Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Farewell Unisell

Today marks the end of my 12 days,  4 months, and 4 years Unisell journey... Excluding my 160 hours of on the job training service in this company... Naks! Sounds like a valedictorian speech huh? hahhah... It was a holistic ride of learning, fun, torture and self fulfillment. As I always say, 50% of what I am and what I know in my field of career and in life, I completely owe it to this beloved company. I can still vividly recall the first day I heard about the brands of Unisell and how I perfectly envision myself to grow here. Gladly, I was blessed with trust to acheive that vision...

On my final stage, I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me in this family (Unisell)... For opening your doors and letting me part of every step this business has to take, Be it up or down.

To the Finance / Accounting Team, thank you guys, despite my kaingayan nakakapagtrabaho pa din kayo... Hhhaha galaw galaw pag may time baka ma stroke... Hehhehe I understand your field really needs a full concentration, that most of the time you got distracted when I'm around hehehhe... Thank you for being cool!;)

To Logistics Team, usap usap din pag may time, baka mapanisan ng bibig ahahhaha... I can see strong commitments from you guys, own  and take responsibility on that and soon it will bear good fruits... Madami din tayong pinagtalunan pero syempre madami din  naman tayong pinagsamahan na mamimiss ko...

To HR, kala mo ang dami noh? Hahhahah mag isa ka lang pero ikaw yung may pinaka malaki... Malaking bahagi sa journey ko sa Unisell... So much to be thankful about... I completely forgot that I am an only child because of your presence ate...

To our dearest Sales Team, mga Sis! time flies so fast... Sa mga matatagal ko ng nakasama, thank you so much for all the support you've given to me and to my brands for all the projects we've worked with, all the trade checks we've been through and all struggles we hand in hand worked with to achieve our monthly target. And I'd also like to say thank you to Bev and Kiey, thanks guys for the friendship, sayang ngayon lang tayo nagkatagpo, ngayon din tayo magkakalayo hahaha

To my Marketing Team!

To Dabbie, te, the Marketing Team's Superwoman, we've gone through peaks and valleys but you remained strong and kicking lol;) I cannot just thank you enough for being our assistant because you're more that... Thank you being the wind beneath my wings, my partner in crime, my duet in every music and most of all for being my second my mom in this team... I will miss you ate...

To Ms. Elma, thank you for all the trust you have given me specially when I am still starting in this business. Thanks for mentoring me and I promise to keep all the learning I had as I go forward in this career...

To all the Past Unisell People, whom I became friends with. Its been such an honor to have work with some high caliber and known people in this industry. I have learned a lot from you and hopefully I was also able to impart something to you guys:)

To the Sua Family, It's my pleasure to serve and work for your brands. Thank you so much for all the trust and the opportunities you have given to me. I'll be forever grateful that my baptism of fire in Marketing field was at Unisell.
 And most of all to God, for directing my feet into Unisell's door . For all the strengths, the courage and the wisdom to fulfill my every tasks. The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave, that I made I difference and this world will see, I was here! Thank God!

I wish you all, happiness and success in all you endeavors.

Mark Leo R. Antonio
Former Assist. Brand Manager,
Unisell Corporation 2010-2014
email: markleoantonio@gmail.com