores here in the Philippines and wherever I go.

In this experience, I must say, food is not just something that fills your stomach when you're hungry, Food can tell a million picture. It sounds cliche but yes! It expresses culture, emotions, create moments and millions more to say... Just do not be afraid to try and have a taste.. hheheh

I'll be sharing this list one by one on my other posts pag sinipag ako hehehe.