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Ilokano’s OG Style Pinakbet | What’s Cooking | MarkMyName

Just like how we all treat Adobo as our national ulam. Ilocakos version of it, is pinakbet. Why do I say so? Each household have their version of adobo right? From adobo sa gata, adobong puti, CPA among others.

Ilokano’s have countless ways of pinakbet too. I remember my grandma cooking it in a claypot and putting all the vegetables and dried tinapa altogether and steaming it with fish paste. She even press the fermented fish with hot water to season the vegetables. Will tell a tale of that soon and who knows I will make a version of that too.

 This is my very own version. May I say too that this is the most common one way other Filipinos do they pinakbet.

Pinakbet veggies about a kilo 
-Bitter gourd (ampalaya)
Other optional veggies 
You may also add kamote to bring sweetness.
Half cup of onion
Half cup of garlic
About 3 tablespoon of ginger. Yes! That’s they key! It brings a different dimension to the flavor and it tones down the fishy flavor of the fish paste.

- a cup of pork with good layers of fat.

Render the fat of the Pork. Once brown and has oil, saute the garlic, onion and ginger. Add your veggies. Start from those that need to be cooked first. Y’all know what I’m saying 😉
. Add fish paste. Let it steam. Seasoning with little pepper.

Cooking Tip :
Do not stir too much. Let the steam of the fish sauce cooks everything. Cover the pan.

Since you started to cook those veggies have a tougher texture, assumes that those that you put on the last part are the softer once and can be cooked through steaming.



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