Monday, December 11, 2017

Ready Set Gow

There’s something about weddings that make it magical. Last December 09, 2017 at the beautiful island of Boracay our dearest friend Caroline Orcena vowed forever with his partner Micheal Gow.

It was a very relaxed, romantic and intimate sunset wedding party attended by roughly around 50 people. The venue is at the beach front of Asya Premier Suites, a well known wedding place in the island perfectly sitted where the sunset view is majestic.

The Mass as clarified by the priest is not a wedding mass but a thanksgiving instead. Despite the thought, Father shared 5 important things we can carry in our living be it regards to marriage or simply having a happy and successful life.
- Happiness is a choice
- Challenge your story
- Enjoy the Journey 
- Make relationships count
- Balance work and play

He also reminded us that in everything we do, be it big and small we have to say a little prayer. 

The whole wedding went well and we all had fun.

Again, to the newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Gow, sending you our  best wishes in your marriage! God Bless!

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