Saturday, October 11, 2014

#TakeMetoSG-- The Real SG at Hawkers

Unlike other travelers who wanted to visit the major tourist spots, I always wanted to check on the normal streets of the places that I visit. I feel like there's always a different story that those streets will tell.

True enough, when I tried to visit Chong Pang City at Singapore (Hawkers)

I have already shared some of my Take Me To SG Diaries, some foodie stuffs and tourists things. The streets tell the real picture -- food, culture, living.

In all fairness, amongst other restaurant we visited, I enjoyed hawkers the most. It feels like a day will not be complete without me visiting it.
The whole set up is like Binondo, Chinatown. Hawkers are the carinderia or food court version of other countries. 
Only, each stall have different offering. Non of them offers the same food or product.
And since most of the residents of SG are different nationalities, most of their offerings come with a picture so it's easier to pick and order.

Freshly prepared food and the authenticity of the taste make it more exciting.
Prices in hawkers are reasonable.
First on the list, that I have tried was Laksa, its a popular Chinese- Malaysian noodle soup with coco milk and some seafoods. Really spicy, from the looks of it! wahahaha We requested to make it mild-spicy and yes they acknowledged our request but I think they need to revisit their description of "mild" hahahah
Then Thai style grouper. That's how it was written in their menu board. When I first read it, I thought its a group meal coming from the "grouper" description hahaha. But completely zero regrets we had this cause it really made the night smoking hot!
Then Chicken wings, It's just but an ordinary fried chicken wings but the marinate is totally tasty.
The Ultimate Yangzhou rice or what we call sinangag or Yang Chow in some Chinese resto. It doesn't have much garnish but its very rich in flavor.
I crave for century eggs that night so we bought home a rice porridge with lots of it and meatballs. I love the consistency of the rice and how it perfectly blend with the texture of the eggs.
Of course, the Dim sum fest, naahh! There's no such thing when we visited, but since we ordered so many dim sum, I think we can consider this as a fest! hahahha

Hakaw- Shrimp dumplings

Pork Siomai
Chicken Feet

Sharks fin

Oyster Cake. Oysters and leaves mold in egg or commonly referred as omelet. hehehe
Stingray . Grilled stingray with chili on top partnered with radish.
Asado Siopao. I just wonder how it tastes differently but not mush to talk about. Still it feels so authentic.
and the craziest thing I have ever experienced in hawkers. The to-go packaging of drinks are plastic bags with string holder. The pick one, is a rose milk tea, which is super kakaiba ang lasa. well except for the idea that I am not so much fan of flower based tea but this one I like it! hahhaah

I was also surprise of the brown one, because that's the to-go version of coffee. hahahah Yes! it's weird that freshly brewed coffee blends are packed in plastics. hahhaa, but I must say I love the creamy blend :)

'til my next food trip.