Monday, June 8, 2020

Stop and Move On

The world started go move and Im stuck here all alone.
On the same spot, I haven’t moved anything yet.
All were in the where the same place when you left
I haven’t stepped a foot outside because I’m scared.

The usual sight in my room remains the same
Only you were not here beside me asleep 
I still lay on the same side leaving that space for you
Hoping you would come back and as they were

The bedroom door is always open to find light
In darkness I see little shadows strike from the window
I stare at the door and I see you packing your things
It fades in the dark and there I was saying goodbye 

All I say is I will be okay even if it hurts to be left alone
Its been a while but I haven’t really moved any
I’m stuck in this little old room holding to what I can
Keeping the memories tight and trying not to change

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